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  1. Red Dragon Slaying

    sign me up, 78fs Vercingetorix
  2. i have a variation of this. it will let me target a mob as a passenger on a cart but wont let me swing at it no matter how close i am. as soon as i disembark and re-embark its fine again. also this happens sporadically.
  3. coins seem broke. i got about 3s in 4h max
  4. Id take JD's offer and run, tbh i think the upkeep will run out before you sell it.
  5. first and probably only rare spinning wheel in wurm. he/she can set the price tbh. up to people if they wanna pay for it
  6. new item kinks to be worked out. like marble tables needing stone shards to imp i heard
  7. this is why we dont have buyout xD good luck dude nice shoe
  8. please bring in studded mankinis, need to dress in Wurm as i do IRL ~Verc
  9. Vercingetorix reporting in! 75fs 90ql heavy enchanted huge axe, 70 weapon skill Available all day every day
  10. Private buyout accepted. Thanks for bidding Can be closed
  11. WELCOME TO THE AUCTION! Here we have a 86.40ql 81WoA 96CoC RARE Pickaxe! Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: No Snipe Protection: Extends auction by 1 hour* End Date: 72h from post Buyout: PM me your offer Bid now and secure a Pickaxe that will leave your friends green with envy and your enemies full of impotent rage! Leave Dwarves in 'Ore' of your mining skills as you thunder through the mines like a whirlwind. Rare Tool Perks Takes 10% Less Damage Enchants Last Longer A Rare Pickaxe Will Return Higher Ql Ore** Rare tools are 0.1seconds faster Ore Will Exceed Ql Cap Of Tile *(Only previous bidders can bid in the extended auction) **[(tested at 55 mining, returns 56.5ql ore)Uncomfirmed~minimum gain of 0.5ql up to 99 mining]
  12. I think you can CoD the potion, i was offline, i do have PM's enabled, should be on most of today so gimme a shout when you log in, or do a shout in global. may be on another char too