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  1. I am interested in clay tile removal (need to count them, but it is more than two). Can you chat Crowleyjr in game to talk about this?
  2. I am looking for an imp from 45 to 70 on a silver huge axe. Can you whisper Crowleyjr in game to set up a time for me to send it over?
  3. Excellent service and came to my out of the way deed. Will use again.
  4. New Aziriphale is a deed at ~ [3242, 2615] Note: Guard tower also at the center of my deed here.
  5. Aziriphale now has a guard tower (rare even) right on the road that runs north to Echo Lake.
  6. Post your offer here if you have one to sell.
  7. Are you on right now in any form? Tried a pm, but no dice. Looking to make a quick deal.
  8. That's a nice looking deed you have there! Good work.
  9. I have an ATI HD7870, settings maxed and running 2 clients. After the update I would say the game both runs smoother and looks better (slightly).