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  1. Aziriphale now has a guard tower (rare even) right on the road that runs north to Echo Lake.
  2. Post your offer here if you have one to sell.
  3. Are you on right now in any form? Tried a pm, but no dice. Looking to make a quick deal.
  4. That's a nice looking deed you have there! Good work.
  5. I have an ATI HD7870, settings maxed and running 2 clients. After the update I would say the game both runs smoother and looks better (slightly).
  6. I give this update a big thumbs up. That being said, I have already posted my farming concerns in another thread, and I am going to be testing the new farming system extensively. Even if farming is as bad as I think it might be, overall this has been a great patch. It just may make me stop farming.
  7. Looking in to this a bit, I have found that: A- The number of tends has been reset upon release of 1.1 B- With 0 tends all farmers now get 2 less crops per harvest than they previously would have. C- With 1 tend using a 25 ql rake right before harvest, you still get 2 less crops. This means for a newer player with 23 skill and a rake of 25 ql 0-1 tends gives only 1 crop. Just enough to reseed. A higher ql rake and 1 tend may change that, I do not know. It is too early to have tested 2 tends on that ql rake. Either way, this is a big nerf in amount of in game time needed to get crops for players of all skill levels, and straight up kills farming for newer players unless they want to dedicate more play time to farming than they already do. There is one other potential factor people have mentioned. Seed ql having an effect. For established farmers this is fine, but if seed ql does have an effect, then again newer players will have an increased difficulty to get crops. At the moment, the new farming system is making me think of joining a village and selling off my rather large deed I created with the express intent to have some cool looking tiered farming fields. It's just plain not worth it at low skill level anymore.
  8. My deed, Aziriphale is at 24x, 20y on the road that goes north of Serenity Valley. Large deed, may as well add it to the map.
  9. Did it just go down for anyone else? I can not log back in.
  10. At least it is not just me. Phew.
  11. Sweet, so how do I arrange this? I have seen your pictures of how to get to your farm, but still unsure of where it is. I do know how to get to GD from my deed I believe though.
  12. I got a pair of foals for Lizabeth. that being said, I would happily still take a mating pair from you as well, but if my having received a pair from someone else stops that opportunity, I fully understand. Just want to be up front that I did receive a pair from someone else before going forward.
  13. Is this still going? I am new and don't understand which traits are best, but I sure could use a breeding pair of horses for my deed!