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  1. send me your crash dump file. it should be in C:\Windows\Minidump or what ever drive letter your OS is on I will see what is causing it in VS my email is

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    2. Audrel


      I have to do a complete backup. The firmware update will erase the drive. This will be a bit. 


      Also, the C:\Windows\Minidump is empty. There are no files inside it.

    3. Arkonick


      sorry was in town. Hum shouldn't be empty. It's suppose to create a log every time you BSOD. your dump file should have a name like this 061016-27627-01.dmp,  do a search for dmp it might have stored it on the other drive you said was now a side drive. If you find it I can run it threw VS and find where it is crashing and if you are missing some thing or if something is not set up right in your bios settings. 

      Just last week I started BSOD out of the blue and couldn't figure it out so I loaded up my dmp file and found out my ram chips some how went from there timing to XMP timing which I have a AMD board and not a intel board so it should have never went to the XMP spd settings. So few changes to the ram timing and BSOD is now gone lol still not sure why it reset to XMP tho. Maybe a microsoft update there good about bad updates.


      When ever you have BSOD the best way to track it down is VS debugger. Keep me posted If I can help track it down I will.

    4. Audrel


      Since upgrading the firmware on the SSD, I have left the computer running and it has not BSOD yet. Knocking on wood. I hope that fixes it. I never even thought of a drive firmware, only my mobo bios.