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  1. It wouldn't work, and be a huge waste of time. Not to mention Wurm is stagnating/declinging hard, so there's even less demand with the complete lack of new subscribers coming in.
  2. An automatic removal of my account from the database with a twitter tag "Shazaam has REALLY won the game"
  3. What do you get if you have over 130 months of premium?
  4. More idiocy. Who cares. Part of Rolf's vision or business model was the original subscription cost and that players supplemented the 'lower' premium cost with purchasing silver every month. Pay2Win might be sort-of considered in Wurm, for pvp-only. PVP in this game is cancer, and is given 'holistic treatment'.
  5. It's not old school, it's nonviable. Asking for anything else is like telling a nurse to do open heart surgery. I do enjoy the 'suggestions' from all these professionals. It's always good. Considering the 'pay2win' model heavily favors the player-to-player transaction, with the business not seeing any benefit, I'd disagree. It's not always so black and white. This thread needs to die.
  6. The first part is true, back to the 80/20 proportionality of revenue generation. The second part...well, that's a statement for someone running a business in the early 2000's. Time to increase that knowledge about revenue generation, if you want...