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  1. This thread has been showing up since like, 2008? It's like treating a sucking chest wound with a band-aid. Wurm PVP is fatal in design and mechanic, so dont expect any changes or worthwhile endeavors to bring back a non-existent population.
  2. Why are you surprised and angry? Instead of fixing the 'problem' with an actual in-game solution (see: value transfer), it's always just some basement production attitude where you piss off customers first, then later come up with some half-ass solution at your leisure. It's been going on for years, dont expect anything to change beyond some low level reactionary thought processes to perceived problems. tldr; LOL
  3. What do i get for supporting the game for 13 years? Yes that's pathetic.
  4. I agree with you Nadroj, and I've always been critical of it, even to Rolf way back when. There's absolutely NO reason i can think of that provides any value to Wurm in keeping secrets. There's actually a business reason/case to stop this ridiculous attitude of keeping everything secret. You did mention that QA (because there's none, it's us) would be easier to find bugs/exploits. When players constantly have to deal with updates that come out which show huge promise, and then just completely fall flat because knowledge and attitudes are so amateurishly bad, players have no choice but to complain. Full disclosure would probably be one of many easy things to do to stop the decline. With the huge amount of volunteerism in this game, i dont see how a few people couldn't keep the wiki up to date with ACTUAL game mechanics changes so that each feature update or 'fix' could explain in official detail how things should work. You could easily 'hide' it from the viewer via spoiler-tags or other methods. Those of you that want to find everything out by yourself, do not have to visit the wiki, and are in the minority. I know quite a few players who I've tried to get into Wurm quit not only because the grind sucks, but also because it's too difficult to understand how the hell everything works, because it's not posted, or otherwise detailed through 'hearsay'. It's not black and white choices on what player type to support, clench those brains and figure out you can actually support multiple customer types without marginalizing! novel ideas to comel!
  5. #hurtfeelings Should read what i was trying to get across. Please continue to white-knight for everyone who cannot comprehend anything I'm trying to explain. Abusing what system? This is why i love to engage. It's like anytime something is out of reach for someone in either game-time or financially, it's a personal affront to them and therefore 'evil'. lol.
  6. I didn't know there was a correlation between some "do aliens exist?" theory, and a business risk assessment explanation that correlates customer satisfaction and purchasing. If elitism is just trying to explain something to someone who wont listen to reason, then i dont know what else to do. I've got no cake in this game, so carry on!
  7. I have 3 different priests, and 4 batteries. All of which are unsubbed. Explain to me what i have to lose? I'd probably enjoy a reason to quit for good this time. or not. No one seems any thought process beyond "i want this!!! it would be cool!!1" when suggesting things. Try explaining how and why they wont work to people, and they lose their minds. Same applies in the "Im missing everything" thread. Ignorance is bliss i guess. Welcome to Dunning-Kruger Online!
  8. Priests were never palatable (pvp excluded). What are you talking about, no one mains a priest and uses free alts to do 'chores' in the game? It also isn't a server drain, or a DB drain, or any drain whatsoever. Stop making things up. You have 0 'basic business sense', and leave it at that. Do not say you understand the financial issues resulting from such a change, and make up wild accusations that doing so would magically help subscription numbers or other inane comments. I'm telling you right now the "alt-priest army" is something CC wont touch, and if they do, it's all negative income. You follow me thus far? You cannot bring new value for a specific customer base while marginalizing another revenue stream (or group). I'm also saying, if they spend the god-awful amount of time they do on development cycles and then prioritize this, it's going to do NOTHING to stop a decline in subscriptions. You guys are so dense. Just admit you two want priest spells with no restrictions, and are too cheap to spend a little extra money, or too lazy to do it in game currently. If anything, a short term solution would be to ADD a few 200+ faith spells that do something cool but not over the top, so at least some premium adds up and continues. Who cares if you cant do it without paying, if it has no impact on your game-play? IF it added value, i'm sure either i'd resub some batteries, or alliance members would resub their expired priests. I'm on no one's side here. It's like both sides talk about how to treat cancer with naturopathic 'medicine', instead of diagnosing, planning and executing a real treatment plan. tl;dr - This thread is retarded.
  9. Those with multiple accounts are not 'whales', they are value-added customers. Same applies with anything in life, gaming included. If they change it so priests are valuable as 'main' characters due to whatever mechanic changes, then the secondary and alt accounts dry up. You think new players will fill that huge void? #nope. What the hell does the 'true' numbers matter anyways? We all know it stinks, and its progressively getting worse. What in the world would you have to gain by losing subscriptions? Everyone wants access to everything with 1 subscription. There are few things you cannot do in Wurm without sacrificing something for another gain (ex. priesthood). You are given the option to use your in-game time and organization skills to mitigate those disadvantages. Beyond that, you are given another opportunity to simply 'buy-out' your lack of time by creating multiple accounts. This is no different that in some MMO, expecting to be a giant tanky meat shield, but then complaining you cant heal yourself. So you either find other players to do it for you, or buy a second account if you want. You are only limited by your short-sighted options, and then crippled by 99% of this player bases complete and utter lack of understanding basic business practice. Besides, what's the difference between a group of players who have a few priests, and some guy who has 6 premium accounts? Can anyone actually tell me what advantage that one player has over a group besides better self-sufficiency? Or what exactly he/she does to 'block' you from doing? It's really nothing but convenience. Religion and priesthood are terribly implemented, but there's a cost of business here. If you cannot understand that, or that a religion overhaul is not only extremely risky but low priority (at least in my professional opinion), then i dont know what to tell you. This thread is hilarious. My next suggestion based on these complainants logic: "Sleep powder should be 2 per IP and removed for multiple premium accounts"
  10. Sure, i completely understand, but directly just asks for extreme bias. I'd honestly love to give you real professional input, but that costs. A freebie would be : Instead of posts like this, that really do not give a lot of insight into a particular issue and are very short-sighted, why after 10+ years is there no market insights into your paying customers? aka - in game polls for premium players? And asking questions that pertain not to a particular interest, but to determine possible direction and strategy in the future? Then again, i would send in someone in your position to "make a presence" and make everyone feel special despite the relative valueless opinions posted.
  11. Asking the community for suggestions on changing something so sensitive is akin to a multinational CFO asking some homeless guy on the street how to invest millions in capital. Good Luck.
  12. How is it exploiting again? Because i pay more for better service, i'm 'cheating'? This argument is as old as 3D MMO's. I pay for a second account therefore i'm 'cheating'. I pay for a nicer car than you, I'm 'exploiting' life. See how little it makes sense? This game especially has 0 emphasis on others, in that all you pay for is convenience. No townie friend to link for a spell you 'need', but 'want"? Subscribe another one. The problem with some of you, especially those that play with a juvenile thought process, is you somehow feel the need that the measly money you spend on this game per month is somehow justified that less should equal more. Every goods and service you've ever paid for is based on the model that paying for more = better. The digital gaming world is no different, and if the mechanics are that only an extremely small portion of the game is inaccessible due to social structures, or your inability to do something within the confines of the game, then 'paywall' is a solution for you. There's no situation in the game that says "i cannot get this unless i 100% pay real money for it", unless it's based on premium status (skills only). Trust me, i hate having batteries and paying more. But i do not have the time to find people to link with, and an extra 8eu per month is nothing in terms of value for me. That being said, yes it's not your onus to understand how CC creates revenue, but I'm simply telling you your suggestions are negative-sum solutions. You have to offer alternative-value to customers when you need to actively change something that may negatively impact them for a potential 'gain' through another group of customers. If anything I'm on the players side all the time, because i sure as hell love to critique decisions i think are made half-assed or otherwise completely asinine. You are also putting together a small issue with a completely different major issue. The fact that this game dwindles in population is a whole other problem, and one that is never addressed properly. If anything, priest/religion overhaul is low priority.
  13. Making things easier for 'less premium' is by far, the dumbest idea they could make. Re-balancing priests to make it easier by any means, will be wrought with failure. Making them enticing in certain matters would be better, as a supporting role. This will take some real strategic thought process, about what to gain, what to risk, and most importantly: Wurm's inherent inability to consider future and practical approaches when new features are rolled out. AKA - Stop thinking like some poop-socking high-school gamer. All of your suggestions are really just "how to remove revenue from code-club without providing a value-offering alternative". I'd say 99% of the suggestions that aren't new-feature posts, are generally ill-thought out. I guess me and my 2 batteries (3x subscriptions) are 'exploiters' then?
  14. You want the game to become more of a chore? I'd like more of a challenge, but it be a choice, not thrust open upon everyone. This is in the grand minority of players. I think most of you have completely lost the concept of what drives games and what Wurm is completely lacking for the new players experience. Then again, i think most of you had no idea in the first place. New players do not play this game because of reasons behind development, past and future. It's not blame, it's a symptom. If you scare customers out of your retail store by acting in a certain manner, you'll end up with less coming inside to buy things, until nobody bothers with you anymore. I do like how a lot of you seem to think "oh well, it's a niche game, get lost then" is somehow a smart comment. lol.
  15. Honest question... How much more lag will the 'wagoneer' add to already strained Xanadu?