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  1. Honest question... How much more lag will the 'wagoneer' add to already strained Xanadu?
  2. Thinking something is, when it isn't. The recent reviews on steam (helped by a $1 humble bundle grab) are pretty piss poor. That doesn't exactly "spread the word" in a way that anyone wants. The servers are up, but development is no more different than it was. The difference is that the premium numbers, even post WU #rolfcashgrab release, are proof enough the decline is fact and not a cranky players 'opinion'. Even if the steam/HB sale injects 'numbers', it's an extremely short term low financial gain, likely at the cost of real subscriptions. AKA - Revenue. The game does have life, and i still love it, but it stumbles around like a blind idiot with no direction. Edit : HI Malvado~!
  3. I'm wondering how many potential customers you've lost due to this. I know had i started with my village mates (all long gone mind you) around Xanadu, we would have picked the largest for sure (newest server) and all quit out of laughter in how pathetic it lags out consistently. People have no patience for this in video games, especially today, and even more so for paying customers. I mean, who doesn't rage quit due to lag issues in any game? Plan an actual strategy and address one of the largest issues this game has at current. Whether you think it is or not, it will likely help your fledgling numbers. There's infinitely more value in doing this than adding some silly crap that isn't helping, and actually making it worse.
  4. Mother of God. Thanks Thorgot. Please add this bug with 'offline achievements'. I dont believe having to be 'online' for a time required skill to 'item complete' is intended behavior. Yours Truly, - A guy who's been waiting months and months and months with thousands of litres of wine to make.
  5. Knowledge = / = Application
  6. You use 'core concepts' like there's a plan beyond "hey this is cool, we'll add this next'. Wurm is nothing but reactionary.
  7. It wouldn't work, and be a huge waste of time. Not to mention Wurm is stagnating/declinging hard, so there's even less demand with the complete lack of new subscribers coming in.
  8. An automatic removal of my account from the database with a twitter tag "Shazaam has REALLY won the game"
  9. What do you get if you have over 130 months of premium?
  10. More idiocy. Who cares. Part of Rolf's vision or business model was the original subscription cost and that players supplemented the 'lower' premium cost with purchasing silver every month. Pay2Win might be sort-of considered in Wurm, for pvp-only. PVP in this game is cancer, and is given 'holistic treatment'.