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  1. Or like other skills and mechanics, alter it on pve only for a better overall experience between server types
  2. I don’t have a mask, but I’m ugly enough to pass as a monster, so maybe I can attend?
  3. Was searching for a bug the wife found in the kitchen, and misspelled worm. Advertising was non-existent back in 2011-2012 so really thankful for the accidental find.
  4. Yet they have been for thousands of years. lol I’ve seen African farmers use their AK to plow a row for seed
  5. T-shirt ordered. Ty Muse for the heads up on the discount. Got mine 25% off.
  6. Me

    I'm not sure I understand. A simp by definition is a silly or foolish person.
  7. Thanks for all the clarification, Keenan
  8. I believe this was the exact example I brought up a year or maybe more ago, thank you for addressing this. How will we know if we're in this list, will we get a message/email or just a bump in the prem time?
  9. I'm not sure I understand why milling is not a subskill of cooking. To my limited knowledge there is nothing milled in Wurm that is not related to a cooking ingredient. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. If I am correct, is it a fair point to have it re categorized under cooking?
  10. WurmNode

    taking a screenshot and then uploading that screenshot to a website is not against any TOS... That exact software is already incorporated onto Wurm Node's tools page, the list container tool. "image to text software exists, such as on the container tool on the tools page" - Nothing I proposed is against ToS
  11. WurmNode

    it could possibly be done if community backed... image to text software exists, such as on the container tool on the tools page. Players would have to manually update and collaborate on submitting the images to keep it parsing and updated. It'd also require manually checking a box for what server you're on. It's the only current way I can think it be accomplished.
  12. WurmNode

    Besides the internal server error you mentioned, I haven't noticed it responding slowly to requests on my end. Give yourself more credit You're doing outstanding and a lot of us have no problem being patient while you work on this!
  13. I feel Ike having no downvotes is a bad idea. A suggestions can have 400 likes and 50000 views, but how do you know those other 49500 visitors were neutral and instead disliked the suggestion but couldn’t be counted. plenty of idea here I don’t like but I can’t vote down, and posting a reply saying how bad it is can be construed as harassment, seen it before here. add downvoting otherwise imho what is the point. I don’t even like the idea of having ANOTHER website to visit yet I can’t downvote this thread, and reading my post I’m typing it seems very negative. A simple downvote could have sufficed.
  14. And noticeably worse the second it’s death hits chat.
  15. I like this a lot. Impalongs would benefit from this a lot, given you can set and literally forget if done right.
  16. I'll take it all, welcome to PM here or ingame to schedule delivery. Thank you kindly.
  17. I suppose that there would be less issue for people if these pens would be removed after the rifts. Our maps are ugly enough from years of deeds and old roads no one removes. For me it’s just basic morales of cleaning up after yourself.
  18. WurmNode

    So glad I didn't break it, sort of. Thanks for working so hard on this
  19. WurmNode

    Forgive me if I have missed something, I uploaded my folder to the profile on the beta/testing part of the account page. It's still saying queued, after 12 or so hours. Is this normal or is the parsing run on a schedule? Would it be because i uploaded 388mb of data from 10 years? Thanks and sorry
  20. Shame it’s such an early time midweek for US workers, but really awesome find and even nicer you opened it for all. Have fun everyone!
  21. Rare great helm to Nomadikhan, please.