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My first MMO was Final Fantasy XI Online. It was and still is, arguably, the best game I've played. After about 7 years, many friends coming and going, and changes Square-Enix made, I decided I needed something new. They were increasing the level cap from 75 to 99 and allowing many areas of the game that provided monsters and loot of high economical value to be solo'd. With 20 jobs (classes in most games) to now re-level and relic weapons/armor that I had spent years obtaining... to be near worthless suddenly.. I was tired and done. I quit and began searching for a new game.


The wife found a strange bug in the house one day. She tells me it's this crawly wormy thing but has legs and for me to go google it. So I did, only I mstakenly typed wurm... and here I am today. It's a crazy ride but I love this game and haven't really looked back.


Aside from Wurm, I have a daughter and naggy old wife that occupies my time. I also have an interest in cars and home improvement projects. Most recently I have purchased an 88' Dodge Daytona Shelby Z and it's an extensive resto project that's been really fun.