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  1. Personally, as fun as it sounds, it just seems a time waster to me. Sure I'll grind the skill to have it, but will I set out on a career? Nope. I'd rather see some other skill added. Perhaps, like Throwing to actually make use of the option.
  2. CoD rare sickle to Nomadikhan, please and thank you!
  3. We all know it's slow, so we clack keys and queue actions. The real question, what do you really do while grinding? I'll start. I downloaded all 8 seasons of Home Improvement lol. I'm on season 6 atm, so nearly time to start downloading the next series.
  4. Amazing views, wish you the best with this endeavor!
  5. There was a recent change with meditation and I'm fairly sure Aldur hasn't updated WA yet to compensate. I'd consider it not working at this time for meditation.
  6. That may be part of your problem. There was a thread somewhere where quite a few people were in uproar about how bad the lag was at that particular settlement. I may have the wrong name, but I believe@Silawas mayor or at least managing that market.
  7. 55c per .01 scale. That's 319s for 5.8kg. I'm seeing complete sets being sold now a days for 250euro. Is it me or am I missing something. Why is raw scale still so high in comparison to just buying a set? (link to 250euro scale set a couple months back.) Please forgive me, I'm not trying to troll here, just really confused because it's nearly a 70euro difference, even more for us USD people.
  8. At least plate has relevance... This was THE final blow for chainmail. R.I.P. Chainmail
  9. Sadly, Chainmail doesn't seem used much these days. I'd wager, even less so, now that Plate Smithing has been opened for anyone at an entry level. Iron Plate is a thing now, so no need for steel to grind the skill and get entry level plate armour. I believe Chain has drawn it's final breath :/ That said, I'll offer you 1.5s. If acceptable, CoD to Nomadikhan.
  10. Mine doors are glitched for me. They are flat, appear as a flat tile, I can stand on the edge beside them and look into the caves. However, not all minedoors lol. Very odd.
  11. Curios. Let's introduce display cases already. Cause let's face it, we're all materialistic in this wurmian fantasy!
  12. For better or worse, here's what ole Nomad does with his life... This is my "Office" aka Nomad Cave. I have my triple monitor gaming PC for Wurm, cause if your going to play a game that looks like it was made in 2004 but needs a 4.2ghz 8-core processor... you might as well go big. Yes, those are rack servers. The one on the left is a Poweredge 2950 (Dual 2.66ghz Quad Core Proc, 8gb ram, 2x 500gb sata in raid1). This is being setup atm to be a download and video conversion machine. Yes, I know the amber light means there is an error. It needs a raid battery (on order) and is fussing about not having the second power supply plugged in for redundancy. The machine on the right is a Poweredge 1950 (Dual 2.0ghz dual-core proc, no ram, no drives). I purchased this and the previous 2950 for $50 together. I haven't bought parts for it yet as I'm unsure what I'll do with it... maybe the garage needs another PC? This is my cabinet. Inside is a dell 24-port switch for overkill and a Poweredge 2950 (dual 2.66ghz quad core proc, 32gb ram, 4x 1tb sata drives in raid10). More Power! (insert Tim the Toolman Tailor grunts here). This hosts my home media server stuff. Archived progams/files, Movies, Music, and embarrassing photos of the family are all available on our phones, tablets, TVs, and beyond. Started as a hobby to mess around and is now an impassioned obsession. Yes, I'm American. Sue me. Here we have my gun cabinet. I have two Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles (dated 1917 and 1921) and one Mosin Nagant M44 rifle (dated 1945). Not pictured (in the living room hanging up for home defense) is an Enfield No1 Mk3 rifle (dated 1942). It's not practical I know, being bolt action even with it's 10 round capacity, but its penetrating power is that of an AR15 and there's something about a WWII rifle that is iconic. My wife has a Bersa Thunder .380 pistol in the bedroom as well, for secondary home defense. I used to work third shift when we owned our other house years ago and she experienced a break in while I was at work. We refuse to be victims again. And yes, aquarium. I like my fishes. I have 8 blood-fin tetras inside. I also have a 1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z, blue with silver ground effects. It's an ongoing money pit of fun. Two doors, turbo charged fun, T-Tops, pop-up headlights.... cars just aren't made like they used to be So that's it, I'm a Nerdy Hill Billy Mechanic Murican. Hope it's not held against me If anyone lives in Ohio, welcome to stop by and visit.
  13. My offer still stands on tools and armour. Your welcome to move into my deed, Stonehaven. We're situated on an island in the Southwest of Celebration.
  14. Name: Everyone: 's mysterious need Creator: System Started: 11/2/17 8:51 PM Progress: 26.0% Expires: 11/5/17 7:51 PM Difficulty: 2 / 7 Description: wants 4.0 of you to bring and give trade mouth bits to aged Avatar of . Aged Avatar of was last seen near The Rubicon in the centerwest regions. Rewards: 100 karma per participant and 20m total sleep bonus split between all participants (30m each maximum) upon completion. I have alerted the Grammar Nazi. He is in route to spank all staff involved in this terrible change with a wiener schnitzel.
  15. PM Nomadikhan in-game. I'll look out for you as well. I can supply you with some tools and armour. Ask in Freedomn chat for Cat and Sugar. They live near the starting area on Celebrtion and give new players a nicer free weapon then what you begin with. Cele may have a lower population but we have a few good alliances with very active, friendly, and knowledged players. Give us a try, lower population means more places to live!