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  1. Actually it is kinda a big issue.. since we can't decide where to use our power, either way we are put at a disadvantage compared to the enemy who can put down a mag altar anywhere to cast it.
  2. So i recently hit path of power lvl 7. And wanted to test lava spawning.. only to find out that it requires a magranon altar. This got me very disappointed, as this basically restricts HOTS from using that meditation power as we cant build magranon altars. I'm guessing this was done to limit where you could place lava, but whoever made this restriction maybe unintendedly forgot that BL also needs to be able to use meditation (e.g. dont link meditation to religion please.. 2 different mechanics) My suggestion to fix this.. if theres a purpose for this being linked to altars.. please allow it inside libilas domain aswell.. Or to completely free this from religion, allow it to be used inside your own kingdom influence maybe?
  3. We haven't decided about the price of premium for ingame silver - all this came up during the afternoon when I talked to my accountant and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. If there is no reason to raise it it should stay at 10 ingame silver for 1 month premium., New price for premium will be 8 Euro per month instead of the previous 5 Euro or 5 Silver coins, 16 Euro for 2 months premium or 10 silver coins. in 1 line you say its half the price.. in another line you talk about not raising it.. and keeping it at 10s. well which is it.. 1 month for 5s or 10s ?
  4. Elevation has its share of issues.. mega deeds is not one of them.. its natural for people to group up in pvp and build defenses together.. strength in numbers and all. And to be honest i think the majority of freedom deeds are bigger than most elevation deeds. there is no landgrabbing that im aware of, since defending a large piece of land is just not possible without the players behind it. The thing i see is that many people prefer home servers now because they've been made much more lucrative to base your home from. To mention a few things.. 25% increase skillgain on home (im told.. i dont live there) no constant enemy presence. safekeeping merchants (oh yeah only ele had to loose these..) enemies have reduced CR. no enemy champs. Sure elevation has a few perks, namely offices, more space (for BL anyway), hota and artifacts. If you wanna fix elevation dont put more negatives on elevation like preventing us from deeding properly here. instead consider the carrot over the stick.. and reward people for coming to elevation instead of homeserver. Should be a benefit for people to live on elevation over home server. otherwise what is there to fight about ?
  5. Yeah that basically.. the essence of what i consider to be a bug.. should be fixed to allow queuing harvest after sowing even if the activated item at the time is gone and not needed.
  6. Can harvest without anything activated normally? i dont think thats the issue.. but yeah its probably because the seed was activated at the time of queuing makes sense.. This should be fixed tho.. it shouldnt check to see if i have anything activated when the action itself requires no tool?
  7. Don't like it.. show the world like it is, Ask people to take their helmets off if you dont like it.
  8. +1 for more flavor clothes items -1 for skillgain from using these items, begins to make it a requirement to switch items for grinding skills.
  9. Libila likes her corpses to rot out in the open.. just saying
  10. When replanting/harvesting my field i noticed that i couldnt get a harvest action to queue after a sow action. To reproduce have a dirt tile + a ripe farm tile (in my case wemp) next to it. and some wemp seeds in inventory. Rightclick the dirt tile and sow the wempseed, while the action timer is going rightclick the wemp tile and click harvest. [07:45:29] After sowing you will start harvesting. [07:45:31] You sow the wemp. It will ignore the harvest command you gave it. EDIT: Tried to queue in a few different orders: Sow - Harvest - Sow (Skips the harvest and just sows twice) Sow - Harvest - Harvest (Skips both harvests)
  11. There is an issue with the Select bar in the classic and the classic light gui's If you rightclick and click the option Hide window.. it instead toggles the Target window, where it should be hiding the select bar. I've tested and this problem doesnt seem to affect the ironwood gui, since you cant rightclick the baritself to get the menu up to begin with in that gui.
  12. Hmm that could maybe be the case.. but if it was following me above ground it would hit 2 other houses and a bit of iron fence along the way. before they get stuck over in a different house.. I'm thinking they teleport over there somehow.. otherwise i cant explain it. But it does sound related. we should try and get a gm/dev to come and reproduce it
  13. +1 to fixing missions/scenario rewards and anything else related to this..
  14. We've had this happen twice now at our deed, its a rare occurence and i dont know yet what causes it. First time was a hell horse being lead into a cave entrance, it then disappeared. we contacted a gm who found it inside a house ~15 tiles across the deed. A few weeks later i was leading a bunch of horses around deed and a foal disappeared on me and reappeared roughly in the same spot, at the same house on the other side of te deed. It might be hard to reproduce, since it only seems to happen to one in 50+ animals we lead into the mine. but a GM/Dev is welcome to come and have a look at our deed setup and experiment to see if they can reproduce it. Can be contacted ingame Julepalme @ elevation
  15. Well i guess if the pvp server had a higher demand for leather or leatherworkers they would get killed but atm theres just way easier ways to farm leather aswell and not enough demand for it. So bisons just get more or less ignored. I wonder if a pr animal type cap could be implemented. So no 1 type of animal can take up more than 5 or 10% of the total cap. (depending on how many types of animals that exists ?) Would make for a more diverse hunting enviroment. where in the end it doesnt just end up with a majority of bisons since few people kill them.
  16. Yay a reply thank you, only got ignored by pr, devs, gms etc on irc when i mentioned it ty
  17. Also please add more articial walls/limits to this awesome sandbox games.. those things always make a game better </sarcasm>
  18. Whoever wrote this?! Okay.. so the ratio is a Tiles pr animal: Ratio = 30 tiles and 2 animals.. = 30/2 = 15 tiles pr animal.. seems simple enough? Why does animals get diseased if the ratio is HIGHER 15 tiles pr animal... that just means we give our animals more space to live in. I sincerely hope you mean a lower ratio than 15 tiles pr animal. Please be more precise in your patch notes, not only does this seem intuitively wrong, but also very vague.
  19. http://puu.sh/2ogEA/08839d9606 this screenshot more or less says it all.. trying to open village info screen at a token, getting this window.
  20. only thing i can think to compare wurm to is eve online really. Different genres, but both sandbox games and as such have another kind of inventory and item management system than other games. Wurm is great in many ways, but 1 thing i do think is an annoyance is the limit to 100 items pr container, we are already quite volume or weight limited which makes perfect sense, but an artificial limit in a sandbox game isnt very pleasing, and im sure you would agree rolf. no fun having to harvest 100 or 1000+ crops into different containers you gotta carry around, when other games would just have a stack of items. Only thing i can think of off the top of my head here.
  21. Wheres the poll option: I would still stay.. but i dont like the idea?
  22. Recently noticed that cordage rope was changed without a notice in the patch notes? Before the stealth nerfs: 0.65kg wemp fibre made 0.65kg cordage rope and also noticed cordage ropes taken from bsb's would be 0.5kg After the nerf (which i guess was to make it consistent to either 0.5kg or 0.65kg) 0.65kg wemp fibre makes 0.5kg ropes.. and still 0.5kg when taken from bsb. Did you forget to adjust the creation amount to match the rope amount? otherwise this means we get 30% less favor pr kg out of wemp.fibre. Please bring the material used down to 0.5kg instead of 0.65kg to bring it back in line with pre patch and keeping it consistent.
  23. They said during the Q&A that they already have a dev exploring the possibilities for attaching things to walls. List of items could be, curtains, banners, shields, weapons, lamps. and others.