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  1. queue alts for crafting and fighting being even more prevalent
  2. i dont understand why the reward for a year of premium is an item with such niche and miniscule use
  3. not to disregard the rest of your post, though im probably only going to respond to this since it's the most concrete and probably easily answered/conversed point i can my thing is though, i interact with people like this all the time. there's always "insane" people on public chats, probably moreso on pvp servers than on pve servers hence why i don't see much of a big deal. I ignore them- that is, i use the /ignore function so that I can't see their posts anymore. I'm talking about two types of people here; both the sort that are literally actually crazy and talk by themselves for hours on end, spamming the global/kingdom chat with inane nonsense, and the 'subtle crapstirrers' who go out of their way to skirt the rules in an effort to make others angry and bring up drama. That's all. I ignored them, because I can identify the type of person they'll be. Because it's easier than trying to bring attention to it from all sides and try to get a moderator involved, and because it solves my issues in a neat, quick, and convenient manner. Sometimes later in the future they'll come up again for some reason and I might even unblock them and see if they're as bad as I thought, but most of the time- they're just gone, and I never have to think about them again. unfortunately reality is way less interesting. Snipe worked like that; only premium players could snipe, and if enough of the current population of premium players /snipe'd the same person in a short period of time, that person was muted for 24 hours. But the amount of people needed to /snipe someone was so high (because of the prevalence of alt accounts), that /snipe almost never actually functioned. It was developed by Rolf and the older dev teams and basically entirely forgotten about by years. Then, the newer devs realized it existed and went "woah woah that can be abused way too hard" and disabled it, despite the fact it was extremely hard to use properly, much less abuse.
  4. [02:04:04] You are currently using the titles [Longbowman] [Fisherwoman]. fight me best decision is what was said, let people decide what gender of title they want. some of them barely make sense as to why they're split (Devout/Mystic for faith, etc) also add Der Metzgermeister back to butchering it was a sick ass title
  5. same story as always tl;dr the launch happened, pretty bumpy for a while, lots of content held back. player infusion was good, both pvp and pve were doing really well atrophy kicked in and the pop spike went down. the first big 'patch' we got was really just re-enabling valrei missions with basically no changes to them. subtle hints at combat overhaul and 'exploration' updates that will probably be here late 2021 if we're lucky new cluster is hemorrhaging players, old cluster is stable and just as dead as it has always been minor pvp updates that haven't resulted in much. the only good new thing that's been released is a change to how sacrifice works (allowing an 'overflow' pool so to speak above your max favor), but that was made as a result of complaints because they made linking to grind channeling next to useless halloween event was okay i guess? some new models which were kind of cute were introduced that replaced the normal models for some mobs and a few cosmetics were dropped by mobs and thats about it lol, lots of drama aside
  6. i hope marketing isn’t actually what a majority of that money is being put into lol
  7. where did the money from the steam release go
  8. the other titles are religious in nature; what about Crusader? 2h swordsman -> Templar -> Paladin -> Crusader
  9. i don't even have a 'way' i want to pvp, i ###### run in with the intent to die because dying is more fun than dealing with minehops constantly, i literally 1v1 mag priests as a shitty skill non-priests and use ###### meme weapons what are you getting at here my point is the strategies being used in the game right now (zerging, wardeeding and fortunately MR is free of most blame) suck ###### to play around and need changes made around them zerging: the biggest weakness for having a large group is coordination and travelling; make pendulums worse overall (large cooldown), make horses slower so that you can't traverse across the map in 5 minutes, increase local vision range or make an item that can sense numbers to prevent baits, add a death tab delay to prevent backdooring. hell you can even do something like having enemy presence buff scale up faster if you have more enemies than allies around you. wardeeds: lol good luck fixing this one just fix minehops for now- make it so entering a cave doesn't break combat (even if it has a door) so that the minehop has to be deep enough for you to disengage through distance, and make it so 'hopping' isn't safe. allow people to see targets within reach so you can pre-target people through minedoors, but don't allow combat to engage unless they exit the minedoor. eliminate the 'hop' from minehops while keeping the safety of having tunnels and mines in places. also apply all of this to gates. and that's just popular strategies. knarrs need to be fixed so they can be viable for pvp, boat logging needs to be removed, logging off if you've been in combat with an enemy kingdom needs to be upped to an hour, sickles need to be nerfed, shields need to be nerfed (buffing 2h damage is not the way to go, and currently there's like zero reason to use a 2h), spears need to be nerfed or give halberds and staves the anti-mount passive, aoe spells need to damage neutral creatures, bl needs 2 gods, game needs real devs, etc etc etc. as for the surety of numbers: i was actually thinking of it from the other perspective. you guys scream we zerg a lot, the thing that's constantly on my mind is "do we have too many for jk and will they cry" when i go into a fight now
  10. holding back decisions to improve the game because it might anger a minority of people is the same reason we still have epic around, despite it literally doing more harm than good right now just pulk the trigger and merge them, as well as milking/dairy and milling/cooking and the two subskills for weaponsmithing into weaponsmith/blacksmith for the non weapons let people keep the titles they’ve earned for legacy reasons otherwise.
  11. it's more like "i want no minehops, but we can't really do that because the rest of the game isn't conducive to good gameplay because minehops have become so integral to the game that changes have literally been made around them, despite them being absolutely shitty to play around" or rather, "i want minehops to not be as busted"- some sort of change to the combat system to where leaving combat doesn't break your swing, or that entering/leaving caves doesn't actually break off combat until a long time after or enough distance between you and the hop is placed- meaning that hopping out and back in is bad and unsafe, but you can run into one and stay inside (without hopping out) in order to keep your desired safety deeds in their current form are actually pretty bad for the game in several ways but there's zero way that's getting changed in a good manner any time soon- like i said, if the center of the map was primarily "no deeds" and only the outer ring was permitted to be deeded, or otherwise making deeds closer to the center of the map more dangerous/costly/etc (including incredibly increases deed costs for being near enemy deeds, not just 50 tile limits lol) the combat ui itself is a joke, lack of information on who is targeting you, where they're aiming and being able to easily target people in return should have been part of the system to begin with, but instead we've had a literal text scroller system for a decade and minimal improvements have been made to it over the years. Why isn't there a visible tab of players targeting you in a similar vein to the aiming window? Why do i need to physically mouse over people to attack them when combat becomes so incredibly cluttered- add that dual-purpose window that shows you who's targeting you and who's within targeting range, and allow people to click their names to switch targets easily. but suggesting stuff like this is a futile effort because as i mentioned, this game won't get any major patches that significantly alter the game any time soon (unless you count that depot one as a major patch lol) because of the reasons i labeled earlier
  12. keep in mind im not blaming either side im just saying this game sucks the game is constantly filled with obscure mechanics/strategies that promote extremely unfun gameplay patterns because of how poorly it's made. minehops entirely rely on the fact that breaking combat = resetting combat swings which in turn means you can literally be invulnerable if you're not stupid, and as you can't see into a minedoor you can't pre-target someone whereas they CAN pre-target you which you know, if something like that existed in basically any other game that took itself seriously it would've been patched and fixed ages ago, but in this game it's somehow stayed around long enough that the only thing we can assume is the devs like it and intend for it to be how pvp works in this game (as with very many other mechanics) so i'm not mad at you, that'd be stupid- mechanics exist and have existed for ages and despite how cheesy they are it's dumb to be angry at someone for using them instead, i choose to be pissed at the devs for allowing that mechanism to stay around for so long and not being able to work on a proper alternative that makes combat actually more fun, and only being able to make patchwork changes (that still require weeks to implement despite being a small change ?) to a heavily broken and abused system but actually, im not that mad at the devs in specific, i'm mad at whoever's above them for not even giving them the opportunity to be able to work on this game with a living and proper wage and instead relying on volunteer work and poorly paid part-time work. the fact that our entire moderation team minus GM's are volunteers is probably the greatest example of why this game will continue to fail- and i'm not saying they're bad, i'm just saying this game leeches off the community to be able to sustain itself.
  13. so like, i dont't actually think it was persay a 'bad play' from JK to go into the mine after the horde came (and i've got my own opinions on kingdoms teaming but thats irrelevant here), but i do want to say that wardeeds are cancerous before i basically decided to quit i had already mentally made up my mind that i wasn't really going to bother with any pvp pings near wardeeds- those fights always basically depend on JK rushing far away enough from their minehops and between our two deeds (of which we had to place one defensively otherwise hunting there was too dangerous) not only that but it's guesswork seeing who has more numbers; more often than not, what happens is what BL approaches JK's wardeed after spotting someone out with about 4-6 people; we check out numbers and send out a ping- we're not really counting people coming in, and most of you guys are in mines so we don't really know how many you have either- and eventually too many people from our side come in and we end up outnumbering you all about 33% in the end, again this is like... we're sitting outside of your deed, just off of your hops, in the place supposedly most of you have moved into already- not gathering numbers is just bad on our side, but the fight is also entirely determined by JK to start to begin with nobody wants to fight on minehops, they're cancerous and lame, and that's the only thing these wardeeds ever do. you probably don't even realize how few minehops even exist in BL land, yet every single deed i've visited in JK utilizes them heavily. they're lame as hell and absolutely turn off any desire for me to pvp, and thats not even including the fact that most of these fights will mean us outnumbering you all so then there's that problem; with the wardeeds so close together, that means almost any fight between JK/MR are going to become massive groups vs massive groups- there isn't really any room for us to roam jk without pulling Covert Ops sometimes to surprise people; there's no more roaming on the north coast to try and nab a kill really quickly and then running home, there's no more floating around pillow fort and nuln to see if people are hunting. all that's left is waiting for people to show their face near Village, watching them run back to deed, sitting around the deed for an hour until we now have too many people for JK to want to engage with, watching some newer people accidently overextend and get their horses killed and then walking back home what's the fun in any of that lol really wish defiance just had a big "no man's land" similar to the hota zones except not actually for hota, and just make it stupidly big so that deeding on the edge still doesn't mean you can show up a the enemy's doorstep but i mean whatever lol, there's a million things that can be done to make this game better but none of them are going to happen because they don't actually hire devs fulltime for this game and they wonder why people quit every month when they only release number tweak patches every 3 weeks. pathetic that haven and hearth can release weekly and significant patches that deliver more than this game does in a season
  14. you also said hunting is just fine a while ago
  15. sounds like more of a failing on the side of the devs rebalancing stuff
  16. expectations are too high for a community realistically the only viable suggestion to be made here is whether or not to ban topics or not- everything else has too much nuance, and i'd be extremely wary of encroaching on the "rules on how to talk about things" or "how to moderate trolling" player B types /ignore player A/the people conversing with player A and the day goes on as normal i get you might get back into the "what if more people are talking about it in a public chat and i dont want to see it" and the notion of 'who has the right of way on a public forum' but the answer is unfortunately "everyone does" and when conflicts arise it's up to the individual person to deal with it- moderators merely need to judge based off a, mostly binary, set of rules and whether someone is doing something bad or not. any time a moderator overreaches and tries to moderate something that isnt strictly against the rules, people will become upset- which isn't to say they are wrong in doing w/e they do tl;dr i don't support any rule change that's too vague or complicated as it arbitrarily empowers moderator's abilities to stifle conversation, and if you dislike where a conversation is going it's honestly on you to distance yourself away- if you can't because you're too liable to get emotional or cant resist, then any consequences of that are honestly on you i say this because it doesn't necessarily need to relate to politics or even something political- i know people who completely and genuinely believe that discussing the murder of people they are not ideologically in line with is completely fine and tolerable and dont understand why its controversial, i also know people who freak out the moment they mention they've killed an animal in game and will enter long debates about why murdering pixel animals is unethical and genuinely think other people are trolling them when they disagree it's cases like those and all the more why we can't really try to rule these grey areas. just walk away and leave the insane people to their ramblings. works every time.
  17. trust me if you saw the discord yesterday you wouldnt say "never has a problem"
  18. @scorn topic fully agreed though i prefer making scorn/lof stay good and implementing a very hard cooldown for how often they can affect the same player, rather than nerfing them down. @graves topic So, here's my take on graves 1. They heavily support defender's advantage: This is sort of moot between JK/MR because you guys decided to move everyone in your kingdom to BL's doorstep, but normally gravestones favor the defending kingdom during attacks/raids- Every kill you get is another 1 minute you need to spend grabbing their loot- both enemy and ally. This heavily increases the time you need to spend in enemy territory, which in turn allows them to regear and come back and fight you again, weakened and possibly without horses. Each body you loot is another risk, and that's not even considering the weight if you do loot. 2. They prevent really lame plays with mag priests: I've already seen it happen but grabbing a corpse mid-combat and securing it is pretty lame, but it's especially more lame when you might completely obliterate the enemy and yet they rolled their 35% chance and now get to keep everything that they took because of, literally, rng. I personally hate the mag priest res-stone entirely and think it should be removed, but w/e. This already happens and has happened several times with horse gear. I do think that this issue lends itself to another problem though, in my eyes, and that's simply my opinion that horses are, in general, too bloody fast. Two of the biggest weaknesses of being in a large group is disorganization and travel time- however, with horses being able to traverse the entire map in a matter of minutes at their speeds, it makes large distances next to meaningless- and also makes it much easier to pull off baits when you can have people a local over enter combat quickly. there is no winner in this situation? losing one person isn't a loss, nor should it mean anyone is gaurenteed the loot lol; not to mention that it's not at all hard to just shoot the guy looting every now and then to cancel his action- if you can't keep the pressure here, the blame's entirely on you. That said, the problem you guys are facing right now is frankly a side effect of you all placing your deeds adjacent to ours. Naturally the enemy is going to be able to regear and show back up when they can spawn a local away from where they died lol, and at that point it's just a numbers game. Completely different story when it comes to roams in MR Overall, I like graves; I even wish there was something like that you could do for horses (maybe make horsegear not drop until it's butchered etc)
  19. One of the worst and most reoccuring spawns currently has been consistently near the BL/SW corner of the island- it pops up around there often and it's not at all a competitive spot
  20. did your friends start on a different server/kingdom or something Maybe don't spend 160$ on a game before you understand what you're doing
  21. it does, though, cut your effective weaponskill by about 40% won't impact hit-chances, but will impact parry/damage (unless you have really high skill)/etc
  22. probably a byproduct of making horses no longer count as if they are all on the same tile, otherwise hitchposts will disease horses