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  1. Hi Smilingcat, I'm interested in: saddle, 31 ql, 106 woa - 3 s maul, iron, 75 ql, 84N 90LT 106COC 70MS - 6 s CoD to Taganogg
  2. Close

    I'll give you 5s for the rare hatchet. COD to Taganogg.
  3. I'll take the saw and a shovel. COD to Taganogg
  4. Thanks Tazerlol, one more please Rare 90.49 Iron Pickaxe BotD 96 7s
  5. Rare 90.98 Iron Small Anvil BotD 98 CoD to Taganogg please
  6. Hi Yaga, I'll take one of the silver skull masks. Cod to Taganogg.
  7. Hi Killerspike, I'll take 8 horseshoes, items 16-23 or whatever is left. COD to Taganogg.
  8. Awesome! I'll take 12, 13, 14, and 15 as well. Thanks!
  9. Hello, please COD 28, 29, 30, and 31 to Taganogg. Thanks!
  10. Leather Knife, 77QL, 98WoA 92CoC - 2S COD to Taganogg, thanks.
  11. QL~12 Awl blade Steel c102 (2s) CoD to Taganogg. As always, it's a pleasure.
  12. I'm interested in this one, if it's still available. COD to Taganogg.