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  1. Not Supported, Help

    Okay, Reinstalled java and wurum, and its all good now, thanks, SOLVED Okay i found out its fullscreen that gives me not supported screen, even though i set it to 60 refresh rate which of course my monitor can handle and resolution is same as my desktop, any ideas why i cant go fullscreen?
  2. Not Supported, Help

    Hey Kegan thanks for quick reply, And nope clearing cache didnt work. Im gonna uninstall wurm and java and reinstall while looking for other fixes. any other ideas maybe?
  3. Not Supported, Help

    Hey guys sorry if this has been talked about before or not,but my search only came up with 1 post and it wasnt solved. When i click play the game launch's and then it goes to "Not Supported" screen til i alt tab and close wurm through task manager.( I have tried different resolutions) When i alt tab to desktop i can hover over wurm icon and it pops up mini windows and i can see the game working just cant open the icon or goes back to not supported I recently changed mobo's and gpu but i installed all current drivers for both, Im hearing a opengl problem or somthing from others, so any idea's? Im gonna keep searching for fixes but i figured id get this out in meantime.Sorry if it's a old subject, thanks Rerolled - Celebration
  4. Wts Dirt & Bricks & Mortar

    tokeri, make it 2k bricks, seya tomorrow! xD
  5. Wts Dirt & Bricks & Mortar

    1k bricks pls, Celebration X 31-32 , Y 18 -17 in game namke rerolled
  6. Looking For Work

    Sorry, corrected name
  7. Looking For Work

    As the title says, Looking for any jobs possible. Have help with me, So would be 2 ppl on the job(done twice as fast!). PM - Rerolled or Dries
  8. Hey, Celebration! :)

    welcome to celeb
  9. Celebration Map

    x32 y19 Dxm Land (Right above the e in Garland Castle< )