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  1. Wts Silver

    Just checked and got 16 silver available. the rest i need to keep ahold of. for now at least. If someone makes me a deal tonight, I'll sell all 16 silver for $12.5 or 9.5 euro. thanks
  2. Caught A Troll

    Classic Troll hahaha, Funny Pic xD
  3. Wtb Silver

    15s for sale. 10euro/15 dollar.
  4. Buying 20S

    I'll sell you 15 silver for 15 dollar. if you wait till later, I can sell you 19.5
  5. Wts Silver

    Selling Silver 0.7e per 1s tell me how much you want.
  6. Wtb Corbita

    I can collect. and I'll accept the lowest price.
  7. I could do this. How much are you willing to pay? I am on chaos though, Can i travel to you?
  8. what's the maximum amount of bricks you need. is 30k to many?
  9. Wts Corbita

    I might be interested, But I am on chaos, Don;t want to travel all the way if it is already gone by the time I arrive.
  10. So I have almost 2000 very High Quality corn. It's more like 1900, but ill throw in 400 QL55 Potatoes for free. If you are interested, you can make an offer, I'll accept highest price and will deliver for free if you are on chaos.
  11. you can make me 7500 bricks for 10 silver. come to chaos. Pannonia
  12. Wtb Corbita

    Basically, I want to buy a Corbita on chaos, anyone selling, Give me an offer?
  13. I think that either the server has crashed or the server is down.. either way, it seems as if we can do nothing but wait for it to come back online. It seems that this has happened to a lot of people before
  14. Hmm, I have been Searching on Google for this problem, and it seems it is probably server related. Chaos server has probably crashed or something. I'm still not sure though, I was worried my account had been banned
  15. When i log in, the loading bar gets about half way, and stays there for ages. I left it for a good while, and I get a message appear saying. Network Error: An Existing Connection was Forcibly closed by the remote Host. What the heck does this mean? any help is really appreciated thanks,
  16. Okay 1k clay for 1s. I'll go with that then thanks.
  17. Basically, I am selling Unlimited clay, I heard the going price is 500 clay for 1 silver, But I am willing to negotiate on prices. Just Send me a PM, I will deliver for free if it isn't too far.
  18. When I try to buy silver, it asks for my Player name, and my password, I type in both, and it keeps saying Error, The password does not match. When i try to reset my password, (even though i type it in correctly) it asks for a captcha phrase, It says "binary code" but wtf is the answer to that?
  19. Server Down?

    Im playing in Chaos when you posted this topic, also still playing. No server problems at all
  20. iHaha i would, but i am too weak to kill anyone, I need body control affinity to level up faster, Do you know what kind of price people ask for them?
  21. So If I wanted to buy a Body Control Affinity, What kind of price would I be looking to pay for it? I was wondering how I might go about this. Thanks In advance, Clungle.
  22. When you guys come up to Wild, Your both welcome to join our village. (If you join Mol Rehan)