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  1. Exodus Deed Map New Halas
  2. In Celeb at Promise Land Hideout pm penntell sell price 2s. 50c for delivery on celeb
  3. willing to just about any kind of work to make the 6s for a referral willing to travel a bit seeing as how i live on indie, pm me in forums or if in indie pm me there
  4. hello have you already had this job finished? if not pm me on forums seeing as how im on indie but will be willing to travel willing to mine the tiles for ya
  5. man i will take the dredge if still have it
  6. so how should i do it by distance? what formual should i use? thanks
  7. ==Grand Opening== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a lift or need some stuff moved? PM Penntell ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices as followed- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Indy: Sailboat:25c Corbita:40c *Deli: Sailboat:45c Corbita:60c *Exo: Sailboat:70c Corbita:1s 10c extra for going through any canal's *= one way fare -------------------------------------------------- So Contact Penntell in game today for all your Transport and Ferry Needs
  8. WTS Work

    Looking for work doing anything that takes advantage of my skills Mining: 33.650883 Masonry: 41.960907 Fishing: 22.965538 Fine carpentry: 15.737846 Stone cutting: 35.70245 contact penntell in game
  9. i got a male wild horse need to trade for a female horse message me in game
  10. need a row boat but only have 1.22s on after 8pm pst. thanks
  11. Sleepmonger

    np bro you take it easy