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  1. Big fat +1
  2. Maybe, but in this case it most defo will be abused^^
  3. Nonsense. As a noob, you can only make money doing mindless grinding. Same for reasonably experienced players. Asking for more and less boring possibilities has nothing at all to do with entitlement whatsoever.
  4. comic relief

    "All is fair in love and war"
  5. No, never. Keep your senseless vandalism to yourselves.
  6. +1 more choice, more eye candy.
  7. +1 you are right IMO. Night is way too bright. Which takes away all of the fear and risk from being in the wild at night. An immersion downer.
  8. +1, but: leading has the issue that animals tend to unlead themselves by getting stuck on objects. Please combine this with the 'you stop leading XYZ' message appearing in big green letters in the GUI, not only as a routine message.
  9. Ooh, nice. How about a Basket boat? Love for reeds!
  10. +1 makes the UI better, has no negative implications
  11. I seem to remember I could rename my tent, but only when I was carrying it, so not in built up state.
  12. +1
  13. Grape bushes are horrible to look at and grow like a particularly virulant weed. I can see why one would prefer trellis.