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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand I'll just be over here hiding under the dining table.
  2. Want to buy referral 6s ☺
  3. WTB referal Independence wanting to pay 6s. PM me Jaindoe or message here =)
  4. bump - can deliver to some places just ask me =)
  5. Guys, it was a naming contest. You submit your name, then the judges look through them and pick one they like. All I see is people complaining they didn't win pretty much. Which is kinda sad, and a bit rude too.
  6. Want to sell : 1k dirt ~ 1s cloth barding 50ql ~ 50c leather barding 50ql ~ 60c sleep powder ~ 1.5s I also have some white-dotted flowers if anyone is interested. Pick up from 35x 31y on Independence. PM Jaindoe or send me a message here.
  7. wtb referal 6s

    Please close.
  8. Thank you everyone, I think it's a great name. And gratz to Dair for coming second
  9. I think this is a great idea! I have no idea how it would work though. +1