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  1. WTB Toon

    Looking for buy a toons with decent mining and blacksmiths +-30euros With paypal
  2. Bump Nice group of people and always willing to help come and join the fun (Domboer)
  3. Hi I am alaukzam in game name (domboer) i am a returning player and will like any work if possible Thanks
  4. 2month i just wanted a PC not sell yet
  5. Hi will like to know what my account is worth
  6. My New deed1666,-3794 Steel Valley first cords Was wrong thank
  7. hmm thanks you guys will look into it
  8. Hi All Need some imput what do you think
  9. My New deed 166,-3794 Steel Valley
  10. Wurm Museum

    Sounds like a amazing plan and i will be willing to join the team to help make this happen
  11. Hi i travel from xan to deli and forgot to logout my boat will be somewhere on east side of the island or ocean willing to pay 1S if you can fine the boat"Domboer" 1S if you can find my body aswell Thanks Dom
  12. WTS Time

    Hi all i will like to trade my time for some S i can my bulk stuff like brick,mortar,plank only thing you need to bring the stuff to P25 Thank you
  13. Hi Please add Topia 7544,-5760