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  1. Deer

    who cares about deer then, unicorns are a more urgent issue than deers, who misses those godly champion unicorns. The best times were when champs had large (or tiny) models, seeing a champ unicorn or troll in the distance meant good huntin. The last time I saw a wild champ unicorn must be 4-5 years ago.
  2. Deer

    did they ever fix the unicorn spawns
  3. It's not really useless as it does exactly the SAME THING as it did before the cooking update. It's just doesn't do anything beneficial for the new food attributes. The reason it depletes it is to prevent people abusing it by maxing the attributes and then relying on refresh to keep nutrition topped up as well as everything else. When it was first announced, refresh was going to be nerfed to 50%? nutrition but we all complained it made Love path worthless so they changed it. That may have had a knock on affect on how the new food attributes were also affected. (eg. prior to us complaining, refresh could have reset nutrition to 50% but increased the food attributes to 25% for example). Instead we kept our 5% skill bonus, but miss out on the other food bonuses. I guess refresh killing all the new food attributes to 0 is a bit severe, if you have just put in the work to raise them to begin with, but I guess 'instant 5% skill bonus' is quite a nice freebie at level 4 meditation. The only thing I hated with the nutrition system is once you got to 100% food, it was difficult to raise nutrition anymore because you didn't want to eat any more, even if your 99ql hot meal still offered an extra 15% nutrition. I can't remember if it allowed you to continue raising it by constantly eating the meal after you were full but this would waste a lot of meal for no reason. I haven't played in a while so playing this all off memory.
  4. Only disappointing thing I saw about this was the fact you had accounts, but moderators waited until you had repurchased your main before banning you. Maybe I haven't been all up to date on that particular issue but if you had other accounts they could have banned when you were 'inactive' then they should have acted upon it... like any other player.. especially when they said it was long overdue..
  5. I have 2 months prem / 1g and have the following I think the options were discussed a few years ago and you get more options the longer you've played as premium? I think this was a feature put in to stop the Company being at huge risks from reverse claiming?
  6. Does 'cure light', 'medium' 'serious' still require you to find the individual wound to cast? It's probably the most annoying thing to do in a pressured situation in pvp, and if you misclick the first time you have to do menu navigate again. The specific wound healing spells really need a quality of life change.. (again, if it hasn't been looked yet)
  7. Shield skilling with the method of casual hunting is pathetic. I have made a post in the past as I ground a few alts with different ql shields up to 70 fight skill and they barely ever make it to 5 shield skill (infact one did, and that's because I had to put effort in). There's a serious shield skill balance that is required. It's annoying to have to sit in a pen and grind on animals for hours to get moderately good shield skill, and since this is the best method, it sucks there are limits to exp per animal as the dev team tries to push you to hunt animals instead, but the skillgain for hunting animals sucks at low skill. It gets a little better when you have some skill but still terrible. note: my grind sessions were over a year ago, and I don't believe I've seen much changed in regards to fighting and shields since then.
  8. Ive not monitored it but heard epic player base tends to be less than 20 people. Is keeping the PvP player base split worth the development time and money?? What sort of numbers does epic need to have to be sustainable vs cost of running and dev time? Is it possible at the current state? Would it be better to implement the remaining epic features on chaos excluding silly map destruction events.
  9. I think I hit 8 years just before July. Would love to show legacy pictures but I lost everything post pre independence I think
  10. Damage reduction is a cool feature to add into a game but SoTG (50%!) was a stupid feature that had no balance, you can look into any game to find how small damage reduction bonuses are, or if they are higher than 20% you have a massive side effect or limitation. Same goes for damage bonuses. Rolf suggested SoTG would have certain wounds not affected by it. The healing side of this could be interpreted in two ways. <Wurzel> i did think the damage i was taking from falling and drowning seemed less than before but it is hard to tell <Rof> alright well it should be by half in most cases already <Rof> made some small changes that affected healing though <Rof> that made it heal half as fast as well <Rof> in some cases This was a discussion Wurzel had with Rolf the moment he got SoTG. 1. SoTG wasn't coded correctly where wounds were healing half as fast, which he made some small changes to. 2. SoTG has been coded so wounds heal half as fast. I still consider 30% damage reduction (60% additional HP) too OP, but I think to balance damage output with all the bonuses in the game (true strike, mag damage bonus, etc) which can all be bundled onto one player, SoTG has to exist. A full overhaul to special bonuses needs to be looked into. The core armour changes have been completed, I didn't pay much attention to how high damage weapons are into the armor changes mind you, if base weapons are balanced then just bonuses to go.
  11. These topics are why I try and avoid unique hunts now lol it causes so much upset and stress. I've found the best way of dealing with these things are to know the mechanics and do everything yourself go secure the unique, organise it yourself and make the rules yourself. You don't tell anybody you found it until you secure it. That way it can't be 'stolen'. Reading the op it seem there's some miscommunication on 'you get an item's as the wurm community over several hunts has deemed tomes 3 items. The other issue I see is losing control of the unique. The game rules have always said it's your own responsibility to secure your goods which is why these 'deed it or lose it' comments have came in. While generally the wurm community is good, when it comes to uniques you ignore the community help until you have it (this is what I've learned from these dramas over the years). While I don't agree from a community aspect a friend or a friend of a friend coming over and deeding a unique you found and then taking charge of the whole event (yeah bit of an ###### thing to do) but from a ruleset point you allowed it to happen and youre the only ones responsible for it. These topics are always a lessons learned. Find it, then do it all yourself. Once you have the game rules behind you (secured on your deed) then ask for help at least then you're calling the shots. Note: I am a member of JK I don't agree entirely on what happened but as someone else who has been stung by the rules you just have to accept responsibility for where it went wrong and change that next time. As for Niki's comment above being a trap to go to chaos, I know myself it wouldn't be. I also don't agree you should go to the server for the charge. Since 1 charge was to go to the OP it's easier to manage by using two charges first and providing the last bit to the OP. Im not sure if tomes are mailable but the least they can do is deliver the charge to you.. but I think the op has turned down any item now?
  12. it was a reward from GM/Dev for reporting bugs (probably a high impact bug)
  13. i like the arc system as it allows the skill to be more 'player skill' rather than 'ingame skill'. The problem is it means the ingame skill is a bit more useless, especially since damage is capped at 20. I've always been for better messages when catapulting, the oddity's of catapulting I think is likely due to not 100% working out the mechanics, but I don't think the devs know exactly how to make effective use of catapulting to explain it to the players either. I do think it's possible to master it depending on placement + winches + elevation vs target elevation.
  14. I agree gate hopping sucks but lets not forget defending isn't supposed to be high risk when you're already at the deed. Defenders are supposed to have the advantage of security (gate hops), no matter how boring it is. The only time defenders should be at risk is if they commit to an over extended aggressive push against the attackers, and that's when *they* choose to leave the safety of their gate hops. Could probably create some abilities to give attackers some chase potential. Such as a spell that allows you to charge through 1-2 house doors if there's an enemy that's been in combat in the past 10-15 seconds within 2-3 tiles and doesn't shut for ~60 seconds. (can tweak it as much as you want, add in restrictions so it can't be cast by 10 people to chase all over the deed or affect the same deed within a 60 second period). Game lacks utility pvp spells, lolyey frantic charge.
  15. unlawful allows you to use the stealing command, but i'm guessing is horribly broken with new permissions
  16. Not being able to bash out of a mine is hell stupid, the freedom aspect of it is even more annoying. I've fell into walled off mines due to lag before and saved myself a GM call by bashing myself out. I feel bashing walls from inside the mine is fine, I think if an attacker wants to prevent a defender from getting out, they should ATLEAST be building a 3x3 fence ring. I think to balance this, actions started OUTSIDE a mine can not be continued if they STEP INTO a mine, to stop the exploit of flattening ramps and running back to a mine with the timer still running, or building walls 3 tiles outside of a mine and running back in with the timer still on, etc. It means if a defender wants to get out, they have to be out in the open willing to commit to bashing.
  17. These tools are really good, we use one in JK on Chaos to house all our information on deed, towers, resources etc. Everyone can add their bits to it, it's not exactly live but hitting the refresh button updates everything. Simply right click the map and it gives you options to add deeds, towers, resources, etc. There's extra tools in there (for pvp purposes) like a locate soul finder. It also has the ability to give you an estimated travel time from A to B if you input your speed. Our one is great as it's limited, it make it a bit harder for public one as can easily be vandalised but as long as there's a log of each action that can be revoked and map moderators it'll be fine
  18. PoL ability is a bit op. This was prob one of the main reasons I never swapped to path of insanity, so maybe I make the switch now as fill pretty much gives me almost the same as refresh now, I just don't get an aesthetically pleasing green bar. The double healing from Love is probably not worth keeping due to the fact it heals the smallest wound first (thus is 100% negated in pvp vs frostbrand/flaming aura or AoSP armours) As others have said, probably didn't need to nerf it when using the new cooking system can grant you 10x the additional exp bonus, so there's already pretty good incentives..
  19. I made this suggestion several years ago as it was stupid then and stupid now. Karma teleporting wasn't all that bad when Karma was actually difficult to get hold of (missions) but source fountain harvesting ruined the whole Karma mechanic, it's now another pay2win feature. Regardless of this, you still have meditation ability to recall home. I have always been for 24 hour delay after joining a village after before teleporting will work. One of the perks for removing the feature encourages better kingdom game play by forcing you to consider infrastructure before you try and take land. It means you'll less likely hold land you can not hold (this is called balance) because of this it leaves openings for new kingdoms to try and fit into these gaps. When it comes to defending it you have two options - get onto deed using your back door, or take the enemy in an open skirmish, the latter means you also have to consider this when building the deed to ensure you have protection around the outskirts of the deed so you can fight in open skirmishes. Removing the ability makes farwalker twigs/stones the next go-to thing, but it's sort of balanced due to how expensive gets as you can only set a twig to 1 deed. It's a P2W feature but quite a heavy one if you want to teleport large people in for an outpost when the group can leave. Do you commit 20s worth of twigs to defend your 5s deed ? are the resources worth it?
  20. I'm not sure why he said IP for, all I was told was Trenith owned the account Rara, the last person to sell Rara was tintin and then theres some posts on the forums (from Rudie) who suggests tintin = ruger but I had pm logs between ruger and someone else to confirm the tintin forum account IS Ruger. Ruger has confirmed this with responses in this thread.
  21. Never had an issue with Ruger when he was on a pvp server, which is why I was surprised initially. You keep saying my only argument is my friend wouldn't do this, you should probably reread my posts. I agree I don't have 100% evidence he took all of my stuff, but you must be an absolute fool to ignore everything pointing at him His general background if dodgy as heck, more people know him as dodgy. When I mentioned his name to a GM who is no longer playing (and didn't know what had happened to me) the first thing that was told was he is known for buying accounts with the intention of still being on the permissions to deeds and taking items. The guy keeps back trailing on what happened with the account. Says in his forum post it was sold, tells Propheteer he doesn't own the account and he was no longer playing anymore so has no reason to take items. Tells a GM he hasn't sold the account, as well as another of his friends. Tells a GM he started playing again and took items to help him on his way (wasn't confirmed which, but we don't have any 'basic' items lying around unless we're grinding something, so suggests were all the valuables). The items went missing in a period of time where only 2 people who have access to my house had logged in. 1. A known thief 2. The father of the person who bought Rara. I don't need to go into detail why it wasn't this person, but simply he was stolen from as well, from valuables in our trader house & account being claimed back. & I guess the salty response provided after I explained a GM had confirmed details such as him taking items and lack of response after. Just because you've had pleasant dealings with the individual doesn't mean he's not shady af. As with the multiple posts from other people about their experiences, a lot of them also don't have 100% proof, unfortunately you can't predict shady things going on in a mostly respectable community in Wurm. If a GM wants to 100% confirm it was this person who took all my stuff I can give you info to find some of my specific items in the db.
  22. This is why the whole combat system needs a complete overhaul from the basics, so devs know how much damage stacking does to those with low body stats and moderate non-drake armor / non DR bonuses. You see players taking 50+ damage wounds in chain (or plate) from certain weapons due to stacking bonuses (damage bonuses/crit manipulation) it's ridiculous. It forces any PvPer down specific skill trees to avoid the chance of a one shot. The damage stacking is easier to do, than it is to protect yourself. You can get damage stack bonuses from more areas than it is for damage reduction, where it's only available in Champion hood (which comes with total amount limit / a timer/3 lives/6 month cooldown), 1 meditation path ability tree, or 'end game' items such as tomes. I guess you could probably add armor spells that adds extra damage reduction to armour as balance (in place of AoSP / WA) but we still have the issue where it's possible to stack both damage reduction and damage bonuses at the same time. If you're not doing this, you're losing, if you're winning, it's because of numbers advantage.
  23. Not sure why you're demanding them to be removed? If anything, the only thing that needs to happen is the gfx changing back to Abralon, in which case still retains the unique item value. The bug is simply one kingdom overwriting another. I am under the understanding kingdom gfx stay ingame even when they disband ?
  24. I managed to contact someone at my deed and the alt account seemed to be a friend of his, so I take back my statement in regards to that, more so a theory to save you time but looks as if you did a return trip on Rara instead. I think you're ignorant to assume my words with GM's were of Duce's. As I was not playing, I wasn't going to log in to submit a report and wait around, I simply asked Duce whether the issue would even be considered looking into considering the circumstances around the rules. All that man did in this instance was forward me to the relevant GM. My other discussion around you was with a non-kingdom GM who's not even playing anymore so I don't see why you're crying foul play here. Everything, as far as I'm aware was by the book. Nice try spinning this into a different direction though.
  25. Okay so simply put, the only people with access to my house are very close friends of mine, one which you had managed to claim the account back off, the others are his family members, and a close friend of mine who has been inactive for 3 years. Out of all the accounts that had access to my house, only my friends father has been logged in other than Rara. A person I've known for 8 years, has no interest in the money side of the game or value. So out of two accounts that could get access, it leaves only Rara, you mentioned I had no proof, but you told the GM investigating you did in fact take things, your claims to say otherwise now are contradicting. Soon after you obtained my items, you put up a WTS scale set, which is likely one of mine. I've since heard you've had an account banned for macroing with another scale set on, and there's probably one sitting on Rara. The account that was added was within the last week or so, and likely an attempt at making a scapegoat. You keep spewing this 'u got no proof' nonsense, where you just hide behind the technicalities of the rules to avoid being punished which I admit, fair game, well played. This topic isn't really to get my items back (although it would be nice) it's to point out you're an actual ###### head and question why you've not been permanently removed from the game. The thing that annoys me is that when I mentioned 'Trenith' to a friend GM who I hadn't mentioned my issue to, they immediately knew the background history of 'buying characters in hopes to get access to peoples deeds, and running off with their stuff'. I've since had a GM confirm Trenith is actually TinTin which we know is you. Another thing that bothers me.. While I appreciate the efforts of those who looked into the matter for me, I feel there's a lot of evidence to suggest this individual did infact sell the account, the logs below show Ruger selling the account (earlier in this thread he claims he never sold it) The quote underneath suggests Tronn has access to this. Tronn's only account to improve to 90 he's had was Rara, there's further posts he makes which relate to Rara's skill sets. The only thing you could say is that you never sold it to Tronn, unfortunately I don't have access to Tronns forum account to actually see the messages, or whether Forum Mod's can actually check the messages. I don't need to see you take everything when all the points connect to each other, with the fact you make contradicting statements and a history of changing forum accounts when you are associated with theft. I figured my permissions were fine, but due to another individuals fault I was also at a loss. I know the rules and I accept them which is why I never made my own post weeks ago. While I believe there's evidence to possibly get the account back a GM has said further investigation needs to come from my buddy so i'm at a loss there also. Hopefully this thread is enough for the GM's to look into this individual and see whether he's a worthy asset to the community. I'm glad to hear of other peoples stories.