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  1. This one sucks but maybe you can crop it :/ Unicorn :/ Close up of a different unicorn. There was a unicorn lair.
  2. It's not the actual words of the suggestion that would ruin it... It's if it was made reality...
  3. I'm not telling him that it is somehow not up to him. I'm just telling Bix that if he doesn't want the sleep bonus then don't use it but don't ruin it for other people too.
  4. Actually the sleep bonus is what they are doing. Like I said, don't want it, don't use it. Just don't take it away from other players too.
  5. Edited it because some people are getting the wrong messages. If you don't like the fact you're getting SB from crashes, then the solution is simple, don't use it. Just don't ruin it for other players too because some people do want it.
  6. +1 I'll be awesome. It can't be that hard can it? Every other game I know you sheath your weapon.
  7. ....well don't make then THAT over powered.
  8. +1 I need something to do with my fur. Would also look good.
  9. In order to have a castle you would need a castle door........
  10. I didn't need to know this. Unless you're the victim or you know the victim then mind your own business and this belongs somewhere else.
  11. Wait how are they a cheat? And btw stealing is not "legal". Reread the game rules. In freedom you can't steal or picklock anything that's not yours. If you're talking about stealing from random piles of items, you should really get a house or atleast a chest. How is someone supposed to know whether you are still using those items or if you've thrown them away? If you're talking about stealing on PvP, then you should really just move to PvE.
  12. Removed? Some people want money from traders. That's how I got the little amount of money I have now. And if ppl want to trade camp let them.
  13. +1 I would definitely like my house prettier.
  14. +1. But I think all animals should be able to carry stuff not just horses. I would bring animals every just for a pack mule
  15. +1 to death from starvation. But I would still like to be able to plant in the winter, or be only mildly affected by winter.