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  1. 50% dmg reduction is like having 200hp, you take twice the hits. Probably more with a healing stick in your hand. Lower it to 20-25% and it will still be good but not that OP. It's almost the same as a champ for god's sake, and they're limited to 3 per kingdom. Now it's like everyone is running around with 20 players similar champ reduction in their kingdoms. I've had it as well on one of my accounts and when I could run into 4 enemies (fairly weaker, but still) without getting a scratch until my backup arrived, something needs a change. Not sure why this has not been adressed yet after all the complaints and suggestions to balance it.
  2. Thanks for the warning, but I have only friends in my kingdom. Shululu!
  3. 99HFC, add that soul depth!
  4. Would be cool if you could enchant a gem and transfer it to a item, lol.
  5. I have a friend who wants 1k rock shards mined if you are up for it, he is paying 1s. SW Independence
  6. I had problems with refresh that resulted in crash the other day, and I noticed that every time I did the could not be reached. Unstable client sorted it for me. Might be something related, just putting it out there.
  7. -1 Split up the pvp population even more does not solve anything. I'd like to see the epic cluster removed as it's in a dying state anyway, accounts there transfered to freedom cluster with a proper skill convertion and a map reset of Chaos where we can form new kingdoms with the new influx of players and go crazy. But I know there's no way in hell that will happen as many won't agree to it, lol.
  8. I live on Independece with my two of my IRL friends Knightirl and Guruen (swedes). Knightirl is also rather new and we help eachother out for a good wurm experience. No slavery here, wurm is supposed to be fun! PM me if you would like to join
  9. Would be cool if the tabard stays the way it was created to represent the kingdoms of chaos on freedom, just like wagons/banners etc.
  10. I can help you if you have a nahjo altar close by
  11. I'd auction the bag of keeping if I were you.
  12. Devs, give this suggestion some love!
  13. Would be cool to see these added to the game, adds some variety. These horses are strong and used in forestry. I was thinking they could be a slower than the horses we have right now when riding them, but drag carts/wagons a bit faster.
  14. As title says, hit me up.
  15. Trustworthy, sell him your accounts yo