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  1. Path of Insanity with ability to switch path. ----- Skills: 0.0 Religion: 17.780775 Prayer: 13.982266 Channeling: 36.487953 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 3.7631476 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 22.297916 First aid: 40.454613 Clubs: 1.1016034 Huge club: 2.5702677 Archery: 73.36922 Short bow: 32.11209 Medium bow: 6.979964 Long bow: 71.37306 Thievery: 15.602595 Stealing: 2.122746 Lock picking: 22.27134 Traps: 1.0 War machines: 15.317857 Catapults: 6.759391 Trebuchets: 29.797247 Turrets: 1.0 Ballistae: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 40.892014 Coal-making: 33.911846 Milling: 26.041073 Tracking: 9.849687 Paving: 32.682575 Climbing: 21.195229 Thatching: 1.0 Firemaking: 25.065489 Pottery: 4.009938 Mining: 90.299095 Digging: 92.03336 Ropemaking: 22.32873 Smithing: 57.421566 Blacksmithing: 86.5094 Locksmithing: 24.346104 Jewelry smithing: 13.240591 Metallurgy: 37.48075 Weapon smithing: 22.987589 Blades smithing: 14.415334 Weapon heads smithing: 29.347456 Armour smithing: 37.758198 Shield smithing: 72.1984 Chain armour smithing: 23.073929 Plate armour smithing: 85.64685 Tailoring: 22.018135 Cloth tailoring: 19.49671 Leatherworking: 71.39713 Masonry: 75.397484 Stone cutting: 51.01248 Cooking: 66.5077 Hot food cooking: 95.360664 Baking: 15.671817 Dairy food making: 1.211084 Butchering: 27.761675 Beverages: 1.099 Nature: 58.842968 Fishing: 21.872198 Gardening: 31.904789 Foraging: 12.4370365 Botanizing: 10.015732 Animal taming: 60.24607 Forestry: 15.100955 Farming: 90.42557 Milking: 2.2568605 Meditating: 70.05963 Animal husbandry: 45.05151 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Toys: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.0 Fighting: 90.010445 Defensive fighting: 57.684727 Normal fighting: 85.639305 Weaponless fighting: 22.278593 Aggressive fighting: 72.66044 Shield bashing: 44.19781 * Taunting: 1.6563717 Miscellaneous items: 82.16882 Shovel: 78.80362 Rake: 77.88328 Saw: 21.9047 Pickaxe: 92.44277 Repairing: 51.71963 Sickle: 81.534195 Scythe: 13.093617 Hammer: 72.79375 Stone chisel: 43.247658 Alchemy: 8.214904 Natural substances: 18.670578 Shields: 74.73897 Medium metal shield: 12.238845 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 24.528337 Medium wooden shield: 92.522 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 59.95404 Hatchet: 61.25708 Small Axe: 1.3795888 Large axe: 49.042538 Huge axe: 74.23662 Swords: 39.324482 Longsword: 90.225204 Shortsword: 1.494228 Two handed sword: 9.414318 Knives: 33.889915 Carving knife: 60.2768 Butchering knife: 34.12674 Woodcutting: 73.80637 Mauls: 40.01258 Medium maul: 83.95482 Small maul: 23.270388 Large maul: 71.4987 Carpentry: 86.590866 Bowyery: 70.14515 * Fletching: 70.86839 Fine carpentry: 30.1827 Toy making: 70.14569 Ship building: 26.484657 Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 49.343094 Mind logic: 52.9625 Mind speed: 34.23885 Soul: 38.851433 Soul depth: 37.255314 Soul strength: 38.83032 Body: 54.751072 Body strength: 49.3779 Body stamina: 39.582798 Body control: 41.97899 Religion: 0.0 Faith: 24.74963 Favor: 24.74963 Alignment: 93.93163
  2. I can send them if you want them
  3. Standard for a decent priest
  4. Rare ropetool, Oakenwood. Woa 90, Coc 76. 6 silver
  5. My thoughts exactly! Gotta stand up like Loren. ;D
  6. Want to sell it as a batch, paypal verified. Buyer pays fee.
  7. Buy it, wear that sexy leather!
  8. It's body control, not strength. Tamed animals does not require ropes.
  9. [17:05:10] Web Armour has been cast on it, so it may slow down creatures hitting the wearer. [81]
  10. CLOSED Rare Whetstone Starting price: 6s Min increment: 50c Buyout: 10s No hidden reserve!
  11. Like topic says! It would be nice if priests could repair walls. They can repair tools and other items already. Can they please be allowed to repair walls or fences too? Not improve, just repair the damage. Thoughts?
  12. I've been hunting all week and seems like they attack my horse more often than normal. Could be just a coincidence.
  13. Sharkin and my buddy Guruen, if not too late. Much confuse! ''In order to be eligible for loot you must be signed up in this thread at least half an hour before the fight.'' ''Sign up must be done prior to 4 hours before the fight to be eligible for the loot rolls. ''
  14. Medium maul - 91ql 75N 73LT 86C 86MS - 6.53s Cod to Sharkin, please.
  15. As title says! 40ql rare rope tool, oak. No enchants - 5s. 81ql rare needle, iron. No enchants - 2.5s PM me ingame (Sharkin) for quick deal, 3 minute mailbox.
  16. One problem I see with this is that you can use it to check if someone is online. If no cooldown and no hit, the player is offline right? Need some clarification! However, it would work just fine if the cooldown is not announced I guess.
  17. Just lower Sotg to about 25% reduction instead of trying to make a new feature out of it.
  18. I'm leaning towards -1 and I'll explain why. When Wild/Chaos was connected to the freedom cluster, it also fell under the freedom code. Everyone was the same kingdom, Freedom Isles. Which ment there were only alliances and pvp. No raiding, tower capping or land conquest. No deeds could be removed expect for lockpicking and drain token, which wasn't really an option since you'd have to go through many doors/gates that would lock behind you eventually preventing escape. No destruction of a deed was allowed, you could just wall the token in as well. When we pushed for Chaos to be full PVP again and remove the freedom code, we all asked for PMK's. Rolf gave us what we asked for so we could raid, cap towers and go back to the old Wild playstyle. Freedom Isles stayed since we are connected to that cluster. Landing, Gold Coast, Hunter's Lodge and The Shroud were spawn points. This was good in my opinion, new players could start on Chaos and also respawn upon death. We all wanted the server to grow. The default MR and JK were are not supposed to be on Chaos but is somehow still in the code. I was down in the south end of Chaos at the time together with the old blacklighter Madboy and his sons and we wanted to start a Hots alliance as there was none. Madboy had talked to Rolf about bringing back the Blacklight since it has been removed and we had only Whitelight and it's priests. When Rolf added the Blacklight again he also added the default Hots kingdom and made The Shroud it's spawn point. To me it's not a problem that default Hots is still around, it gives new players an opportunity to go straight into worshiping Libila if there are no blacklight PMK's around. Same as they can go into any whitelight religion starting as Freedom Isles. Removing Emperor and it's bonuses would probably just make it less attractive and since Hots is a minority I'd like it to stay the way it is. The disadvantages a default kingdom has is that Emperor can be contested by other players and you can't chose who to have in your kingdom. That's what a creating a PMK offers, which is a much better deal in my opinion.
  19. What do you think happens if you buff Hate, when you can already 2-3 hit players without Sotg as it is now? ^^ It's not friendly to new players or people without Sotg, just as Sotg isn't by any means friendly now for those without. I wish there would be a code split so freedom can have their 50% buff, but less % on pvp servers.