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  1. We didn’t know eachother well, but he was one of those players who seemed very good at heart and helped me out in my early days on Chaos. It’s a very sad read. It’s heavy when someone leaves us and unfortunately many close friends in wurm have done so over the years... as a small comfort, we will always have our stories to remember them by. Rest in peace, my condolences to his family.
  2. How long will /transfer be avaliable?
  3. I'll take it off your hands for 30e, you are free to buy it back for the same price if your situation gets better. PM me with paypal info.
  4. So far, so good! Come join us!
  5. Hi Gazmo. It appears I am a villain, but unintentionally. I placed the deed a couple of days ago. I have not paid attention to any signs or the minedoor, I figured it had been there all along since it was an old deed site. I bashed into it today so see if there was any good veins, but first I made sure that I was not breaking any rules. Logging started 2018-09-29 [15:53:48] <Sharkin> Is it allowed to bash minedoors on freedom? [15:53:58] <Sharkin> It is off deed and no house/fence attached to it [15:54:45] <Sharkin> It's on the edge of a old deed site where I have decided to settle down [15:56:09] <Joelle> Yes [15:56:16] <Sharkin> okey ty I appreciate that you have been playing nice, but you should probably just have contacted me in person because I had no idea I was ''screwing people over''. In wurm, if you want something you should but a deed on it. But I have no problems with giving access to the mine and veins.
  6. Hope not, should never been added on freedom in the first place, imo! >.< Long live the true gods! :D
  7. The bag was a gift from Santa-Claus on Christmas 2005. A bag of keeping is a small container that can contain a few objects of small volume. Items stored within the bag will remain with the player when they respawn from death, instead of being dropped into the corpse. Link: 99QL, 2.40 DMG [17:00:54] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Berris'. Starting Bid: 80s Minimum Increment: 2s Reserve: NONE Buyout: 120s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout Accepted! CLOSED!
  8. SOLD

    Glad to see it's still in the game, haven't seen it since I sold it. Good account for someone looking to have some fun on Chaos.
  9. If the chain is broken between deeds already chained, would that increase upkeep as well? I'd rather not have a cap, would be like boat chase. It never ends! But I'm all for disabling mounting of HH and unicorn.
  10. Drakeset 70s or hide at 0.25c/0.01kg. Any color, ql or enchants.
  11. Found this old video of me performing a little stunt back 2013. Has anyone else tried it? haha
  12. [16:37:34] This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) 140s/euro, paypal verified
  13. I've killed many this week in the mines on pristine, go look and you'll probably find some... corpses. ?
  14. Plant grass on the dirtwall, drop sand on top. Make sure the sand covers a few tiles, so your flattening action won't be in connection to any dirt. Flatten the sand tile above the grass dirtwall. See if that brings you any luck, worked for me in the past. Sometimes the grass will convert to sand, sometimes dirt. Haven't really tested it alot to figure it out. Edit: Ops, this thread was old! 1+
  15. Yes try changing again, maybe you copied a space or something at the end. Good luck!
  16. I've never had any problems with Necroe and I have always considered him a friend. But when this thread came to surface I realized, maybe I've just been a pawn in his game. He told me some of Dagobert's stuff had gone missing, and turned suspicions towards Xallo or Alyeska. I don't know if this happened at the same time as the summerhat. So he might not be lying here, the investigation will tell. Logging started 2017-10-23 [20:05:42] <Necroedarkslayer> I noticed some of dagos ###### was gone a while back but at the time i couldnt get ahold of dago though then so wasnt sure [20:06:05] <Necroedarkslayer> But from the looks someone took off with dagos two small magic chests and his moon metal stash [20:06:31] <Sharkin> aww [20:06:32] <Necroedarkslayer> Xallo and aly to my knowledge were the only two with access that i know of [20:06:56] <Necroedarkslayer> May have been another person or two that i didnt know of but im pretty sure it was only them As mentioned in this thread, Necroe is accused of bashing houses in Kyara to steal items. In this conversation he called me to a meeting with some other people in discord, blaming Kingen for these actions. He never mentions Kingen in these logs but that's what happened. Logging started 2017-11-10 [14:46:54] <Necroedarkslayer> Sharkin [14:47:08] <Necroedarkslayer> You possibly available to talk by chance? [14:47:16] <Sharkin> yeah [14:47:24] <Necroedarkslayer> on some voice chat preferably? [14:47:30] <Sharkin> yeah sure [14:47:38] <Necroedarkslayer> JK teamspeak? [14:47:39] <Sharkin> what's JKs discord link? [14:47:46] <Sharkin> don't have teamspeak anymore [14:47:53] <Necroedarkslayer> okay hold on [14:48:31] <Necroedarkslayer> JK discord is gonna be tricky because this is about someone and Id rather not make this known until i talk with some people first and he may or may not jump in channel [14:48:36] <Necroedarkslayer> but we can do it there i guess My best wurm friend Greyhound had his high value items stolen along with his Bag of keeping. I understand now that there's a chance Necroe is behind this as well. Logging started 2017-10-23 [20:03:18] <Necroedarkslayer> hey sharkin [20:03:25] <Sharkin> yo [20:04:04] <Necroedarkslayer> Greyhound changed his pass? [20:04:29] <Necroedarkslayer> From the looks of things clerk may be missing money off it as well [20:04:52] <Necroedarkslayer> He didnt change that one do you think you could ask him to change it and get the new hash to me and smacked? [20:04:53] <Sharkin> yeah, since Xallo went to crusaders [20:05:08] <Necroedarkslayer> good, nothing missing i hope? It sure was! I'm not really into this name and shame thing, but it's some of my oldest friends that has been screwed over here. Players have the right to know and be cautious, therefor I share this just to warn the community and help the investigation. I really hope it wasn't you who took advantage of Greyhound's generosity. If you did, please return the items. I'd forgive you.
  17. Selling them as a bundle, perfect for anyone who seek to grind leatherworking. 8 silver, cod or pickup.
  18. Should be one time transfer both ways. This will only benefit grinding on freedom, since you can bring the skills back to epic and not the other way around. Where do you think all players are gonna be? This is a pvp killer, the numbers were looking good with this update.
  19. I can probably help you out, I'll do some digging. Edit: You're looking for Faster ?
  20. Yeah, I ment items only. Thank you for pointing it out, it totally slipped my mind. +1
  21. Why do we have to dispel in the order enchants stack. Can't we please chose for ourselves which enchantment to remove? If this has already been suggested, sorry. If there is a good reason to keep it the way it is, fill me in! For example.