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  1. WL priests can dominate/charm creatures and keep them in a pen for a long time. 

    BL can rebirth which is great, but soon there is a damage tick and [17:17:53] The corpse is too damaged. 


    So my suggestion is, raise the corpse damage check or just remove it.


    Edit: Being noob

  2. Nice way to piss the majority of the players in the face. Some players have already gained alot of channeling, while others haven't had the chance yet. Now they won't have it either. 

    This have never been a problem for the last 10 years so why do you feel like changing it now? You should have done it at the release, at this point you're just gonna upset alot of people.

    Way to go, this is exactly the kind of actions that drive people away.



  3. 8 hours ago, Darklords said:

    Some very good points, we are willing to disable underground houses and fences to see how that goes. They can always be re enabled but can't really be taken away post people building them.


    No -1..... In your new trailer you show underground housing, don’t rob new players from that. Why remove such a unique feature?


    Besides, was there not a change so you can mine reinforcements on deed? If so, underground is not very safe anyway.

    Leave it be, just my opinion.

  4. Very good trailer, makes me want to play! The only thing I don't like is fighting the lava fiends as if they were attacking the village. A bit misguiding and that's one thing I hate, when seeing something in a trailer and the game turns out to be different.


    9.5/10 Sharkin :D:D:D

  5. As already stated, freedom to epic always transfer but not the other way around. That’s a big downside as it won’t encourage people to play there. It kills the population and pvp along with it, since most players will stay on freedom so the grind isn’t ”invane”. 


    At this point why not just allow skill transfers both ways (if there is a fair skill calculation thingy), it’s not like the Epic cluster can get any worse... But maybe that’s the plan, choke it and eventually remove it.


    I recently went back to Epic to have some fun, but any grinding will be done on freedom.


    So 1+ to skill transfer.



  6. It was back in 2010 my wurm adventure started. I was 16 and it sounded cool! 😎

    At the time I didn't know it was a word with a meaning to it.🤣 


    Me and two friends spawned at The Howl. We walked for what seemed like hours until we reached the shores of SW Independence. We took refuge at a village called Croc Knob and got well fed by the mayor Kronius. We saw an island in the distance and got in love with it. We started to work on a row boat. It was made by the finest olive trees,  cut down by my friend wielding a rake. When we finally made it the island we got ambushed by bears and wolves, back to The Howl we went.


    We did the same thing again and planted our first deed. One of the two friends are still playing wurm with me today.

  7. 16 hours ago, Polosc61 said:

    where the heck are these saved?


    In the wurm folder. It is usually located in hardrive(C?)/users/username/wurm/players/playername/dumps


    Something like that. You can also adjust in settings to get skilldumps automatically instead of F1 dump skills in console.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Evening said:

    As it was stated in the news when Elevation was reset, the server is not open for now and traveling to and from home servers is possible only via portal, without any items on you.


    ''For now''. For how long?


    At this state, why not just revert it back to the way it was? It's already low pop, why prevent people that still have interest in epic from enjoying the game like they used to?

    At this point it's more like 1 pvp server and 3 freedom servers as you can't sail between them and raid. I thought it was a PVP cluster.


    Devs look into that please.

  9. +1


    If a player residing on a homeserver wish to swap kingdom, the only way is to go to Elevation (naked) and get converted. That means leaving all the items behind. No fun.

    Connect elevation, or atleast allow sailing between homeservers. For exporing, missions, raids, trade etc. It's not a PVE cluster.

  10. I’ve been walking around about 1-2 hours a day looking for a pelt. I’ve found a dog once, but failed to butcher it. As annoying as it is to not being able to grind important skills without a pelt, there is a charm to it. Also a market.


    Go out there and feel the satisfaction of hard work dear wurmians!😉😂😂