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  1. Gladius Recruiting!!! New and Experienced players welcome!!! Gladius welcomes and accommodates any premium players who wish to join! At the moment there are 8 spots open for recruitment and we are expanding... Free to play but want to see how it is to be in a deed? You are welcome to build a house off-deed near Gladius, we can help you learn the basics and when you get premium you may choose to join the village as a full member Carebear? Crafter? Hunter? Maybe you build a home and get bored and keep rebuilding or moving every month? Maybe you need a place to build your PvP skills? You have a unique specialty that requires a less common material? We have anything you need here and can assist anybody with special requests, just let me know in a pm. Whatever you do, any and all are welcome and some may find it quite lucrative to join us...(See incentive program below) A full member will get the benefits of: Mine with every ore type Property to build any house you want Access to nearby sand and clay Access to nearby water source for fishing or shipbuilding Surrounding hunting grounds An active Alliance of knowledgeable and experienced players as well as a handful of new players A few alliance priests (Looking for a Fo priest to join) Other things that may concern you: Alliance uses Teamspeak 3, it isn't mandatory but is encouraged to download and use You may only have 4 animals on deed(subject to change) If you are dishonest, disrespectful or act like a troll on a regular basis, you will be treated like one and will be asked to leave(that being said...we can all take a joke) You may have a house but I will hold on to the writ for 2 weeks after completion of the structure to make sure you are planning on staying Alliance members are specialized in many aspects of the game and are happy to help new players get started or improve something for you but don't expect handouts, we like to help players who help themselves and lend a hand to village and alliance projects You may leave at any time, but if you are leaving the game, taking a break for a few weeks or just finding a new place to live try to let us know beforehand Introducing... The Incentive and Tax Systems (optional) Eligibility: Active, premium village member for 2 weeks Active: 18 hours or more of playing time in one real-life week Once considered active after the standard 2 week waiting period you may opt to join the incentive program or tax system Death and Taxes The tax system is designed only for the players who occupy deed space and use community materials to make in-game coin and don't contribute to the community as a whole. This is not meant to punish those who don't help, it is just a means to contribute without having to put forth effort (an option for those who spend a lot of time on their craft and can't help around the deed) As horrible as taxes sound, I would only ask for 25c per month added to the deed's upkeep Incentive program The incentive program is designed to reward those who contribute to our active community and this can be done in many ways. To name a few you can lend a hand to our alliance and village projects, help new players get started, create and improve items for allies and fellow villagers or all of the above. Of course those are the broad strokes and any helpful behavior will be noted and possibly rewarded. Those who choose the incentive program must be willing to spend some time and effort if they want to be eligible for rewards but the effort won't go unseen and rewards may come in many forms...for example, some help with a dig project might earn you an enchanted tool or maybe multiple productive days helping players get started will earn you a bonus to your monthly coin handout, either way if you choose to go above and beyond you will reap the benefits You wondering how much this monthly handout is? After the first 2 weeks are up your first month of the incentive program begins...If you have done what is expected you will receive 30c as a base payment including whatever you earned through extra effort. After your second month of activity starts and you do as is expected you will receive 40c...3rd month...50c After 3 months of being a productive villager you would have earned 1.2 silver and can earn a silver coin every 2 months for as long as you stay an active villager Welcome to the retirement pension program...after 3 months you will get the 50c and the option to become a "retired" player. This means that you will not have to contribute as much as you used to for the coin at the end of the month but will only earn 25c You just want to be a regular villager? well there is still a tax system in place..but there is a limited time offer, join the deed tax and incentive free for 45 days, get acquainted with people and the way the system works...then you can either choose the incentive program or the lower tax bracket and pay 10c a month or make 200 bricks or 200 mortar for the deed Sound Interesting? Pm me on forums or in-game if you have any questions If I'm not available or unresponsive in-game Pm Tylerdurden or Kingselassie