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  1. I'm *really* late on this, but here's some pictures from around day 2 on Pristine that I thought folks might enjoy: My deed (Stonehaven) was also founded on day 2 - took us a full day of wandering to find the perfect spot. Deed still exists, though I've mostly swapped to WU these days. Pictures are mostly of the area around Stonehaven / Bargrum's Folly (which was deeded twice, but we never got around to 'finishing' it either time, and eventually disbanded); I'm sure I have more screenshots, but I didn't feel like digging through years of screenshots tonight. An early map I saved:
  2. This is really delayed (sorry!), but I wanted to chime in that the fix seems to have worked for me. Before: Smile-examine, cast genesis, smile-examine= "trait mismatch" Now: Smile-examine, cast genesis, smile-examine updates traits properly
  3. I was working on a building plan that included bridges, and I changed the elevation of the entire house. I noticed after I changed the elevation that the bridges seemed to be in the wrong spot (possibly at their original heights before changing elevation). I tried to delete the bridges so I could re-plan them in their proper spots, but I couldn't delete them. I had an old save file from (I think) before I changed the elevation, so I went to open that one thinking I would just delete the bridges and THEN change the elevation and add the bridges back in after... but now when I try to open that file, I get: And from my newer save file (with the broken bridges): Any ideas how I can get these files to open? I really don't want to have to start the whole plan over. Nevermind! Figured out that bridges are really easy to find in the raw save files and deleted them manually; good to go.
  4. Gotcha. Thanks for all your time and energy! I'd offer to help if I had any skills in that whatsoever.
  5. Is there a way to make it just swap to reading the new logs? I only use Granger really, so it's not a big deal to me if it's only using the new 'logs' folder instead of test logs (I just want to be able to add my horses again). Pointing it to the 'logs' folder until we can get a more thorough fix seems a lot easier to me than figuring out the link stuff mentioned, so I thought I'd ask.
  6. These 2 are mine: For reference, Stonehaven is at X11 Y14. Also both deeds have public mailboxes, if you're including those.
  7. So what happens if they've been deeded over and no longer count for missions? Will missions no longer spawn there, or will they have to build new mission structures?
  8. Just ran into this as well; made a clay tile a while back that used to work fine, but when I went to use it today I get [18:24:35] You cannot dig in such terrain. Destroyed the pavement and tried it again; works fine. (Picture is facing N) Edit: With more testing, it looks like it's the NW diagonal tile that's affecting it. I can dig the NW corner fine, as long as the tile immediately diagonal isn't paved (see below).
  9. 1s/1k, pickup on Coastal Pristine. PM here, or Mayrin in-game. Lots available; will update when I run out.
  10. Trying to breed more of the new colors, and my tiny deed is getting crowded. Selling old-color 5 speeds for 50c each, or PM me and make an offer. Mostly foals atm; a few are grown (aged at the oldest). Current stock: Pickup from Stonehaven (P18 ingame map, x24y13 community), or I might be willing to travel if it's close. Mayrin/Silith in-game, or comment/PM here.
  11. +1 for PVE servers; branded horses should only be lootable by people in that village or who have manage equipment permissions on the horse.
  12. Just logged in a non-prem alt to test whether stats are still decreasing - it appears they're still dropping to 20 without prem. However, the chars are still able to perform actions as if their stats were higher (or at the very least, command a large cart, which is the only thing I had available to test). This character last had prem on June 28th; she showed as having 22.28 body strength when I logged her in. I mined a couple times to see if she would keep her strength or if it would drop, and sure enough, her body strength dropped to 20 according to the skills tab & window. [01:48:07] Body decreased by 1.8151 to 20.0000 [01:48:07] Soul strength decreased by 0.7060 to 20.0000 [01:48:25] Mind logic decreased by 2.1045 to 20.0000 [01:48:25] Body stamina decreased by 1.0331 to 20.0000 [01:48:25] Body strength decreased by 2.2820 to 20.0000 After mining, I went to test whether or not she'd be able to drive a cart (as her client is now reporting that she has 20.00 ML), and she was in fact able to drive a large cart still. [01:55:00] You ride on the "Stonehaven" as the driver. So I guess the functionality of the stat increase is in place, but it's still displaying the skillgain loss in the skills window & tab.
  13. Maybe an odd request, but if you're changing the twitter icons, can you maybe use a different colored background on each one? I follow multiple servers and sometimes it gets annoying to tell which is which at a glance (Pristine and Elevation have both been orange for ages, for example). Glad to see they're finally changing from the default, but making it harder to tell them apart quickly is just going to make it more annoying than anything else.
  14. Tools still for sale.