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  1. I'l post a pic tomorrow when its not like... pitch black
  2. Just going to throw the PVP theory out there (Even though I dont pvp) Could be abused to put token in some jacked up place making it impossible to find or something.
  3. Mem Leak

    If my java leaks over 1.3 GB it crashes out, I believe. quad core 3.4 GHZ OC'd to 4.8 GHZ 480 GTX OC'D lightly 8GB ram It doesn't matter if it was running on a supercomputer, it will probably still crash out.
  4. Mem Leak

    I got 8 gigs too, same problem
  5. Man that put me in stitches for a straight 10 minutes
  6. Why don't we already have this, is the true question.
  7. Who uses flour, or bread for that matter. +1 Id anything breadmaking is a pain. You need to grind up the grain, then gotta mix it with water. If it gave no skillgain, im sure it's fine since you're not actually doing anything but putting grains in it. If all else fails +1 to it being a cosmetic feature.
  8. I can only say yes, if oyu limit it to 5 tickets. Thats 25 hours, if you haven't touched it, then you dont need it.
  9. Here's my take on the situation. It's a tragedy and so forth, but I'll jump on it like the politicians have..... Of course with their crap timing, using tragedy to their advantage. More gun control is not the answer. Unless you eliminate the entire civilian populations weapon supply, this can still happen. Hell, if you do it still can, just with more powerful, illegal weapons. just my take on the situation. "Secret police" is probably the best answer here. In every school, there needs to be a random teacher who of course volunteers, has a licence, has proper training should be the only non-police on campus to carry a weapon. Of course this is holstered on their body consealed so that nobody knows until you pull it. Problem partially solved. Unless you make a force field thats the best you can do.
  10. Not everything done in test works on live servers. It's been proven before. Just because it is tested, doesn't mean that it will work, even though it seems to. Even if not tested, fixes were put in place. No need to rage over your losses. You're really not entitled to compensation. Mainly because if you claim something, everyone else will and the team just doesn't have enough staff to spoon feed you your compensation cookies. It's a simple fact that this is still Wurm Online, even in 1.0 gamebreakers are expected. It's a large jump in progress and SOMETHING had to break.
  11. Well, the memory leak is a memory leak. Unless you have a decently powered machine, you probably won't be able to play. Fence bug is what it is, it's a bug, things happen, unfortunately. We're not entitled to free things every time he attempts to resolve an issue. If we were, I don't think he'd be running a successful game, considering everyone would just rack up free items every time something breaks. For the memory leak damaging your system, that's over exaggeration, it only holds memory until you stop the process. Otherwise, no damage will occur. Well, they can't tend to each and every person hand and foot. It's not even about new over old. I'm not sure what to put this as.
  12. Wurm 1.0

    I was second on pristine, im happy. I FEEL ACOMPLISHED (Your nerd skill has increased by 1.0) Pun intended.
  13. Wurm 0.9999, if Pristine doesn't come out tonight. 1.0 if it does =3
  14. The servers will be up... Eventually â„¢ And that's the *--* that I like.
  15. It's still not up yet, so Im guessing another hour or 2, or they're polishing code off. Probbaly 2 more hours.
  16. I'd rather the release be late than contain game breaking bugs that might destroy everything.
  17. Servers Down?

    More server noncooperation.
  18. Servers Down?

    I feel bad for last night then. [02:17:58] <Elantra> Since this is still wurm, I'll assume a 2 hour mishap. How right I was.
  19. The new client does kill your computing. I go from 45.2 an hour to 62.4 (it used to be like 100 when i first got the card, but I think the compute output is just lower) Edit- Not sure if the client you just posted is newer than the beta, or is the beta.
  20. I'm trying to band together a group of ten or so, more or less to head over with me. I already have one confirmed, so its a duo for now. foreveralonetogether
  21. Yes, its possible, unless they remove it. (It's possible on test server)
  22. I'm just waiting for the day a server bug releases the beast. Champion uniques. Dragons and troll kings the like =X
  23. I do believe these should be 'Crude wooden fence'. The current fences we have are nice, just need a texture update, either with appropriate wood color, or just in general.