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  1. What you should do is play the multiplayer mod they have out for it. It makes it much better. Only sucks when that one guy blocks what can be from 1 to 100 people from getting through. Doesnt happen that often though, worth a look.
  2. Guess I'll be the first to order in the topic. I'd like a lovely Corbita edit- changed to corbita
  3. I might grab one of my chars and join up with you guys, just gotta get them to xan.
  4. Ehrmergerd, someone actually close to me! I'd like to order 5k bricks 2k mortar 200 iron fence bars and 100 nails 50 large, 50 small Delivered if possible to H12 (Close to coast, but not on it) Should come out to 17.6s if my brain is working tonight
  5. Chisel 80ql c65w73 - 2.2s 1.9s Pickaxe 80ql c85w65 - 3s 2.7s Could I also get; 80 ql shovel/80 WOA - 2s 80 ql rake 80 COC - 2s Comes out to 8.6s That would be just awesome. Payment will be made with a referal from 'Andrecreasons' + 60c, Just tell me who to send it to. I'll come to pickup with AndreC
  6. Im going to try this out for myself. Mine wont be as action packed because most of the floorwork on my place is done =p
  7. Why ban RMT? Nothing is wrong with it. If people choose to spend their hard hearned money on a game they enjoy, let them. The only reason it is disallowed in other games is because its half of the game, easily botted, and a huge 'underground' operation. The reason it isn't a big deal here is because what does money do for you. Gets you better gear? Well, you have the gear, now get the skills. Now what. All coins get you in wurm is land, and better stuff. Stuff that doesn't affect anyone in any way if you don't have the skill to use it proper. Plus there is no way to track RMT unless someone is like "yeah, i just bought 100 gold from X over there" The devs cant help taxes, nobody can. The internet (used) to be the only tax free haven. It has to come sooner or later, you know governments.
  8. I'll be happy to guide you on the weekend =p. Hopefully by next week we have at least they layout of the roads in the area. I dont expect any roads to be started towards Vrock, at least for 2+ weeks. I get lost in my own area as it is because of all the darn trees.
  9. Aww. Was looking forward to that box. Im easy to reach by water. Just inside the bay. Trying to get to me from the east is near impossible though.
  10. [POLL] Xanadu Clay

    I have clay really close, but someone deeded 99% of it. the only 2 tiles I can access are in water and i have yet to raise it.
  11. Would be awesome if you could stop by Fort Derringer. Directly East of Westland, (H12) South of Kings Land Ing. No direct path yet, but easilly traversable on foot. Maybe 3 minutes inland. Also, will any permissions be needed? If so drop me a PM on the forums so I can find the time to log in. Simply go to Westland, and head east up the 2 wide path that has started,adn you should come up to either Kings Land Ing. Or between the perimeters.
  12. I -just- now saw this while installing a video driver update. I was thinking about putting my investment into it if it's really worth it. Is it worth all $99 i would put towards it, or would it just be something that I could throw a ten at and be happy. As of current standing, anyways.
  13. I still fail to see how someone can do this on a PC, letalone on paper D= Always have to give massive creds to people who have the skill (and time) to do stuff like this
  14. Someone seems high and mighty today. I'm from the US, I didn't even know what VAT was until I saw the topic and did some 10 minute research on it, but thanks for the clarification.
  15. Just saying, this is THE FIRST price hike in the entire games existance, you act like the price has been going up every year.
  16. Whoops ,corrected =p Well, the 10S in game for 1 month may not keep it down at 1S per 1K, but it will keep it from going up that high. I'm guessing 1.2K per 1S just as a guess- A modest increase compared to price which is techically a loss, but not so much for the employer depending on how they obtained their silver.
  17. Just saying, while everyone here who is still going on complaining about the increase, blame the government, not Rolf. Quite literally we're just paying tax to him so he can cover VAT, plus probably 10% extra to increase his own income. I can only speculate on the reasons behind this; He can't prove that all customers are outside EU- He can say it but I garuntee that if they ask him to cough up some addresses he'd be in deeper. So to resolve that just make it so that everyone is in the EU, somewhere to avoid this. We're basically paying EU tax now because of this, and because of the fall of the Euro and same tax rate, everything -basically- costs more, and businesses need to reflect that to continue to make good profit, so there's that.... And this just messes up the Wurm economy because Silver reflects 1 Euro, and if we have to pay basically 1.60 Euros compared to what we used to, labor to payment goes up as well, so if everyone followed this, 1.6k dirt is equal to 1 Silver, at the common 10i per action rate of dirt. It's amazing how a line of supply can screw the end consumer, being us. All because of taxes.
  18. I lost my building and then someone deeded over it the next day. Sadpanda
  19. Gamer entitlement is everything. It can be put into play in any situation really. If i puchased a 30$ game, expexting what I paid for, and don't get it, I 'feel' entitled to either a refund after a short time or improvement. The problem with gamer entitlement is that for it to actually work, enough people (Meaning over 80%m which never happens) of those who purcahsed it needs to speak out and DEMAND change. Small companies will understand instantly and change to the likings of their probably only income source of the time. Larger companies, ...................Like EA.............. have multiple venues and has no real reason to listen to the buyer of one game. The problem is that there is no true demo for all games, which is a problem. Game companies don't give demos because it lessens the value, plus they need to add restrictions which can probably be circumvented by a hack of sorts later on to access full content. Sadly, gamer entitlement is only subject to customers of smaller companies. Wurm is one of them, it's run by a small 'company' of people. While there's enough money to go around, they still value player opinion to the best interests without murdering the game vision.
  20. I don't agree simply because of the way wurm works. It's been -encouraged- but NOT ENDORSED by Wurm staff before to have a self sufficent economy, including characters. People sell Wurm silver for actual money, cheaper than buying it from the Wurm store. I believe at one point in an account sale a GM had to get involved for one reason or another, a rare occourance but it shows that they want people to play, regardless of the account used. Now, it it was a rule from the beginning that accounts weren't aloud to be sold then it'd be different. Plus most Wurm players sell their accounts after they are done with the game, or want to start a new one and make some use of the old one. This isn't like runescape where people are able to bot accounts to desired levels, generate money and sell it for profit in a week, probably hundreds of accounts at one. This is Wurm, it's a game that will take you months to get up to 80+ unless focused purely on it. In short, i don't agree. It helps player to player economy and is done on their OWN risks. Wurm clarifies that this is still -their- property Taken from the T&C You have no ownership in the account; this is a service provided by Code Club AB. You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the Account and that the account is under the sole ownership of Code Club AB. So technically they're selling Wurm's account. I could say taht if i REALLY wanted to be a literal legal dude. But yes, it's understood that it's an account that you don't literally own and can be taken at any time so they're free to sell (Techincally) access to it.
  21. We're not on steam because of the way the game works. I -think- I recall this being suggested before but was shot down because steam also kills compatibilities or something. I have no fear of the servers overloading, because we all know they will, but we simply don't have the kind of servers that can hold a 10k+ capacity. Most servers cap at 500, at a time which would cause major lag and map sizes are nowhere large enough to hold a major jump in overall players. I guaruntee you that the trolls WILL come out and exploit out laxed rules about deeds. Yes, it can increase our popularity, but we don't need a second SimCitylike launch where our servers are overloaded to the point of major lag, impossible to login, play, and a handfull of other issues that will arise.
  22. I think that not only this, it should double as a fast, or auto deployment system. It'd see its use in PVP, your village comes under attack and you gotta upen up all of your body parts, then drag them over. Instead you can just right click and hit equip and either of these things should happen. 1- It instantly puts on your armor on the stand and does NOT replace any armor already in that slot 2- It instantly puts on your armor on the stand and DOES SWAP the armor already in any slots (So if you were wearing leather and the stand is chain, it'd swap) 3- Have a timer for either of the 2 above ideas.