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  1. Still not sure what good attacking your own mount is (In PvE). Just.... Get off. And attack.... Seems pretty simple to me really.
  2. Xanadu Map

    Initially I thought it was just for removing that one deed, my bad! It's fixed now. Updated.
  3. Xanadu Map

    Ya'll makin me work! Updated!
  4. AndreC will try to make it, not too far from me.
  5. I could add 2 chars to this in the near future. this is actually reasonably close to me =D
  6. I like the suggestion, but I don't see it going through since Code Club doesn't endorse the sharing of accounts. This would (basically) endorse that, or at least give people the ability through a system they'd have to create. Unless that tone is changed, I don't see it going places =S
  7. Perhaps if you could rent entire buildings, since a room isn't easily determined, that'd be cool.
  8. A reserve is simply used to set a theoretical 'firm' price on an item. Let's say you produced a forge that cost you 5s in materials to make. Naturally, to turn a profit you want to get said funds back. You may set your reserve at 5s, maybe 6s to ensure a profit, even if the starting bid is like, 3s. At that point, it then becomes a competition against buyers. Simply put, a public reserve sets the sellers intended base price without intimidating by simply setting it as the start bid... Which I will never understand. At that point, the point for the bidding is for buyers to compete for an item. It really only works on volatile, high demand/low supply, or one-of-a-kind items IMO, because if it's a common buy, people already know what to pay, auction or not. They'll wait for the next 'appropriately' priced piece. If a 50ql sword goes for 1s, it goes for 1s. If i auction one, I don't expect anyone in their right mind to bid over that, as they can go to the literally anyone else who sells them, and get it for the market price. In other words, a reserve is really just a bailout reason for the person auctioning; Granted it could be done just by setting the start bid as you said =p
  9. Hidden reserve, buyout via PM (in cases other than accounts), hidden buyouts, and bids via PM drive me away from an auction. With nothing to enforce a reserve, my real reserve can be 100s, and i can start the bid at 90s, easily passing that..... Mind this example doesn't take supply/demand into account or anything at all really. With buyouts via PM's on standard items.... Well why have an auction. Accounts are different IMO, especially ones that may end up going to Chaos. Not everyone wants to be known as the new owner, and get a drop on someone. With hidden buyouts, which is literally a hidden reserve basically, buyers have to guess if something is really a value. Clearly the seller doesn't want to disclose how much they think they can get, so it's a nice gimmick. With bids via PM... Well, once again, pretty sketch. They can say they got a bid for 50s, when it was really 10s, to draw out an actual high bidder. I only really like clean auctions. Clear start bid, clear min. increments, clear buyout if there is one. Anything else seems to scream attention in some cases. Oh, and for ebay, the only reason their reserve system can work, is because there's a company that stands behind said reserve. Far as I know, reserves can only be lowered but not raised. It's an unbiased platform that they can uphold a hidden reserve with. Here, we can't unless a system is literally developed just for auctions.