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  1. Xan is indeed taking a nap
  2. I don't mail enough items to remember/notice this change but... That's pretty silly. As people said, on the chance I want my tools impd, it can only be done 4 or 5 times. 4 times being if you had the thing mailed to you in the first place, and 5 if you got it in person initially.
  3. It would be much appreciated if you manage to.
  4. Unfortunatley still no update on the login service being updated. I'll keep ya'll posted.
  5. Why not just make one really long building and put walls to divide em?
  6. All updates are on pause because the login system for the map is down/broken at the moment. Soon as it works again I'll file in the updates.
  7. Updated
  8. Updated
  9. I'll keep the bridge where it is for now. It's more for where the boats are, not exactly where it dumps you out. I haven't traveled that way in a while otherwise I'd verify it myself.
  10. Is on the new map Already updated =) I know for some point the first link wasn't working. Not sure who put up the second one but it's not directly linked, or at least I can't edit from it. I just use the first since it still works... now anyways. Another update. Ive set this to emails so I get them on my phone as a constant reminder to update now.
  11. There used to be a good 10 people, now I seem to be the only one really at this point. I'll look into seeing about other active editors, as I don't own the map or the ability to make new accounts for editing. See above =p Updated. Once again, sorry for the slow updates, but work's been hectic on my end. As i said somewhere above in this post; I'll look into replacing the lost editors if we can, as I don't own the map or the ability to make new accounts for editing.
  12. Upda Updated!
  13. *bug reporting intensifies* Cool design honestly. I'll probably throw up my deedplanner stuff when Im not on my laptop. Simple and large for a 1 man operation.
  14. Fat update.
  15. After reading recent posts; Map is working fine for me, perhaps was a temporary host issue. I'll be updating on here after work!