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  1. I think skill bonuses and such should be focused around "outdoors" activities, not deed activities. For example: - Hunting: probably the best cause of PvP. There are so many ways to make it more appealing to go out and hunt, like skill bonuses, interesting drops etc - Road building: increase skill for off-deed paving to incentivize creating road infrastructure - Tower building: increase skill for attaching and reward participants for finishing a tower - Grindy gathering skills: increase skill/result ql for outside-kingdom mining, digging, woodcutting etc to encourage people to look further for resources
  2. I just think it's weird how disproportionately difficult it is compared to the other tasks. Considering how good the benefit is, I think it makes sense that it takes a long time, but it would be nicer if the grind wasn't "spam prayer for months". It could maybe be changed by adding more depth to the prayer skill and more ways of grinding it.
  3. We haven't had any patch notes for weeks and we only got the kings very recently... Could easily be a change that was implemented before anyone got a king and is only being released now
  4. I propose a 15 second cooldown on mounting after you've unmounted twice within a short time. So allow people to change mounts once within a short time. If you unmount again soon after that, you should be on a cooldown. This way no pet or legitimate mechanics get affected. Only repeatedly jumping on mounts is prevented.
  5. You can breed so many horses in one day, it's not even funny. Not to mention that geared wild horses work perfectly fine as a temporary replacement at this stage. Don't blame the game for poor resource management.
  6. Imagine the idea was rephrased that we should give no-drop, scale-like chest piece with 100 casts and provides infinite healing cotton along with a powerful helmet to the most successful pvper of each kingdom. Why would you give very powerful items and powers to the person who is already very good at this game? The people who can actually use this advantage is literally any other PvPer besides the top players.
  7. I'm against a deterministic process for kings, such as the person with the most rank becoming king. It should not be a mechanic to keep the strongest players ahead of everyone. "Ordinary" people should have an opportunity too. For example, a random person from your kingdom with >1000 rank would work too. Definitely agree with limited terms and generally a quicker way of getting kings.
  8. Bump. Still no kings. People here stopped trying so often because it takes forever to make the trip and the chances seem incredibly low
  9. Cheers:D

    Hey Rolf, are you still directly involved with Wurm in other ways than development?
  10. I'm in favor of randomness. A lot of very active PvPers feel entitled to it, but honestly it's a lot more interesting when a random guy from your alliance becomes king and becomes more involved in PvP because of it. Additionally term limits would be nice so others get a chance too
  11. Right now, we have no kings on Defiance With WU, people found out the chance to become a king is related to the player count. On Epic where the player count was very low, it would still take weeks or months for someone to become king. I can only imagine how long it will take on Defiance where the player count is many times higher. I suggest simply reducing the difficulty for everybody. No biases for better accounts. Just give everybody a better chance.
  12. Why would this be a pvp change? It affects all servers
  13. BrQ a stylized version of my first name minus some vowels. Someone suggested the name to me when I was very young and it kinda stuck. When registering for Wurm Online, I registered as BrQ. However, the email I filled in during registration was wrong (twice I think). It was possible to wait it out for a couple of days and re-register, but I didn't want to wait. When I have to sign up somewhere and can't use my regular handle, I just add more Q's until it works. Usually I go for 3 Q's, then 5, then 10 and then 15. In this case, 3 Q's was enough so BrQQQ was born. The Daredevil account was bought, so I didn't come up with that name. 'Wynne' was named after the healer mage in Dragon Age: Origins. Fendor (and a few variations of it) I just made it up on the spot by typing random characters until it looked like a name.