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  1. QL ~4 Steel Shovel c88 (70c) QL~5 Steel Pickaxe c83 (54c) If you don't have either, can also send similar ones Cod to Daredevil please! If not possible (might be on Epic), cod to Brqqq please.
  2. What do you mean with that you can't open it? Do you not get the option? or do you get the option but it doesn't work? Have you tried relogging too?
  3. SELECT_BUTTON_1 up to SELECT_BUTTON_8 binds your select bar buttons In this case, I had SELECT_BUTTON_1 bound to 'E' and SELECT_BUTTON_2 bound to 'R'. Now E and R always run the first and second actions on that select bar. In some cases, this effectively lets you use one bind for multiple useful actions. It's not exactly a hidden feature but it blew my mind when I found out about it. I only found out when I was trying to fix some minor bugs in the client and somebody had noted that the 'toggle button hotkey text' doesn't seem to do anything. It's that little "key" icon in that screenshot. I decided to investigate it and realized it's an option to show those binding letters ("E" and "R" in that screenshot). If you don't have any keys bound to the select bar keys, toggling that option on or off will obviously do nothing. I had never realized those options could be bound... An interesting console command is "exec <file>" to run a text file that contains more console commands, for example to quickly load your "pvp binds" or "skilling binds" or "toggle all pvp windows" etc. I heard about this back when there was no option to have multiple toolbelt loadouts. There was a console command to set a sinlge toolbelt slot with an item only. You would have to make text files like "pvp.txt" that contained lots of lines like: settoolbelt 1 1279339056335874 settoolbelt 2 1366924478909442 etc. Then you bound it to a key like: bind e "exec pvp.txt" Less mindblowing (because I added it) but occasionally useful is the "findbind <action" (eg. "findbind dig") console command telling you if you have any keys bound to a certain action. The reverse was possible already: finding out what action is bound to a specific key, "bind <key>" (eg. "bind e"). One that should really not have been surprising but still was, is the little bar with the commands on the top middle: I learned way too late that these are not just some random helpful options. They are the things you have bound to your F keys (like F1, F2 etc). The interesting thing about it is that if you hold your CTRL/ALT/Shift keys, you'll (probably) see it all become "---". That's because you probably have nothing bound to the combination of your ALT/CTRL/Shift and your F key. If you do: bind ctrl+f2 "say /weather", you'd get this when holding CTRL: I only realized this ages ago when there was a bug where your alt key would remain "pressed" when alt-tabbing out of wurm, which would show all those "---". Eventually I realized why it would change to "---"....
  4. Big pvp related changes are usually scary, but this sounds pretty good. Very curious how it will work out
  5. hey, there is nothing wrong with ankle socks
  6. Would it have mattered much? The king can just set a new capital if they want to convert. This change is purely to prevent some odd issues that occur when you convert a capital deed
  7. Remove Information minister. The 'x has entered the kingdom' messages are problematic only Remove all teleportation forms on PvP servers (including home servers). Not on big maps, where it can take hours to just travel. I could only see this work on 2048*2048 sized maps (or smaller obviously) Remove archery penalties or scale according to individual armour pieces. Never really understood the point of the archery penalty Disable embarking on vehicles or mounts while in combat with an enemy players. Would change PvP as it is by a LOT. It might be worth experimenting, but should probably be very careful Addition of Archery keybinds. Just QoL, so always good Remove stun/throw from valrei mobs. This is asking to remove the only thing that makes them even remotely dangerous. Instead, they should have long cooldowns between throws/stuns Make nolocate on bodies work similar to jewellery with power determining % blocked. Cooldowns on searching for same person. Only if both these suggestions are implemented at the same time. Priests (with half favor usage) can spam locate soul like crazy. Creation of a “verbose” combat tab option, including extra information such as Area of Effect spells, Direct target spells, karma and meditation buffs, etc Absolutely yes Change battle rank to only be given through kills, not through missions or capping towers/camps That, or change the name of 'battle rank' into something else Make chaos and possibly home server merchants tauntable Yes, and make it much harder for merchants to get taunted depending on how many other merchants are around it. Remove speed bonus from logged off alts on boats on PvP servers Yes, it seems to make no sense as it is now Have tower guards target whoever is trying to capture the tower. Require killing of guards before tower is captured. Removal of action timer and requiring a certain amount of guards killed within a ten minute timeframe Just keep the timer, make it so combat won't interrupt the action timer and make sure the guards only walk up to several tiles away from the tower. I cannot really see how any of these changes will affect the pvp population. They're mostly just small balancing tweaks
  8. There is also a small list here.
  9. Should be a bind called "Dirt_Spell", I'll have a look at it later today. I had added "spell" to some keybinds if the word was very generic, like "dirt"
  10. It seems they faced big issues, possibly an issue with their cache server, where it would incorrectly think you're somebody else and show you somebody else's info, including any payment info that gets prefilled for you when you try to buy a game. I think credit cards are safe, because I don't think Steam ever shows you your full credit card, just the last 2 numbers or so.
  11. I believe it was just the Libila specific spells (not considering player made religions) that are cast on the ground that were missed somehow. Like Alectrys said, will be fixed in next client update. It will contain binds for Fungus Trap, Fungus, Painrain and Scorn of Libila.
  12. Thanks for reporting it. This should be fixed on the next client update.
  13. Should be fixed after client update. The fix will work like you suggested.
  14. This usually means you don't have proper drivers installed. If you know which graphics card you have, try going to the site of it (nvidia or amd) and download the latest drivers from there.