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  1. I don't think yet another rebalance is a good idea. It's a time consuming process that doesn't lead to anything, because nobody can ever agree about what's balanced or not. I'd rather have people being able to choose any religion. And agree on buffing newbies. Alternatively there could be a epic-style curve, but only going up to 50 or so.
  2. Says the only kingdom blaming losing every fight on game mechanics instead of poor strategy. The meta game of trying to sway devs to change the game every time you lose is a bit exhausting to deal with. Treasure chests being hidden is nicer I think. I wish they'd decay a bit quicker though
  3. Did you forget that fight from a few days ago where you died 3 times? We lost our own people's stuff because we couldn't hold our ground against JK. The meta used to be to collect as many corpses right before dying and hope some res stone works or someone barely manages to get away. This resulted in ridiculous situations where you could lose a battle and end up with much better loot. That's why we got anti loot. Now you want to revert this or water it down and we all have to reexperience the reason why anti loot mechanics were put in place in the first place.
  4. I don't think you're going to be happy until every spell BL uses is going to become useless, Carmichael. You're trying to change the game to work for your strategy. When your enemies have a counter to your strategy, you just want it nerfed. Last night's example is that you guys want to do a spear hit and run, but it backfires because your horse is slown down. Instead of rethinking your strategy, you want the spell that caused your strategy to fail to be nerfed. It isn't the spell that's the problem, it's you. Meanwhile several of our horses were shot down, either to death or nearly to death, but you don't see people complaining about archery being OP. One minute for gravestones is perfect IMO. Epic's anti loot with enemies nearby was also very good. It adds a very fun depth to the game, because people have to hold their ground and fight instead of run through a battle and run away.
  5. The balance is dependent on the cast timer, favor cost, difficulty, range, if you can heal specific wounds, if it can heal multiple wounds, if you can heal others (players or horses) with it, cooldown and general practical use cases. That's why, despite the massive difference in heal per second compared to AoEs, cure light is still incredibly powerful and practical. It's why cure serious is often less useful, despite having much higher heal per second. It's why even though drain health has the same heal per second to cure light according to your numbers, drain health is almost entirely useless for healing and is almost exclusively used for fast damage. When you compare all these spells by their heal per second value, you get no meaningful information about how good or practical they are. That's why you can't use it as a balancing metric. It is as silly as saying WA is better than BotD because WA costs less favor.
  6. By that logic, cure serious is OP and 'heal' is pretty crap. If you were to introduce a new spell that worked like cure light, but healed 10% in 5 sec (ie half the values), that'd be significantly more powerful than cure light, as it has a lot more use cases with the short timer. My point is healing per second is not a meaningful balance criteria. I agree the heals from AoEs should be nerfed, but single target spells and their heal per second should not be used as a reference.
  7. You're complaining about pretty much every pvp spell BL uses. Now you want to nerf two spells to the point where they're absolutely useless. It's clear you're not looking for balance, especially considering this thread was made mere moments after losing yet another battle to BL. Instead of reconsidering your strategy and playstyle, you want to change the entire game. The greater pattern here is that this debate happens before and after every priest change. If an enemy uses it and you can't use it, people will complain about it. No major rebalance will change that. People won't be happy with it until it's a single god that everyone has to use. The only nerf I could agree to is for scorn. Instead of completely changing how it works, the numbers should be tweaked. Like heal less, healer fewer people etc
  8. I think people still don't understand the grinding method doesn't make sense. Unless you want your grind to take twice or three times as long, you must grind it with very low faith. This means you have to use stupid tricks like go from Defiance to a PvE server or the other way around, if you are a high faith priest on one server. It being slow is fine. Having to use non-sensical tricks is not fine.
  9. bump, prayer grind is still bad. At the very least, the penalty for having high faith should be removed. Ideally the grind shouldn't be as awful as it is now.
  10. I also wish the skilling system was replaced with something that is easier to understand and work with. Instead of calculating the chance of getting a tick by using external tools or by performing statistical analysis, you should always get skill. What would now be a low or high chance to get a skill tick should turn into getting a small or large tick. Skill metas should stay the same, but you should be able to figure out optimal gains by just trying it out and see if the ticks are getting larger or smaller. It also removes frustration from skills like meditation. Newer players would also have a much easier time understanding this compared to the current system. I also wish we had more random stuff in the game. Examples of existing things are the rarity system, getting coins from foraging/fighting, getting an affinity from skilling etc. It doesn't have to be an amazing random reward, like even getting gems from mining makes mining slightly more interesting. Another form of randomness are random things happening around you. For example a chance for a special mob to spawn near you. This kind of content can turn normally monotonous and boring tasks into something slightly more fun or more exciting.
  11. I'm 67 channeling and still fail casting drain health or scorns at least a few times in a fight. It's hard to take a 20% DR nerf seriously. If you can do 25 dmg with a fireheart, then it's fireheart that needs to be fixed. You don't fix that by doing a 20% DR nerf on priests.
  12. There's a console command called EXEC, which will run a text file that contains more console commands. That way you can have a single command (that you can also bind to a key) run multiple console commands at once. It is quite useful for quickly switching between config files.
  13. If it is possible, you could do some funny stuff with it like bind a key to dig 3 times. Third person setting would more ideally be solved by a game setting. I believe there is a thirdPerson in gamesettings.txt but not sure if it actually works.
  14. A lot of the changes seem very interesting. Here are my suggestions: Depot rewards Consider that depots will usually go to the winning kingdom, so rewards might have to be scaled somehow. Do calculation on how many items get introduced to the game each week too The sleep powder is way too much. I would reduce it down to 0 or 1. Horse gear is good, but that's quite a lot. I would reduce it to 1 or 2 sets. Add a variety of random 50-70ql combat items into it. For example: all weapon types, shields, bows, arrows, gems Add a few high ql imping materials, like 80-95ql iron and logs Scorn (and possibly LoF) I'm not sure if the healing resistance does anything. That might need adjustment so you can't spam scorn like you can now. As it is now, scorn is by far the most useful spell libila has in combat. It completely changes fights. An increase in difficulty or scale its effectiveness more to the cast power might be good Roaming Mobs having a small chance of giving SP is good I think. Hunting is something that needs to be rewarded more. I would suggest adding more rewards to make hunting more interesting, as hunting is a good way to make PvP. The rewards don't need to be super special or common. Little things like dropping some food, a few arrows etc could make it more interesting. Kingdom influence should affect things related to roaming. For example: being in your own kingdom influence should reduce chances of getting SP, while enemy kingdom influence should increase it slightly. Samool's roadmap mentioned random encounters on PvE. This may also be interesting for PvP to some degree I think in general rewards for everything should be toned down. The usefulness of a reward doesn't necessarily scale linearly with the likeliness a player will engage with that content. For example, plenty of players will go to a depot even if it gave 1 good glimmer lump. If it were 5 glimmer lumps, it doesn't mean we'll get 5x as many players there, so there's no real reason to introduce that much glimmer into the game.
  15. It's not really useful for PvP. Gems are far more superior, because you waste nothing and do not have to prepare much. Furthermore, PvP interactions typically take a long time to even happen, so you'd waste a lot of saccing mats. There are only some edge cases where it may be a bit useful.