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  1. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Very sad to hear. She made an incredible contribution to this game. Many things that we take for granted were built or influenced by her. Besides normal game features, she also modernized a lot of the CM/GM tools and significantly improved their ability to do their work. Wurm would have been a completely different game without her. She and her work will not be forgotten. RIP
  2. Locate Soul range on Epic

    To me this just shows that the suggested minimum is pretty good. The only "safe" locating that could happen is a locate between Kronos and Carlsborg, which I don't think is a big issue considering they're both deeds that are bordering the no-build zone of hota on the northern part. I think that if we had a 2048x2048 map, a 200 tile locate would work fine. On a smaller map, I think no locating at all would be perfectly fine. On a 4096x4096 map, having no locate soul just sounds like anti-pvp to me.
  3. Locate Soul range on Epic

    Well that’s just plain wrong...
  4. Locate Soul range on Epic

    Personally, I think the "locate them from deed using the priest" is a dumb thing and this locate change removed that. However, the main problem is if you're chasing anybody. Say you run across someone in local and then they disappear. If they run away in a random direction, you have roughly a minute to locate them. After that they're just completely gone. Any element of tracking is gone and it's pointless to bother looking on such a huge map unless you know where they are going. Having a slightly larger locate area means you can actually chase down people without letting people sit on deed scanning for people. A 500 tile range is from one side of hota, to the other side's end of build zone. That's enough to track people and not enough to scan from deed, which is seemingly what this change tried to achieve.
  5. Currently there is a maximum of 200 tiles range for Locate Soul spell on Epic. On a 4096x4096, I think this is WAY too small. To give a perspective, that's half the width or height of the hota zone. This means if you can locate people, they're already close enough to hit your local in a minute or maybe two. I suggest a distance of roughly 500-1000 tiles, which is approximately 1/8th to a 1/4th across the width or height of the map. This still means you can't "scan" for pvp by locating everybody you know, but it means the spell is actually useful.
  6. Hellfang - Under new management

    He pvp'd with us yesterday on Elevation and got kills and didn't die. That alone makes it impossible that it's Wimble.
  7. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    I think the old system makes sense (if something is too difficult/easy, you won't learn much), but it's just boring and annoying. Making something logical doesn't always equal making something more fun. I guess many experienced players don't mind it so much, because they knew the tricks anyway. I think conceptually the new skilling system makes more sense too, but I haven't tried skilling enough to find out if it's really better. In my short experience, it seemed a bit easier but not noticably faster.
  8. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    Cooperative play is a must on Epic. It's extremely community oriented and you'll likely keep talking to players even outside of the game. Sometimes it's fun, because they might call for your help to do something at times when you're bored. At other times it's a bit painful, because you might be at work and hear that your capital is getting raided or something and you can't do anything. Naturally every community will have a bit of drama going on too. If you try to play completely alone, you'll quickly get bored and frustrated. Another thing to note is that you don't need any silver to participate, outside of your own prem and whatever trader items you might want to buy. Communities will give you items based on merit and trust, not for money. If you die all the time to stupid things, nobody is going to trust you with valuable items. If you actively participate in PvP and you do a good job (even if you die sometimes), they might give you a scale set to walk around with if they have one. Nobody will ask you anything for basic gear, weapons, tools or enchants and you're expected to do the same. The only except might be exceptionally rare and valuable items, like Valrei items and even then, same-kingdom trading is quite rare with those items. All active kingdoms have their own community. Best is to ask friends and alliance members if they know any Epic players. Or you can try your luck and apply at one of the existing kingdoms. There should be recruitment threads for each.
  9. influence doesnt update

    I noticed gradual decreases. This was after you guys bashed that tower (and scared the crap out of me when I hit all of your locals) though I don't have a percentage before the bashing [21:35:10] Percent controlled by The Roman Republic: 4.84 then after you guys capped that tower yesterday [18:00:16] Percent controlled by The Roman Republic: 4.81 [19:18:57] Percent controlled by The Roman Republic: 4.75 [21:29:53] Percent controlled by The Roman Republic: 4.71 and now [15:47:28] Percent controlled by The Roman Republic: 4.70
  10. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    It is 4096x4096. However 1024x1024 is 1/16th of 4096x4096. See it likes this, 4096*4096 tiles means there are 16 777 216 tiles. 1024*1024 means there are 1 048 576 tiles. With that, you can see that you can fit a 1024*1024 map exactly 16 times in a 4096*4096 map. I know it's a bit pedantic, but it's relevant in trying to visualize the size of the map we want. Do we want 1/16th of our current map or 1/4th? There's obviously a huge difference there.
  11. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    Keep in mind 1024x1024 is not 1/4th but 1/16th of our current map size. Here's an illustration, the lines aren't perfectly accurate but you get the idea If we want the quarter of the current map, we need a 2048x2048 sized map, which is the same as the old Elevation. Personally I don't either, though I'd expect a lot of land in 1024x1024. The fights being so close is very appealing
  12. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    Not Rome. We do have people, but not ones that actively play. If you were to run past Rome at a random time in a day, chances are really good that you won't find a single person. However, if you were to come raid Rome, chances are good you'll get outnumbered. This is because the community is also very active on Chaos and people feel there is more point in actively playing over there, while jumping over to Epic for some quick action. It would certainly help to have more motivation to play on Epic. As far as I know, this is very specifically between JK and BL. I think you guys should definitely post more tabs too to tell people what's been going on. I fully agree with a map reset, but not with those criteria. To give an idea of what 650x650 looks like on our current map: It would mean we either won't have a hota (not to mention the no-build zone), or hota has to be tiny, which kind of makes for a crappy hota. I think a 1024x1024 map would only work with very little water on the side As far as drama is concerned, it comes and goes in waves. Right now, it is a time of peace and drama is usually contained within kingdoms or communities. There's no real or serious hate between BL, JK and Rome. However, things can flare up again at any time. It could be as easy as running over an alt to the enemy to check their locals or by talking crap on the forums or by griefing deeds for no good reason, it can quickly trigger a "I'm going to run you out of the game" reaction. This means while drama seems alright now, things could be different a few months from now.
  13. You woul _ _ _ _ _POO_

    Just to get this out of the way: For all intents and purposes, it's random data. You're arguing here that random data can exploit the client. Or else if the server intentionally crafts a malicious packet, it could exploit the client (which is irrelevant to the main issue). You're not wrong, but you're describing a very general problem here, as this is the case for every single client/server application. The idea is that the client can deal with irresponsible actions requested by the server. If it can't, then that is an issue. However, this deduction on its own is not helpful. It's like saying "Chrome could be exploited", but how can it be exploited? If you can figure that out, I'm sure the devs would be more than happy to fix the problem. If you can make the client run arbitrary code, I'm sure the dev team would be very interested too That's because the client can be requested to show you graphical things or load certain map data (that might end up being corrupt), leading to visual glitches.
  14. You woul _ _ _ _ _POO_

    It's not memory corruption and you're not seeing a random chunk of memory. It's the client trying to decipher what the server is telling it, but an issue causes it to severely misunderstand it. For example, imagine the client receives a packet that says "Drain your stamina bar by 10%". But something goes wrong and your client incorrectly deciphers this message. Now it interprets this as "Put something in your events tab" and the text it should insert is seemingly random binary data that gets converted to text. Eventually one of these misinterpreted packets will ask it to do something impossible and it would crash. The "damage" of this problem is limited to what the client allows packets to do. As far as I know, the client doesn't allow the server to execute arbitrary code on the client (that would be pretty crazy) or anything else that's as dangerous, so it can't create a bat file or whatever