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  1. BrQ a stylized version of my first name minus some vowels. Someone suggested the name to me when I was very young and it kinda stuck. When registering for Wurm Online, I registered as BrQ. However, the email I filled in during registration was wrong (twice I think). It was possible to wait it out for a couple of days and re-register, but I didn't want to wait. When I have to sign up somewhere and can't use my regular handle, I just add more Q's until it works. Usually I go for 3 Q's, then 5, then 10 and then 15. In this case, 3 Q's was enough so BrQQQ was born. The Daredevil account was bought, so I didn't come up with that name. 'Wynne' was named after the healer mage in Dragon Age: Origins. Fendor (and a few variations of it) I just made it up on the spot by typing random characters until it looked like a name.
  2. For me, the fun in PvP isn't just the combat. Like organizing a fair 5v5 in a steppe and hitting people until they're dead isn't really what makes PvP fun. A big part of PvP are the circumstances around the fight. Where you are, what you think your enemy is planning on doing, what your exit strategy is etc. On top of that, the stakes are usually high, because people wear valuable gear or have a big ego that they want to preserve. It's really impossible to recreate this environment in PvE. Though maybe it would make it more realistic if the NPCs who kill you in your scenario would talk crap about you on the forum afterwards. That'd definitely feel like PvP
  3. It could still be limited, but the limit could be much higher. Like 300
  4. Home Annoyance

    The alarms in the NL would still freak me out. It was always like "oh crap what time is i- oh it's noon, we're not dying" Better yet is that government emergency system that sends a loud message to your phone (NL Alert). The government can send regional emergency messages like during forest fires and such, but phones typically make a very loud sound when they get them. Sometimes they test the system and everyone freaks out about it. It was great being in class at uni and hearing all the phones go off.
  5. ...this is all because of one rare loom? It'd probably be quicker to make another rare loom than to resolve this petty argument
  6. Home Annoyance

    Here in the outskirts of Berlin, there is a football stadium with a lot of faithful fans. You can tell they're good supporters, because they spray paint their club name everywhere to remind everyone they're the best. Every other weekend or so, they play a game here. I don't follow their games, but I know when they play because there my entire neighborhood gets surrounded by hundreds of police officers, riot cars are parked everywhere, traffic grinds to a halt, drunk people start singing songs and all local public transport becomes useless because you can't fit in.
  7. For the first point, can't you use the WL/BL itself? I don't think that has anything to do with the healthiness of the game, because converting between kingdoms is a rare event.
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I don't want to end up like your friends
  9. I don't think those bans are as common as you make it seem. If all your friends have been banned for toxic behavior, that probably says a thing or two about your friends.
  10. Switched my Shares

    Like Malena said, the company that bought the shares is just trying to make more money. Their motivation is to make the game better and thereby increase the subscribers/revenue. Maybe it will be better, maybe not, we don't know. We do know is that the way it was before wasn't working, so there isn't a whole lot more to lose. There's really nothing more to be said about this, because we know so little about this company and how it operates, except Rolf's word about them having a hands off attitude. Everything else is just pointless speculation.
  11. Very sad to hear. She made an incredible contribution to this game. Many things that we take for granted were built or influenced by her. Besides normal game features, she also modernized a lot of the CM/GM tools and significantly improved their ability to do their work. Wurm would have been a completely different game without her. She and her work will not be forgotten. RIP
  12. To me this just shows that the suggested minimum is pretty good. The only "safe" locating that could happen is a locate between Kronos and Carlsborg, which I don't think is a big issue considering they're both deeds that are bordering the no-build zone of hota on the northern part. I think that if we had a 2048x2048 map, a 200 tile locate would work fine. On a smaller map, I think no locating at all would be perfectly fine. On a 4096x4096 map, having no locate soul just sounds like anti-pvp to me.
  13. Well that’s just plain wrong...
  14. Personally, I think the "locate them from deed using the priest" is a dumb thing and this locate change removed that. However, the main problem is if you're chasing anybody. Say you run across someone in local and then they disappear. If they run away in a random direction, you have roughly a minute to locate them. After that they're just completely gone. Any element of tracking is gone and it's pointless to bother looking on such a huge map unless you know where they are going. Having a slightly larger locate area means you can actually chase down people without letting people sit on deed scanning for people. A 500 tile range is from one side of hota, to the other side's end of build zone. That's enough to track people and not enough to scan from deed, which is seemingly what this change tried to achieve.