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  1. Ok I added an image so people could see the goods. I did not have to add an image. Next, yes the image is edited, we aren't proving the existence of Bigfoot here. The original screenshot was converted to a .jpg and slightly compress to help loading times. Then edited again after selling one set to a friend before this was even posted. Here is the image *edited* after that sale which i soon changed for the fact of not wanting to add the image with a "sold" on it when first introduced to the public. 54x 50y at Dark Banjoes is where these are located. this is not a scam nor do I have to sell them. If you would like me to prove "Bigfoot" I can't but feel free to venture to those coordinates, hit me up with a PM and ill log in and prove the existence of drake. Thank you.
  2. I'll drop them on deed for anyone that want to have a look
  3. Troll elsewhere please. Plenty of old players in game know me and know this is no scam. You may think what you wish.
  4. Selling green drake hide sets @ 70+QL. Also selling 1 gold coin. Located on Independence. Full set with cap - $120 USD - 2 available SOLD OUT Set without cap - $110 USD - 0 available SOLD OUT Gold coin - $120 USD - 1 available SOLD Accepting paypal only. Buyer is responsible for mailing fees. PM me on forum.
  5. And we can say the same thing about deeds. So now lets stop deeding? And yes your lucky Xallo was leading it even though I wasn't referring to "seeing" one.
  6. Talk about going to extremes, yeeesh. No, obviously not. Dragons should be the exception, as they are in all myths. The fact that dragons can be penned so easily just shows that in Wurm a dragon is just a wolf with wings. You in fact proved my point that dragons are nothing special in Wurm, and thus shouldn't exist at all (in their current state). A wolf with wings huh? Obviously you've never encountered one. And really it's time to stop all the crybaby jazz. Ever hear "careful what you wish, you just may get it"? So much crying about penning this or that, well I can assure you there would be just as much crying (or more) if you got your no pen wish. "I can't terraform my deed because of this unique", "I've lost all my stuff and can't find my corpse because of this unique". Really it would get as annoying as this thread. Now I'm not for penning everything but I'd rather see uniques harvested and aged and killed for loot and respawn after death. Give us a reason to kill it and something to look forward to in the future. Though the sight of uniques destroying everyone and everything in their paths would give me a good chuckle. Other than that, sure, 1st to reach it and perform the difficult task of penning it wins.
  7. Well said, stop your "crying" people.