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  1. I believe Ago's latest include of the hitching post mod can be found in a zip file in an earlier version of the server mod release.
  2. It's not as versatile as what you describe, but the current NPCs you can spawn in the game and make citizens of a deed do go about doing things. They botanize and search grass tiles and occasionally drop the stuff they collect. I've even discovered a pair of crafted scissors (37 QL) on the corpse of one of them. The scissors were labeled as having that NPC as maker. Since I'm the only GM on the server, it looks like their somewhat limited code is capable of such things on rare occasion. I'm hoping CodeClub will expand on it. As for the occasional object you want not to decay if you don't want to go with the no decay mod listed above, make a GM and have them mark the item No Bash/destroy in its properties. Keeps stuff at 0 damage on my server. Do note that you can't change damage even with the GM while that's checked, so repair it or reset it to 0 first and then turn it on as a separate action.
  3. It already exists. Middle of page two currently. [WIP] NoDecay, now with configurable blacklist Might take a little setup to get it to do exactly what you want.
  4. Also a substitute for animal fat if that hasn't been noted yet. Needed for candles and the oh-so-useful farmer's salve off the top of my head; perhaps more as well.
  5. You're welcome. Glad it's working now. On a different note, I wonder how the new horse colors from Code Club will affect this mod?
  6. Did you remember to run 'patcher.bat' in the WurmLauncher directory after the latest game update? It needs to be run after every Steam update of Wurm Unlimited. Additionally, I believe you'll have to run it on server side too if you used it there in the first place, but I use the 'modlauncher.bat' file to start a dedicated server, so I can't say for certain on the server side. Definitely need 'patcher.bat' for the client though.
  7. Concerning the Custom Action mod.... Is there a command to turn the action numbers off? I've tried the command 'act_show off' and it says that they're off, but they still show when I open the right-click menus. Otherwise, very handy, thanks! It saved a lot of time when I wanted to GM destroy about 50 floors and walls, but not annihilate the entire multistory structure I was working on. Also, we can finally bind the paint terrain command.
  8. Wow! That was extremely fast. Works perfectly. Thanks so much for what you do for the Wurm Unlimited community, Ago! I, for one, very much appreciate it.
  9. Ago, with the new Wurm update the other day, I transferred my server map and XML annotations from being directly inserted into graphics.jar to a separate .jar file to be handled by serverpacks and the custommap mod. The map and XML based markers work fine, but I keep losing player-added map annotations (alliance specifically, I haven't tried personal or settlement ones yet). Does the custommap mod support player-added annotations at this time? I thought maybe I should ask before I start disabling other mods to check for conflicts. Thanks Edit: I haven't updated to 0.3.2 yet.
  10. Happy to hear that you're back in the game and all is well now.
  11. Sizan, as mentioned above, please make sure you ran "patcher.bat" in the WurmLauncher folder again after you reinstalled things. There should be a file called "client-patched.jar" with the same date as when you reinstalled. If it's not there or is dated in December, you didn't run the patcher.bat file. Every time Wurm updates through Steam, you'll need to run "patcher.bat" again. Please go back a page and follow the steps Nappy gave you on 18 December again and hopefully that will fix it. If you aren't showing all file name extensions (they're off by default on Windows), that also might be leading to problems. Please be sure they're enabled, or there's a small chance your "" file might actually be named "" and just not be showing the .disabled part on your screen. This would cause things not to work. If you're not sure how to check, here's a link to a Microsoft page on turning them on and off. This link is for Windows 7. If you're running a different version of Windows, you should be able to find information specific to that version on the same site, but I believe the instructions are similar. If carefully following Nappy's detailed instructions from December and making sure there's no file name extension problems doesn't help, I'm not sure what else to suggest. Good luck!
  12. Many thanks, Ago! This is excellent!
  13. Yes, same thing here; even from two stock grey generic horses. White offspring and traits 8, 9, and 10 checked. I've just been setting the color that makes sense with a GM, but it would be nice for this to work on its own. Running a steamcmd dedicated server on Windows 10.