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  1. Silver Moon (S18) @ 1000,1025
  2. I couldn't agree more. The longer the wait the more people we lose.
  3. Do the new servers have some kind of new technology that allows them to support such a higher max player base? The lag that occurs in game at around 800 players says otherwise. Shouldn't this be corrected? http://wurmonline.com/status/ Login server online Uptime 4h 41m Golden Valley 0/80 Chaos 34/800 Independence 56/800 Deliverance 25/800 Exodus 35/800 Celebration 22/800 Pristine 17/800 Release 25/800 Xanadu 111/800 Harmony 899/1500 Defiance 387/1500 Haven 25/400 Melody 373/800 Epic cluster 8/3200 Don't get me wrong. Development has done a phenomenal job with the improvements over the years. (I love the changes to traders, and the Marks system for example). But this is Wurm's big chance with a Steam Release. This only happens once. I can't help but believe the negative reviews are mostly due to the lag and its losing its potential in retaining new premium players. I get the caution on opening a new server with the fear of it becoming a ghost town eventually. I believe the repercussions from inactivity are too costly in this instance. I highly recommend the max player count be updated to accurately reflect 800 players. Open new Servers and further encourage new players to play there. Has single server instancing been reviewed as a possibility? (Separate databases for different regions) Apologies, I love this game and feel like I'm helpless watching someone drowning. I only want to help...
  4. Step 1: Get past the launch issues.
  5. FYI, use at your own risk, but we figured out you can access all the mobs and items (for rewards) left off the mission lists by editing the DB directly. (Offline of course). Just be careful if you manage the mission via the UI in game, as doing so will remove any of your special selections. Getting this reworked correctly will be a huge deal for Wurm Unlimited. So much potential!
  6. Still not seeing the old "arachnophobia" blob model as an option. "My main concern" I know, it's crazy, but I miss my blob! Here are the duplicates in case it's something that should be remedied. Otherwise please disregard. Items: Creatures:
  7. Looks like it removed direct access. Now it has to be expressly provided in the list correct? For example: Blob is no longer available but its still in the models file. Edit: Several issue in the list as well. For example: ore ore ore ore ore ore lump lump lump lump lump lump coin coin coin coin five_coin five_coin five_coin five_coin Twenty_coin twenty_coin twenty_coin twenty_coin Lump is actually in the list 13 times. I guess I'm not understanding why it was changed. Seemed to work better the way it was before.
  8. I've tested this issue on a couple servers running the current version of WU. No butchering skill is being acquired when filleting fish. Anyone else seeing the same thing? Thanks! Update: Looks like its just GM spawned fish and possibly pre cooking update fish.
  9. Mining forward normally results in a variable being included which creates a slope up or down on the tile we reveal. Removing that variable and setting it to always be flat would remove a major annoyance. Add a setting so that it only works this way for GMs (using a wand) would be a nice feature as well.
  10. Necro but fyi to others... They do spawn automatically, roughly one per month
  11. Regatta results... It was an incredibly close race! Goldman took the lead "with a little help from his god" and was able to keep that lead (although very slight) all the way to the finish line. Goldman won a Rare Caravel, while all participants were able to keep their very colorful sail boats! Pictures to follow: The behemoth Rare Caravel prize arrives! Fishing contest begins as soon as the Regatta ends
  12. Mythmoor - Regatta 2017 and the Triple play Fishing Contest are about to start! If you're not playing here, you're missing out on a great community and great events!
  13. Question. We've been having some issues with items being bugged. Message says you cannot use that item while its banked. "or something close" I figured out I can take it from the players through trade, then place it on a personal merchant and dismiss them (destroying the item). But I was wondering, is there a way to pull/summon an item from player inventories without having to dive into the database? Thanks in advance! Edit: Ah totally overlooked it... #loadItem ID
  14. Bump and a HUGE please to the current devs. We've been missing this ever since the wonderful chain link fence was added.