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  1. The below patchnotes were added: Thirdly, here are some other patches! Uniques now bash better in cavesFix so when sleep bonus runs out, it auto-freezes it The quality calculation for bulk items has been changed Added the mycelium growth stage to the examine message Tweaked body control skillgain for archery down Fix for village foundation screen when using a deed stake Removed settlement size restriction when founding using a deed stake Updated legendary digging title
  2. You can now test the new boats on the testserver ( Boats are provided near the new spawn point. Both old and existing server accounts now have the ML required for all boats. Some things to test: * Commander and passenger positions * Sitting and standing animations * Collisions with cave walls, fences, house walls, shore * Fighting from boats * Entering/exiting caves * Embarking from swimming
  3. it's not random, and it's not a bug
  4. Client crashes with error: <no lwjgl in java.library.path> Type this command in the windows search prompt: javaws -viewer This should open the Java cache viewer. Delete all versions of Wurm you have there, and re-install Wurm from the website
  5. That's just a setting, not a hard limit. GMs lower and raise those settings when needed.
  6. Check if gamesettings.txt is set to read-only
  7. Please post contents of your console log
  8. That looks like a connection issue. You can try doing a traceroute to the login server (
  9. The animal count is 50k for the test, it's not the maximum amount
  10. The client itself is tiny. You can download the test graphic packs with the current test client