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  1. Its really confusing! I only have this problem in Wurm Online and it only happens during the night time in Wurm, what the f Oh well, dosent look like anybody have a clue about what the problem could be, was just hoping for someone that had a solution right in hand I will continue my journey towards fixing this, and if i find a solution some other place i will let you guys know.
  2. Hello! UPDATE: "It ONLY happens when it is night time :S" Im not sure what to call it, but i noticed this crackling sound in Wurm when i look around in the game, its pretty annoying. I have to point out that i just plugged in a wireless headset and then it started, but this dosent happen in other games, only in Wurm Online :S I have recorded it so you can hear for your self and i hope somebody has some idea what causes it and maybe a solution.
  3. I dont have any worries about Wurm going down at all.
  4. If you can kill it, you can bury it.
  5. Hostile against Chaos because of a unique? Haha, come on...!
  6. Allready on Epic, good post! Besides, it is nice that it aint crowded with people, not that we are enough, we need more of course. But what i mean is that it aint impossible to find good spots at all
  7. Its nice that a new server is coming up, but it aint fixing any issues that "we" the players are thinking should be fixed first. But in the long run, its good with a server added.
  8. I dont think its that bad looking ???
  9. Thanks mate, keep up the good work!
  10. I would like to get my deed updated on the map. Thanks
  11. The idea with seasons is good, but i do agree that i can be to much sometimes. I dont like the leafes on the roofs, it looks wrong. Besides that, the leafes shouldnt be inside houses etc. But we all know what the idea is, and lets just hope that it will improve over time Besides that, good work.
  12. 2,999?

    There will always be somebody whining like a complete idiot after a update. "Im not going to spend more money on this, blabla" <-- Who cares? If you whine like a child, nobody is going to listen to what you have to say.
  13. New server coming!

    I did get across and alot of other people did too. But we only just reached land when the message in the event window came where Rolf stated that there was some bug with the items people had on them not coming with them when crossing so he would shut down the server, fix it, and reboot.