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  1. Do you guys accept everyone that shows up? I'm a returning player that wants to find a new home as I've only played on Indy
  2. Hello fellow Wurm players! I decided to return to Wurm after a long break and I just now tried to recover the password of my Wurm character called ''djassist'' (My second account). Apparently there is no character called ''djassist'' and I'm 100% certain this was his name. This happened to my main character aswell two years ago; it was removed and GM's couldn't even find a single trace of him, so I had to start over all again . My secondary account djassist was indeed premium and thus shouldn't be removed, so I'm wondering; what happened? EDIT: The name is even saved in my login screen together with my two other characters.
  3. Hi! I'm returning to Wurm after a short break so I'll gladly buy this deed! 20s deal!
  4. And how much are you paying....?
  5. The corbita comes with anchor and lock if the cog does. QL of the corbita is 34.
  6. As the title says, i'm trading my Corbita and 4 silver, for a Cog. Contact me ingame or on the forums if you're interested I'm in 22x 19y, Holmside.
  7. Hello mate! I recently started playing Wurm again after a 5 month ''ragequit'' after getting killed by a seabear while exploring the world. I'm now looking for a town to settle in and contribute to, and yours looks perfect since i enjoy making ships and such. I don't have premium membership but i will buy it however if you decide to take me in! I also know all the basics of the game but might need help getting some new tools as i lost it all after being killed :/ Send me a message ingame/forums or on steam. My steam name is Djurius! See ya ingame perhaps
  8. Hi there! I first started playing Wurm online for about a year ago and was a member of the Tyre town and also Backheaven. I left the game cause i basically ''ragequitted'' when i died from a so called seabear when i was exploring in my boat, and yes, i had been warned many times before about them! xD I know all the basic skills of the game but i might be a bit rusty since i haven't played in about 6-7 months I would love to join your town and help contribute to it, and also learn more about the game myself My ingame name is djuriusms AND djurius, do i contact you ingame or through something else, like steam perhaps? My steam name is djurius.
  9. Ohaider! I've played this game for about 5 days now, and i've joined a village called backheaven at 44y 8x on the freedom server, but i'm looking for something bigger and i also want pvp. I like to kill stuff with my 2 swords I can aid in building more defensive structures and help building houses for other new players. Thanks alot! /Djuriusms <------- Ingame name
  10. Ohaider! I've played this game for about 5 days now, and i've joined a village called backheaven at 44y 8x, but i'm looking for something bigger. I like to fish since that's what i have been doing to give the citizens here something to eat. If you're not busy enough and able to contact me ingame, that would be great If i'm able to join, i will travel there by boat carrying all necessities etc Thanks alot! /Djuriusms <---- Ingame name.