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  1. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    hello please send rune of magranon, zinc 6,71ql 9c and rune of lilila 64,70 ql to saigonangel. Thanks
  2. Forest Beech Deed and House Writ

    I was told this deed should be disbanded very soon
  3. Please cod grooming brush 17ql coc81 1s to saigonangel please
  4. cod this to saigonangel steel shovel 1ql 86coc 1.4 S Tyvm
  5. So, unfinished items can no longer be mailed

    -1 This could possibly be the worst update in the entire universe.
  6. Now is Megalomania Market open

    This market doesn't exist anymore since the owner moved to xanadu, just for your info.
  7. Want a HotS tower for free?

    cod one to saigonangel please
  8. Xanadu Map

    Hi Can you add Gulf of Heaven in the middle of U17 at the coastline . Thanks
  9. Now is Megalomania Market open

    Hmm, have not checked out his stock properly and im his neighbour,shame on me
  10. Now is Megalomania Market open

    There's a slab road starting just south of Lakeview (x20 y16) going south towards the tarpit at x20 y12. There's a signpost on that road pointing you to Megalomania. Or go by boat if you have one,but I personally prefer to hack my way through the forest instead.
  11. Project: Fluffy Flyway

  12. Name A Landmark Competition - Pristine

    P6 Paramount lake P7 Desert Plains Anything else would be fine by me