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  1. Rift 07 february (CET)

    Looks like the time is about 2 hours off. Both Niarja shows it'll start in about 1h55m from this post, and ingame no indications of the Rift spewing out mobs have occurred yet.
  2. Now this is an interesting idea, and one that fits well enough with how the game plays rather than some NPCs buying and selling crates of goods. It could be similar to how you can automatically keep lamps within a 24 tiles perimeter around your deed fueled and lit by having a huge oil barrel filled with oil and at least 1 spirit templar active. You could have some dedicated bulk bin in which you can store the bulk resources and see that consumed over time (either magically or by templar) to reduce or possibly even fully mitigate upkeep while resources last. Preferably it would require no spirit templar for such an addition, but even if it did it could help a good amount in monthly upkeep with deeds that exceed 1s/month by far, depending on how fast the resources are burned up, and how much of a reduction in monthly upkeep it would give while enough materials are present. What kind of materials, what else but deed size affects the daily/monthly consumption, how much effect on the deed upkeep, and other details would probably need consideration to make it worthwhile but not too powerful if that's a concern. (For example the whole refueling through huge oil barrels and templars was a great attempt, but before the amount of olives per tree was increased it was simply not worth it and far from everyone has a templar; 1s/month just to refuel some offdeed lamps alone is expensive as well.) This could allow for a lower/no upkeep during active playing, reduce the stress of trying to find someone willing to buy stuff from you so you can keep your deed running while still allowing you to do so if you do have a good market presence (or want coin for premium time, buying items from others, etc.), and in effect have a game mechanism in play that could take some pressure off the whole declining economy and the fear, doubt and uncertainty it can cause in some. "The economy is dead!" is much less daunting to deal with when deed upkeep alternatives exist. This is also visible with the implementation of rare coins through various kinds of actions. +1
  3. Thanks, Vynora

    On a rare occasion in between the tendencies of letting you shatter your items in their name and for their sadistic amusement, the Deities can indeed help you out when you're in a pinch. I guess they want to keep us alive so we can keep entertaining them
  4. Magic chest damage

    I have no idea about any bug, changes or whatnot, but I'd like to clarify that 2.50damage at a decay tick should be correct. Damage a decay tick causes is equal to 100/effective quality. Effective quality is QL shown minus the damage as percentage. (10dmg on a 50QL item means the item's effective QL is 45QL (90% of 50). 40 QL zero damage magic chests means 100/40 = 2.50 dmg for the first tick. I hope this helps. Beat me to it, @Retrograde
  5. Patch Notes 7/SEPT/17

    I've had a tasty 1QL 99CoC rake go down 2 points in 45ish minutes of tending my farms like 5 years ago, and another point a mere few hours later. I'd advise more tests than just this one to base the effective changes on, as it's still a chance-based thing and one with fairly low chances at that. Especially with how fickle RNG can be, 40 minutes of farming once is not a good indicator of the statistical nor practical overall effects.
  6. 4.0.6 client release!

  7. Free Rune attaching service

    [08:06:36] You successfully attach the rune to the pickaxe No problem
  8. Free Rune attaching service

    [22:48:35] Soul depth increased to 82 Bada-bump!
  9. Valrei International 024

    [15:26:53] Your title is now Druidkin. I need that mask!
  10. Free Rune attaching service

  11. Wurm Roadmap May 2017

    There's a difference between penalty and disadvantage, something that's being used interchangeably by you it seems. A penalty would imply that the implemented cooking system made it so that you need full CCFP to be on par with simply eating a meal before the cooking system was added, that having anything less than 100% CCFP means ending up with faster stamina, food%, water% and sleep bonus consumption/drain. This is not the case. Instead, being at 0% CCFP will have you burn aforementioned at the same rate as before the current cooking system. Yes, the increase in sleep bonus efficiency with full CCFP is very significant, and indeed not using it will put you at a disadvantage. However, same applies to many other aspects of Wurm - and games in general. Playing less hours than other people puts you at a disadvantage, not having 104 power enchanted tools and optimal QL/etc. for whatever action with whatever intents and purposes puts you at a disadvantage compared to someone who does. Not going around farming/buying people's affinities on Chaos is a disadvantage compared to those who do. Having less money to throw at Wurm or earning less money ingame puts you at a disadvantage. Heck, having less player connections - and even worse internet connection - will have you at a disadvantage. There's zero penalty for any of those things, though. With disadvantages where you yourself as a player have control over how much you let it affect you - like with the cooking system - it's up to you personally to decide whether or not the added effort is worth it or not. It sounds like it's not worth your effort to get some less than bare minimum food, even if the low effort of even half-decent meals fully negates such a seemingly (for you) huge disadvantage. That's your choice naturally, nobody's forcing you to do otherwise, but personally I don't see what complaining about it adds to your benefit - let alone to this thread.