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  1. Cow Imposter Must Be Slain

    I shall attend!
  2. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    As you can't get any sleep bonus by logging off in a bed when you're already at 5+ hours of SB, it's ideal to try and have close to no sleep bonus left when we get the 5h compensation. That way we can more easily burn it down to <5 hours before we log off again. This 1 week heads up allows for us to prepare for that. Best of luck with the server move, devs!
  3. What's my bank balance?

    The methods people gave normally work to get the answer that you need, were it not for the mods that got rid of said methods. I don't think there's some "official word" on how to check your balance, especially on a modded server. That said, if the bounties obtained actually give you an update on your bank balance in the event chat, you could try and dig up your history chat logs. I don't know the exact or default file path, but it will probably look something like this: "Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\players\<playername>\logs". Check your events.txt files in there for any bank balance changes. If, however, the mod(s) also don't show the new bank balance in the event chat upon completing bounties, you're probably out of luck. You may want to ask the mod creator - or your server's owner/host - for these specific questions, as this is not so much an official standard issue but rather one that's specific to the way that specific server was set up. Good luck.
  4. WTS Stuff

    50x rare iron lump for 10c each, so 5s total if that's an acceptable offer (ideally low/no dmg ones). If so, CoD it to Raamkozijn, please and thank you :)
  5. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    It seems like you only obtain alignment when the amount of favor you gain from sacrificing is above 10 and below a certain amount; I want to say 50? Are your sacrifice actions all above 50 favor worth? Especially when spamcasting and in need of more alignment I tend to sacrifice in 2 <50 favor steps every half an hour or so to get the alignment up, as I could spend 100k favor's worth of chopped veggies - or cordage ropes - on saccing in >50 favor steps, and get zero alignment as well. It's been like that since I remember. If that's not the case, I don't know what changed, I'm at 100 alignment so I can't test it.
  6. Do you like the new fishing system?

    *Jaw theme intensifies*
  7. Do you like the new fishing system?

    This is my guess as well. Some of the trees that didn't give me grubs or birchwood bark last night, do give me some today. I haven't checked for any twigs yet. Where they made it so that all tiles were "seeded" when archaeology came out, they seemingly did not with this update - which imo is fine. I think some of the frustration of a few people could've been reduced if the spawn method was mentioned somewhere, but with how big the patch notes were it very well could've been forgotten by accident. Some dev clarification would be great, though I bet they're actively full-time busy squashing nasty bugs at the moment. That said, I'd give it a few days to see how easy it is to get the new types of bait and floats that don't consist of pre-existing items, before drawing conclusions on whether or not it's too difficult in terms of (re)spawn rate.
  8. Keep failing to catch fish 99.5 fishing

    I had this issue with fishing as well at first. It turns out that if you wait for a message to appear about something nibbling on your hook/bait, and you then click on the floater (near it might work as well), you'll hook the fish and start reeling it in. I was trying to click the pesky fish as well last night, to no avail. Had it swim on land and disappear on me continuously, if it even really showed up. When the message showed the fish were generally near the float but not always. More importantly I noticed that it doesn't even give an outline for the fish to click, so it was just an animation rather than interactive object. It was a bit frustrating until I discovered the "click on/near float" part through trial and error. After that it's quite amusing to play around with. [09:38:00] You cast the line and start fishing. *Fish starts swimming near the float* [09:38:59] You feel something nibble on the line. *click on float* [09:39:00] You hooked a catfish! And then bunch of messages on you vs the fish fighting to see if you win on getting it caught. [09:39:50] The catfish managed to jump the hook! Sadly this example it won
  9. chopping bug/well bugs me..

    Regarding chopping a bunch of selected items, it seems to have a separate internal action for herbs and veggies, and it determines which one of the 2 you want to attempt by what item you rightclick when selecting the action. It seems weird to us as chopping is chopping, but I don't know if it's intended or not. A dev would probably need to answer that. For example, you have a mix of 3 herbs and 7 veggies and selected them all. When you rightclick a herb it'll always check the whole pile for herbs and it will only use your maximum amount of queues. If you can queue 8 action, it'll cycle through "chop-any-herb-selected" 8 times and leave the last 2 items untouched. If you rightclick a veggie instead, it'll cycle through "chop-any-veggie" 8 times and leave the last 2 untouched. Continuing the 8 queue assumption, if you had 3 corn as the last of the 10 items, and you did the "chop" action on veggies, it would only chop 1 of those 3 corns and leave the last 2 whole. Reason I'm not sure if it's a bug is because this same effect can be reproduced with other actions as well. Get 10 items you can improve where only 2 take the same specific tool. Activate that tool, place the items last, and 8 queues will cycle with no items improved at all; it cycles through the 8 items that don't need to the tool and then it's done. Same goes for creation: select 8 items of which only 4 can actually me used for creating something (e.g. 6 nails and 4 woodscrap to make kindling with a saw), and if the items are last in the list, only 2 of 4 will be processed. I do think in the chopped veggies/herbs area it would be neat seeing it changed to make it some "chop-any-item-selected" action instead, if not for the increase in QoL.
  10. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    This is indeed very sad news. Lost for words on what to say, may you rest in peace, Tich.
  11. -CLOSE- WTA Rare Birdcage

    That was quick, sold to Fairyshine for 7.5s buyout. The thread can be closed, thank you.
  12. -CLOSE- WTA Rare Birdcage

    Ever wanted to have a shiny animal to call your own? Feeling like you could really use a companion that would sing* to you when you're down? Look no further! I'm looking to auction this 75QL rare birdcage: As shown, it comes with a "Decent glow" rune attached to it, which can be removed per winner's request before it's sent your way. Starting Bid: 3s Min. Increase: 25c Buyout: 7.5s Sniper: 1 hour since last bid I accept no private bids, to avoid potential drama. *It might not actually sing, it may have been the voices in my head instead.
  13. Fix Maker Names

    He's referring to the database occasionally wiping off creator tags from items, apparently when not used for long periods of time. [15:34:56] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Raamkozijn'. This used to be a Willow made (and imped) toolbelt, it's at 90QL. As toolbelts seemingly don't function as "using", it's not prevented from getting its creator erased over time - however much you equip your toolbelt. +1 to the suggestion, it would be nice to either see it changed so that tools/items don't lose their creator tag altogether, or otherwise have some ability to make a specific tool retain its tag. Just spitballing, but maybe have some common item you could use once on any tool/item that normally has a creator tag to preserve it indefinitely? A fun part of archaeology is reminiscing about past deeds and the activities one used to do there - or around that time. Creator tags had a similar effect for me, seeing dusty tools with names of old villagers long gone, or veteran players on a possibly forever long break, it adds to the nostalgia.
  14. Yet another statue/mask fragment seller!

    Remaining 3 fragments sent, thanks for purchasing
  15. Yet another statue/mask fragment seller!

    Items sent, thank you for purchasing