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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. The intent is to help people with low Soul Depth make use of their obtained runes as it can be frustrating to burn through your Rift materials trying to get 1 rune stick to an item. Ideally the free service is used by people who want to rune their own tools/items rather than doing so for profit. If someone was to need runes attached to make their stock more sellable, getting paid for the attaching service would make way more sense for sure.
  2. An imbue rebalance is long overdue, to the point where after years time people assumed this ridiculous power is intended - with no dev comment ever implying otherwise in the past - and people made it part of their endgame Wurm experience/preparation. Some people make sure to always have thousands of high QL items in stock, while some of us keep veins around to mine from as needed, as the stupidly broken power of imbues were in the game for many years without much needed rebalancing. Over 5 years now. It seemed fairly safe to assume it was considered intended in its power. Now it looks like I'll have to take a break from my break, prem up, and start hoarding as many 100QL ores/lumps as possible in as little time possible in case the rebalancing makes high QL effects as meager as the rarity system does for gathering tools. After all, rarity system was made to give severely reduced effectiveness at >90QL and practically no effect at >98QL as it was deemed brokenly powerful otherwise. I selfishly hope the rebalancing won't happen in the next 5ish weeks so I can get some RL stuff done and then spend a whole month doing nothing but mine and cut trees before inevitably extending my break from the likely burnout it'll cause. I'm aware this is FOMO (fear of missing out), but seeing how windows of opportunity can make a significant difference in availability of items, better safe than sorry. Hopefully the changes turn out to be quite alright and the following month is me being silly. I think the fact it took over 5 long years before a sudden "oh my, it's too strong, let's 'fix' it!" dev message appeared, that has most people respond with such dislike. In case suggestions are already being gathered: As being able to mine max QL ores at like 82 skill or so is a big issue, it could perhaps be changed to increase the max QL you can mine by up to a few QL (to offset the lack of 100QL and rarity of 97-99QL capped veins), and have the effective QL cap shift be affected by mining skill. For example at [100] power imbue, you could mine vein QL +10 (73QL capped vein gives max 83QL ores), or mining skill + 3, whichever is lowest. May require tweaking of course, but this would still require 97 mining to get a shot at 100QL ores, and alleviate the pain of vein QL caps without outright removing those caps altogether. And being able to mine 90QL ores at 87 mining seems more reasonable than current 82ish skill for 100QL (iirc). And I, too, would love to see some love for the imbues that don't deal with resource gathering. -Edit- I was reminded of the fact that "+10%" runes exist. This makes the impact of even severe imbue changes less painful, though honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they'd change that as well. 10% at base 91QL would still be 100QL, after all.
  3. I thought it was just me, as my internet connection has been acting up in the past few weeks. Please fix, I need my fix!
  4. I find it quite tempting to join in on the speculation on what the details of Frontier will be, both imagining best-case, worst-case, and any scenarios in between. Personally I doubt closing servers over it will do any good (especially avoiding the whole "anything but my server" discussion), nor do I think it'll thin the population too much even if it's a success, depending on how the travel back and forth will be; a 6-monthly map reset and potential downtime between resets may make it more of a holidays server where people can meet (and work together as mentioned in the OP) from different servers, while keeping their servers as main base of operations. And just like that some speculation was shared anyway. For now I'll stick with some hype for the potential it may have, and eagerly await more detailed information that will hopefully arrive soon!
  5. Nice, good to see the name is still around then! "Logging started 2013-06-19" Back then it was still an alt of mine. Had to backtrack a lot through chatlogs as I deleted unused nonprem alt logs a while ago, lol -edit- I'm hyped for this event!
  6. Unless someone else made that char after me, he hasn't been around for 5-6 years or so
  7. I am a window frame, and I approve this message. Safe to say, the Troll King was mostly talking gibberish. I couldn't quite understand most of it; it probably spoke Flemish with a thick accent, instead of Dutch.
  8. As you can't get any sleep bonus by logging off in a bed when you're already at 5+ hours of SB, it's ideal to try and have close to no sleep bonus left when we get the 5h compensation. That way we can more easily burn it down to <5 hours before we log off again. This 1 week heads up allows for us to prepare for that. Best of luck with the server move, devs!
  9. The methods people gave normally work to get the answer that you need, were it not for the mods that got rid of said methods. I don't think there's some "official word" on how to check your balance, especially on a modded server. That said, if the bounties obtained actually give you an update on your bank balance in the event chat, you could try and dig up your history chat logs. I don't know the exact or default file path, but it will probably look something like this: "Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\players\<playername>\logs". Check your events.txt files in there for any bank balance changes. If, however, the mod(s) also don't show the new bank balance in the event chat upon completing bounties, you're probably out of luck. You may want to ask the mod creator - or your server's owner/host - for these specific questions, as this is not so much an official standard issue but rather one that's specific to the way that specific server was set up. Good luck.
  10. 50x rare iron lump for 10c each, so 5s total if that's an acceptable offer (ideally low/no dmg ones). If so, CoD it to Raamkozijn, please and thank you :)