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  1. Telmar Outpost Introduction The seafaring folk: the Telmarine pirates, from a set of novellas from a prominent author, set about for new lands after traversing through a nuclear portal found in a cave on an island. The namesake is from this particular people. Details As it is, this outpost is right on the water with access to a an enchanted mailbox within walking distance, near a local guard tower in case of spiders and the like, and has farming plots to provide ample supply of food and materials. The side section contains room for citizen housing. There is a mine nearby with lots of iron and marble. Purpose The purpose for this outpost is thrice: for those who wish to get some grounding before heading into skill-intensive encounters they more or less haven't been prepared for, and for those who simply don't have a place to settle in, may not be premium, but want to polish off their lack of skills, and those who don't have the silver to trade for their own deed and desire a settlement. Screenshots 2/13 citizens - still recruiting
  2. Telmar Outpost Placed in the NW corner of Deliverance, there has been made a suitable place to dwell for the next three months at least. Fans of the Telmarines of the Chronicles of Narnia, and since nearly every square on the map is covered in bushes and trees, it seems suitable to harbor this name. It is located directly on the coast with a spirit box nearby, about a minutes walk, from a foregone homestead that is usable. It is said of the Telmarines that they populated an island as a band of pirates, then in a cave found a portal to Narnia. The eventually goal is to take myself back to other lands and leave this island while time lasts, but that day is long forthcoming. For now, this settlement is recruiting others. So far it's at 2/13 citizens. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/c5zHXQN Post here or PM Flimmy in-game.
  3. In interest, how about the hammer and 79 CoC file? Maybe 65 copper, orrr... something like that.
  4. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Summary To build a row boat and manage myself off of the island of Chaos has been a challenge and I think I am ready to request paid departure off the island until I am ready to come back another day. It has been good, but for now I am nearly stranded (though eventually I could make a rowing boat... eventually). Details I have a minimal amount of goods to take: something to get me started in a new place. This constitutes probably just an inventory's worth of items. Offer I have is 1 silver. This or willing to take best offer. Destination? Independence.
  6. Beta pics n crap I had in an old yahoo mail account
  7. Closed

    To Cartrip [15:55:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Closed
  8. Auctioning only Carock, Blacksheepboy reserved http://forum.wurmonl...count-with-alt/ Selling these starting at about 5s each, increments of 1s. Good hunting grounds. Needs boat and you've got nice traveling Ends Tuesday, 12:00pm PST
  9. With a fairly good setup, and decent items. Has large anvil and 3 forges above 15 ql in iron mine, and not all surrounding trees and old shriveled Blacksheepboy: Chain armor smithing's to 14, hot food cooking to 12.. I'm not sure how to 'skill dump' Here's another account included as an alt: Carock Thanks