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  1. Theres no paperwork for the house I built with my GM. No one can use anything inside it, whats the point? I cant drop or drag anything on my main account and I cant edit it. Help?
  2. You guys saved me! I'm now creating everything. HOWEVER. Pleaaaaaaaaaase if anyone can help, my wolves are not the right models! They are WORGS! I have not messed with models or anything of that sort so not sure why it took the worg model. But its terrifying! Can someone help? Thank you!
  3. The map I made with map generator crashes when I click start online. The crash is that it just closes the program quickly; not a "not responding" etc. It connects to stream in offline mode though? I want to play a server with my close friends. I also have a few small questions. 1. The map seems to work in game, but it is in winter. Can I change it to summer? 2. I spawn in my bay. Can I change that? Last time I tried I spawned in ocean haha. I am horrid with numbers. 3. The game said I was in West Lake Area when it dropped me in the bay. As soon as I left the bay it said I left the area. What is this area? Lol. 4. Also do the altars generate automatically on my server? I see them but I didn't put them down haha. the server is based off a copy of the creative map type.
  4. I'm having a white helmet with red spots over it and text which looks like it says "missing" over it. Deleted and reinstalled files and verified them and still same result. spefically it was a helmet on a npc in the JK adventure map's base, by the huge wooden gate. also a huge avatar magranon is standing on the main town, not sure if that's supposed to happen, just found it amusing for creating a character and him standing in the middle.
  5. Fixed it by installing it again finally. Does anyone know how to make a deed in the game? I get to the survey part and it shows the borders but doesn't do anything.
  6. Gonna try that. By the way, discussed with the guy who runs the wurm facebook page, the map thing is a bug.
  7. Didn't intend to do that. I wanted to delete the server I had created. I didn't think I was deleting the whoe thing. Kegan, I tried to restore it as well by updating files from steam and it just said "error". I will try to delete the files. I'm gonna try to reinstall the whole schazam to see if that does anything for the database. So, uninstalled the game and installing again.
  8. I accidentally deleted the database for creative. Oops. It's not there, I can't seem to create one, and I've uninstalled the dedicated server and installed again, nothing. Help? It seems to have messed up the whole game. Also how do you change the starting position? Since I'm stuck on adventure mode now, I'm at the Wins (I forgot the name) town or whatever, and I don't even see it on the map. How does that help me?
  9. I'm very excited for this expansion of the game. I feel like people who don't like it will return to the original, and those who don't like it without playing will never leave the original, therefore it won't have a bad turn out on the game's online servers. Will also be waiting the night of the 21st. One thing I do question though, Whats the price range of the game? Also for people who say "steam refunds can be submitted up until two weeks after purchasing!" Have you ever done a steam refund? You have to have played the game for less than a few hours, and obviously if that's the case you never intended to actually play the game in the first place. Usually its for games that are just not working on your pc / crash a lot etc.
  10. I'm in! I had to move it to the desktop and reinstall the directory there. Woop. Glad everything's fixed now. Was worried, apparently its only been 30 days since I logged in, so I wasn't too close to losing her!
  11. Nope, July or so, I think late July, but its getting there on her. I been busy with life and junk so I can't explain haha. But I planned on keeping her and getting premium eventually. I dont have any safety things going on at the moment and my computer was restarted last night (error happened last night, tried again today, twice nothing) Gonna download the file. edit: trying to move file directory first.
  12. Worried about losing my character who isnt premium. Please assist. Contents of temporary launch log: Time is Tue Sep 15 17:34:31 EDT 2015 Running client version 3.99 === System information === Executing from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\ Operating system: Windows 10 (arch: amd64, version: 10.0) Java version: 1.8.0_60 (Oracle Corporation) <http://java.oracle.com/> Jvm version: 25.60-b23 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 4 >>> Main thread exiting. Loading character Sugarscent Loading config default Loading props file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Executing C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\configs\default\keybindings.txt Loading props file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\players\Sugarscent\password.txt >>> LoginFrame queue entry exiting. class.Gmezkmi7Hv: Could not access temp file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\packs\graphics.jar.tmp java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\packs\graphics.jar.tmp (Access is denied) at java.io.FileOutputStream.open0(Native Method) at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(Unknown Source) at java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) at class.oEMb8V5IBR.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:4561) at class.UHu4tvOGG3.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:622) at class.UHu4tvOGG3.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:225) at class.Q6vurolS1V.run(SourceFile:179) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) I attempted to redownlaod from the website, Java is updated.