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  1. +1 Lol, BL and JK united in this Omar. No small feat.
  2. I dont want to bash, but this post looks like an AI-generated text. Whats your point exactly? Wurm needs an overhaul? People need to play more wurm? Most of it was very TLDR for me.
  3. Every pvp deed should be a hybrid pmk. (So not a pmk as they work now, slighty different, call it anything u want.) Here is how it works: All deeds are pmks but can ally another deed/hybridpmk. (I feel it should even be possible to convert deed to other template.) The alliance of villages/towns/deeds people make in a certain template are called a kingdom. Everyone can accept the template kingdoms there are now, so the towers can stay. And everyone can ally or not with the villages they want. However the towers are only neutral to the template kingdom, not to other templates. (Every allaince can have only 1 king.) There i fixed wurm pvp servers. Ty ty. (Yes im back, hi everyone.)
  4. It just pushes people to grind on freedom, as those skills cross over better. So even if it would be a feature it makes new players go away. (Or at least grind on homeservers like the longstanding accounts) Thank you devs and co for looking into it!
  5. Well im talking about elevation. xD I already stated that , but ill also edit to make it more clear. Also i dont want them to reduce it to 149 and have the warning at 150. The warning should be at 150 and it should stop u at 150. Its not that hard, just the same as u normally get it at other servers when u hit max skill.
  6. At ele theres this "new" rule that On the Elevation server, u can only make 150 (or u could say 151) dirt slopes in stead of the regular x3 skill makes 300 slopes. (This is probably done so u dont need to have skill 100 too raid pvp deeds who often have dirtwalls for protection. ) Ok so far so good. This is probably all okeyish and intended. Normally when slopes become too steep (the dirt slope is greater than 3x your digging skill) theres this message: You are not skilled enough to dig in such steep slopes. Ok now it comes: On elevation u get this message AFTER u get to 150. So u get the message at slope 151. Soooooo u can make a slope 151, but the same person cannot remove it. (This is not the same with the regular 300 rule. If u can make a 300 slope u can remove it.) The problem with this is: With the 300 rule only the people with digging skill 100 could remove the dirtwalls that were 300. (Other than dropping dirt.) With the 151 rule NO ONE can remove the 151 slope. (Other than dropping dirt.) The solution of making a lower maximum slope so people with less dig skill can remove it, has become worse than the original problem. Because no one can undo a dirtwall of 151 on a mountain deed (as dropping dirt would flow). So newer players cant undo a 151 slope, while they would have had a chance to undo a 300 slope over time due to skill. So normally, u cant make what u cant remove, and the message says the warning right in time. But with the 151 rule the warning comes after u make something u cant undo. Solution is easy: - Just make it like the 300 slope: U get a warning and cant continue when u get to a slope that u cant make any higher. (In other words, just make the max 150 in stead of 151, must be a 2 minute fix for a dev.) PS: To make it clear im not telling the rule should be reversed back to 300. Im just telling: Let the ingame warning be at 150 and dont let people make a 151 they cant undo. Thx for reading. Atazoth
  7. bump pls fix the server. new ppl will only join when older players stop saying: dont play there, there are better servers to join. In the meanwhile its still an awesome map for pvp. And if enough players join, there can be huge 20 vx 20 battles like there were on ele1, which had a similar geographical situation. So pls join.
  8. bump. things like these can empty up a server of players. combined with skills not crossing over to freedom its a double r.i.p.
  9. Thx for the fix. If u want i got more small wurmquirks that r easy to fix for u guys and would result in epic having a lot more players. Thx again, cheers Atazoth
  10. The issue is that the map reverted back to approx 10 days ago. The scenario thats currently displayed has already been finished. The new scenario seems to be gone. Sooo: -As the new scenario was just started (before the wurm update messed it up), will the scenario be reset to start again? Or: -Will the devs let the scenario thats reverted run and it will be a scenario thats finished 2 times? And lastly: -If this scenario is finished. Who will get rewards? The ppl that have been doing the old scenario (the 1 from before the revert) or the ppl that do the new missions (the one after the revert)? Pls let us know as doing mission for nothing is kinda .....
  11. About the timelapse. I wonder who came up with aztec tier style and the stacked layered walls.
  12. Btw if it would be possible its probably good fun, so +1 for the suggestion. (Except maybe the deedwrecking, thats a bit much.)