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  1. Sounds reasonable enough, I will forget this event ever happened now as per standard operating procedure.
  2. Saw another server in my LAN tab for a second before it bumped over to the Internet tab. Found it a bit entertaining and a bit odd in even measures. Any explanations for how that could happen? I thought the LAN tab was only for servers on your network.
  3. To the people who have the issues where the black box only appears for a second when running the .bat file. The way I fixed it was: extract all the files from to a seperate folder (you will understand why in a little bit) Right click modlauncher.bat select edit (this will open up the file in notepad.) delete the text :+OptimizeStringConcat -XX change -Xmx2048m to -Xmx1024m save the file and then close notepad. This should make it so when you double click modlauncher.bat (when it is in the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server directory) it should launch the server management window. This is where I ran into a second problem where the server would not start when I clicked start server. This is how I fixed that problem.[This is not guaranteed to fix your problem and might break it even further. These are just the steps I took to make my server work ( I am using a 64-bit system so don't try this is you are running 32-bit.)] : I REPEAT:This is not guaranteed to fix your problem and might break it even further. Only try these steps if nothing else has worked. download(and install) java 8 64-bit [i downloaded the file named "jre-8u65-windows-x64.exe"] When it is almost finished installing it might ask if you want to delete any old versions of java, say yes. after this is done, download and install the 32-bit version of java 8 offline version [i downloaded the file named "jre-8u65-windows-i586.exe"] After you have installed both versions of java 8, uninstall Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server from steam. Now reinstall Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server on steam. Now take all the files from from wherever you extracted them and place them in the WU Dedicated server directory.(It should be in the same folder as "WurmServerLauncher.exe") Try running modlauncher.bat and starting a server to see if the problem has been fixed.