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  1. Best Video Showing Off Wurm
  2. Wurm Online Skillcompare

    Thanks alot Riceri for WOS, im not playing anymore but WOS was and is great to use
  3. Games That Ruined Other Games For You

    Grand Prix Legends played it alot of years before Swedishphoenix told me about Wurm ^^
  4. Im here, just taking a break right now
  5. Signatures

    I get this on Indy, even with high ql items
  6. Top Ten Skills

    Digging 94.6183 WoodCutting 94.5950 Leatherworking 93.0386 Carpentry 91.2184 Fishing 86.9139 Hammer 83.5311 Pickaxe 82.5699 Puppeteering 81.8994 Longsword 81.8467 Blacksmithing 81.2349
  7. it would be nice if we the riders moves up and down in the saddle and not static as it is now
  8. 100 Mining !

    nice done man, congrats to you
  9. Hedges

    i think you can remove the farm tile, plant hedge and the sow the farm tile again
  10. Lava Spiders On Experimental

    looks like you have problems with the textures, i mean the red thing
  11. Jon Lord Have Past Away

    Jon Lord have died of cancer. May he rest in peace. This man was my greatest inspiration when playing my keyboard when i was young, You gave me a lot Jon R.I.P />
  12. Hedges

    i can see it
  13. Maintenance Warning

    yeah, i suggested this long time ago
  14. Random Wurm Screenshots

    what is that?