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  1. wtb an account if interested pm me
  2. 93 Blacksmith for sale

    Price Drop to 120s. make an offer
  3. 93 Blacksmith for sale selling character as i no longer need it. asking 140 silvers. observer of the path of knowledge. will come with nothing but the skills and 12 or so days of prem. too many accounts for me to use myself, this one needs to go to a better home.
  4. servers hosting the wurm online website will be going down for maintenance in the next hour or so, expected time is 30-120 minutes. During this time there may be issues with accessing the website services and connecting to the client patch server. found this on the irc chat
  5. same issue here, website is down too. hoping someone see it that can shed some light?
  6. Back Up Alert

  7. another satisfied customer order was delivered on time and with a smile.
  8. I would like 100 supports and 50 floorboards delivered to Secluded at M24. please pm me ingame with an ETA when you can.
  9. Very pleased, had my order completed on time, even with the time crunch I gave them. Will definitely be using their services again!
  10. Want a HotS tower for free?

    please COD one to Mrgremlin, thank you.
  11. WTS gold/silver

    what does that convert to in USD?
  12. New Java - Update 55

    i use the 64-bit java, I did the update and everything is good.
  13. Release Community Map

    X8 Y43 new deed called Deep Thirteen.
  14. close