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  1. ok well seeing as Im not known around these parts Ill give you an idea of what Im looking for...

    Ive played since 2006 so Im quite new:P

    My name is Willow, same as the tree.

    Im female.

    If you need anymore, just go for a picture of a girl in a tree ;)


    The winner is...

    Khar, one full set of 90ql studded leather armour

    Runner up...

    Movu, one full set of 70ql studded leather armour

    Was very difficult to decide between the two, so well done to you both for finding something that fits perfect to my character.

    Well as you can see my Forum Avatar is somewhat lacking, so... Im offering up a little competition which ends on the 20th June.

    What am I looking for? Something that reflects my in game character. For those of you that don't know me, do a little bit of detective work and find out what I am like. Someone, somewhere will know me :)

    No more clues as to what Im looking for other than that, as I want totally random entries and not all on one theme.

    Prize for the chosen winning entry will be a Full Studded Leather Set, 90ql.

    Prize for the runner up will be a Full Studded Leather Set, 70ql.

    Now for the boring part...

    In entering the competition you agree to give me the rights to use the avatar on the wurmonline forums. All entries must be original work solely by the entrant and not taken from others without their permission.

  3. Congratulations FT, give my best to the wonderful mum too. Take time to enjoy the little fella as we both know, they grow up far too fast.

    Your proudest moments are only just beggining, wait until hes running up to you ..tripping over your slippers and knocking over your zimmer frame  ;) and shouting "Grandad, do you have a fiver I can borrow"

    Only kidding, you deserve all this happiness in life. 

  4. Hey Ivan, I wish you all the best. Even though you are no longer in the game it doesnt mean you are no longer in our thoughts. Take care with all you do and remember to write sometime.

    I met you all those years ago and from that moment on I have had not only the privilege of your kindness, but also the honour to call you my friend.

    I will be waiting to hear from you ! :)      *wags her finger"

  5. Congratulations Mr T :) As you already know there is nothing in this world that can beat the first time you hold a baby, kiss him gently on the head and help him through life.

    Youll be an excellent Grandpa, just dont forget its compulsory to have a pocket full of Wurthers Originals ;)

  6. I wish this forum did not allow similar names to be registered. For the people that know me in game I am not the Willows person who made this post and wish that no actions taken by this person be a reflection on my own conduct and thought process. ::)

  7. After maintenance today, I found that my cart was stuck in the mine after I was exiting the mine. Gm came to take  a look and couldnt get it out either. Went back inside the mine later with another cart and exactly the same happened again, cart just wont come out with me

  8. Congratulations to the both of you!

    Never forget that moment you first placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, the first time his eyes look into yours, that first day he comes to you, tells you how much he loves you (and then asks to borrow cash  ;) )

    Treasure each special moment for they grow up far too quickly.