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  1. yes and for those that need it - the screenie
  2. What can I say? You have been wonderful, yet again. I must admit I had my doubts this year with all the new servers opening up that the Impalong would have consisted of myself and Tamorlane imping each others items up. But no.. we started off with around 6 in local, next thing I look and we are up to 15.. then 22. At one point we were looking at over 65 people all within Festival Cove, having a fun time. Independence famous and much loved smiths worked so hard, not only improving tools but also handing out items/food/ore as we had to be careful on writ settings. We had quite a group of leatherworkers for the first time, its usually only been one or two that helped with that. Carpenters even ran out of things to work on! Last year we ran out of food, this year with all the kind donations and the skills of some incredible chefs, we were actually tripping over meals. As a surprise to some of the people there, we had the ship fairy drop by and imped boats while the owners were not looking. Happy faces when they realised Gumbo's Deal or NoDeal was yet another roaring success. Congrats to all the people that took part and won some great prizes. Festival Cove Church has never seen such a large congregation attending the sermons, praying to the gods and channelling some superb casts. Erm, I say Festival Cove Church lightly, it was more like Festival Cove Disease Barn I also need to mention the sad deaths we had during our festive time. Radon-the afk walker and Antonslavik who lagged out when a zombie was munching on him. Thank you to the GM's that gave their time to create havoc within the peaceful imping. The deed looked like a battlefield Evilynne - the deed and writ holder has requested that anyone who had to add her to friends to be able to access the Inn and the houses can they now remove her from the list as she is seeing almost half the server log in and out So all that is left is for me to say another BIG thank you to all who contributed in whatever way you did, may you all have a great year ahead!
  3. updated with a few of the last minute requirements
  4. That house will always be yours BP Looking forward to seeing you again this year
  5. Sorry to all for not being around as much as usual. I will gradually be getting back into organising things and I know Festival Cove has been left in the best possible hands while I have been away. Sorry Tam for handing you the load, I will repay you the favour should you call it, and more. You have been such a support in and out of game that no words I put here can express how much you mean to me. Ok mushy stuff over with, time to get to work!
  6. started the list of items in need of
  7. yes that's my train at Festival Cove
  8. Hey Roman, great shot of my coffin car. See what happens when I get bored one night. Kyle, drop a few cochineals around it too
  9. Wurm style 'Terracotta Army' - at the Freedom Archeological Dig Site
  10. Ok lets get this started. Here I will be placing the list of things needing help with and names of player who has offered help with that item. So if you think you can spare a little time on some of these items, please let me know. 80ql Iron Ore - we are still in need of more donations of the real shiny ql of ore Logs, logs... we have used alot of these that we had stored for the reinforcements so we could use a really nice woodsman to drop by sometime more to follow....
  11. Venue:- Festival Cove (which can be found on the community map at 31x44y ) Date:- Starts Wednesday 21st Dec and will run for a week, maybe beyond if anyone wants to stay over for the New Year too This event has been held each year. It is purely player made with a lot of time offered by the community to gather around and offer help to each other. Blacksmiths/Weaponsmiths sweat over burning forges, Leatherworkers sew until their hands are covered in blisters and Priests ..well priests stand around and fish Even if you cannot offer great skills, just pop down to the site and meet people, have fun taking part in some little competitions we have here too. Last years extremely successful Deal or No Deal will hopefully be hosted again by Gumbo, we also are in talks with someone wanting to host fishing contests. Let's hope the zombie invasion we had last year will return to cause mayhem, death and destruction As I hosted this last year at the same location the major bulk of the work has been done already. Although I do have a few more ideas that need some working on. You may be thinking 'but it's only September' I like to start and put the word around early, allowing time for me to get things organised my end and you guys to be working on things your end too. Gaining that bit extra skill or helping to construct items we need at the site. I do hope you can be a part of what is a wonderful community event and I look forward to seeing you all.
  12. mailed your quivers to direpox, thanks for your order
  13. Make sure the place you are wanting, actually wants to host it and not just picking a nice place to go to
  14. I wanted to throw this out to the masses before I started making any plans. I am more than happy to host this years Impalong at the same location (Festival Cove) as last year so long as you all want that. If you would rather someone else take it on at a different area then shout up. I know there was rumour that some other players wanted to do it so please don't be shy.
  15. leather would be better but hides are always appreciated also
  16. Still trying to get this LW skill completed (currently 99.91) and I am now in need of some really nice leather. So if any of you out there are sitting on some ql 75 and above leather and would like to help me reach the goal then please get in touch with me in game or forum pm with details of quantity and prices you have.
  17. 2 x Toolbelts 70ql, 5 x Waterskins 50ql sent to Direpox Thank you for your order
  18. There will never be a clear cut solution to this issue. There will always be the players that play nice, the ones that tip toe on the line and those that are solely out to wind up chat, light the match and watch it burn. My own methods of moderation where some may find not as strict as other CA's has mostly worked pretty well. You outright flame, bait, swear in a way as to offend others (I dont mean the shi.. the bear is after my ass) then yes I will mutewarn and mute. But alot of the recent situations where mutewarns and mutes have been issued went along the straight black and white line and have not allowed for the fact that behind each line of text typed into kchat is a player. Players that mostly want to have fun, a little joke and generally talk away the evenings while grinding skills or fighting critters. Maybe it is down to the fact that I have been moderating for some time, played for many years and seen kchat every day rise and fall. Or maybe even that I have children at home who act exactly like kchat. My naughty step worked for them and I often threaten players in kchat with my naughty step in game too... yes its a lighter way to ask players to hold it back, yet seems to work. I personally dont think we had as many complaints or unjustified mutes prior to the merge of GV/f2p. CMs back then had to earn their stripes, not just get them handed to them without knowledge of how they would cope (no disrespect to individual PA/CA's intended). New rules, with clearer definition is a good thing, but please dont forget there are people behind these text lines that moderators read and sometimes we all need a little leeway...but expect if you dont behave after asking, youll be sitting on my naughty step for some time out clearer chat rules? you cant possibly list each and every scenario. Excessive caps- is just as it says, doesnt take a number to define it, one line of something attacking you etc, fine. Write numerous times in caps- naughty step Spam- if its annoying you as a moderator its annoying the players too Im sure if the moderation gets back on track as it was previously, kchat will follow along with the respect from both sides
  19. Arakiel your items have been mailed to you, thank you so much for your order
  20. Ayumi are you still interested in a ql 60 studded?
  21. yes still open Liriel, will be in touch as soon as it is ready for you
  22. 2s Iron Chisel 70.53 ql 94 CoC mailed to you Bhazrak. Thanks for ordering from The OLMC.
  23. Othobrithol your scissors have been mailed Thank for choosing the OLMC.
  24. Mauz's passing

    Yes, always sad to hear about someone who enters your life via any method be it real life or as an online friend, passing. Mauz touched the hearts of many and will remembered with fond memories. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time.
  25. same for me, yet my alt was frozen