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  1. Aww I feel so proud! Congratulations Ray. I remember you first starting on this adventure and been there with you along the way, so it is fantastic to hear that you finally got there.


    Wear that title with pride!

  2. It is with great sadness that I (on behalf of our alliance) have to give this news to the community of Wurm, yesterday we lost yet another player who will be missed by so many.


    Lagston you were not only a player though, you were our friend, our loved one, our cheeky chappie. 


    May you rest in peace and know that we will miss you far more than you will ever know.


    In the hope that his family gets to see this post in their hours of grief, please drop a line or two just to show how Lagston was such a part of our world.

  3. Hmm my favourite impalong?...


    For me, now, my favourite would have to be any that I don't run myself ;)  I can enjoy the banter, cause a little mischief and even get some of my own tools imped without feeling guilty of taking others time up. 


    Yes the impalongs are quite different these days to my own,  the perms.. buildings (multi story) were all things we couldnt even imagine having back then. But the one thing that I will always carry in my heart from the times I did host them,  and being a guest at the ones in recent years is the fantastic community we have here. The hosts work tirelessly all year preparing for the event, gathering materials, building areas for the workers..they give up so much time for the feeling of helping others. I fully appreciate what it takes to commit to hosting and I applaud all of you that step up and welcome everyone through your doors. From the day the community arrive on that first morning, excitement and anticipation of the fun days ahead to the sad farewells on the very last day.. makes it all worthwhile. 


    I have met some amazing people during my time hosting Impalongs and made some wonderful memories along the way. May the history of Impalongs continue for many years to come and I wish every single person who takes the job on, the best of times and enjoy them all!

  4. Is there a room for a little one? I did offer to sleep in the stables with the horses, but somehow no one trusts me not to kill them for the leather..cant think why?  ;)

    Ill bring Willow, Oak and Evilynne.. although we dont let Evi touch anything  (she shatters things just by looking at them), but she has her use for  helping with numbers for sermons etc



  5. Definitely more than just a game.


    When something starts as an online game that you try out for a day or two, results in 14+ years of logging in not only to play but to interact with others, chat to people, meet up in real life with them too.. you're officially one of the Wurm family. Someone once said something to me and its always stuck.  "Wurm is a glorified chat room, with things to do while you're chatting" I first defended the game and told them they were very wrong, years on I see where they were coming from.


    The community of Wurm is the most inspiring , frustrating, demanding, friendliest, funniest and many more words that I could put down. Never in any game have I seen the support we all give to each other, how proud we are when friends and new friends waiting to happen reach goals and happiness in things they have created. Someone mentions they are struggling making, or building something and before you know it, there's some one helping you out with advice or even turning up to your location, rolling their sleeves up and getting to work helping you out. Of course there will be those that want to keep the game as that.. just a game, albeit hard to do as there are so many lovely people out there you cant help but cross paths in some way. 


    For me..Wurm has been one of the best things to happen in my life. I can busy myself with the game side of things.. making those darn planks, imping that drake up.. but the moment you see one of your friends on your friend list pop online, that's where you get to experience the full side of Wurm. Some people can be lonely in their real life and just to have someone open a chat tab with you (even if its just to say Hi) makes you feel not so alone. The ones that share in your life events, you tell them about things that are happening, how your day has been makes all the difference. Being someone who lends an ear when someone needs to just vent sometimes can be so rewarding. 


    I've made so many friends over the years from inside this little game we call Wurm, From Drago, Metaldragon, Pingpong, Cerber, Schiann, Dreammaster, Silvir + Uisge , those friends that I sadly miss too, Tich, Duce, Oracle.. to those that are still there having to put up with me today ;) YOU are what makes this game special to me and I look forward to many more years of asking for help, chattering on to you and sharing my real life days with you.


    Thank you Blood for making this post showing the positive sides to this special game

  6. Same, really struggling on this one too. Been on special spots and one day spent over 8 hours fishing only to catch just 2 marlins, both around 35kg. I have 91 fishing and have been using 90ql rod and gear. Although the damage that those catfish deal to the rod soon takes that quality down fast!

    Frustrating doesnt even cover how I felt after those consecutive 8 hours when I only need the fishing goal and to complete some more barrels of the wine goal to have them all complete. Before the update I was catching special fish (white sharks) quite easily, and was getting some around 120+kg. Bring back the old fishing system until the goals are no longer, then I may feel like its achievable. Right now I'm losing the will to even carry on trying :(

  7. Caring, giving, thoughtful and most of all one to give all of himself to others. My long time friend who always had the time to look after me. Yet another hole is now missing in the loving world of Wurm. ?


    He once said to me "If I can ever be half as nice as you are, I will feel blessed"  Well Sir, you were more than I can ever be!

  8. When taking out items from a FSB you get no warning that your inventory is full. 


    Also when trying to create an item with multiple items as a result you get no 'full' inventory message.


    [00:44:07] You start making bait from the corn.

    [00:44:09] You make 0 corn kernel from a corn.


    While for veteran players this would not be a problem but new players would find this very confusing or that they are constantly failing.

  9. May your time there be as happy as it was for me. 


    I'm not sure what the reason was,  if it was the friends I made, the Impalong Events or just the area there being somewhat magical. What I do know though is that the players make Wurm the special place that is it and I could not have achieved all the things I did over the years without the support of you all.


    Best wishes and good luck with everything you do at New Festival Cove



  10. Well what a lovely afternoon out. It's rare that I leave my home but these special events are a pure treat.


    We had ice creams c/o Gumbo. One guy suffering with anger issues that involved shovels and hitting hitting his alt. I finally got a kiss and a cuddle with Riverwyle after I had been trapped inside someones tent, hit over the head with a felled tree and poked while being afk! Great job Tich for trying to start a revolt "Save the giant" placard placed at the entrance to the cave. Thanks to the guys who organised it all but the biggest personal thanks I need to give are to my two hero's, yet again they had to save me from the dreaded lag monster and get me back to my boat. I'm thinking it was the lag but it may have been something to do with the food they fed me as I don't remember getting into their cart...

  11. Thank you Jberg, youre a star!!


    . Im back at Festival Cove now and trying to fix up a lot of things that have decayed to get it all back to how it all used to be. Its a shame they decay but then again they are so good for skill gains ;)

  12. Thank you for all the congrats. Its been hard but I'm a bit of a stubborn girl and had to get it in the end. You have all helped me in so many different ways. Hides, rivets, tools etc but most of all you have been there as friends. Chatting along, having a laugh with you all eased the pain of those last gains. I do however want to make my apologies to my closest and dearest friends who have had to put up with all the improving spam I have made over the years, may your event logs be free!



    Leatherworking increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000  Your title is now Mistress of the Hide.