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  1. > Will more commonly be sleep powder, but can sometimes be a random high quality weapon also. what lol
  2. horses pop out within 30 minutes of breeding already (if you're lucky), and grow up to a rideable age in 24 hours or so why not make this server Challenge v3 or whatever with what some people are proposing after a month of Depots, theres going to be so much "gear" laying around, especially if you add horses, gems, arrows, weapons.. etc like people are now suggesting snowballing, all over again yeah, grinding my body stats and weapon skills isnt rewarding enough, even though ive done it before on 3 different accounts, with multiple weapons, and had fun while doing it
  3. Weapons/Armour/Toolbelts/Horse gear will increase in quality up to 75 much quicker when improving them to speed up people gearing groups for pvp after a loss.(Defiance Only) Should just make this roll in with the Armour Smithing title mechanic, boost it, whatever it was that was done. If not, it will screw with characteristic gains with crafting things. Also, I think none of this is needed. A mentality needs to be changed instead.
  4. and how would this work on pvp is there a cap? xd or does every pvp priest now have an "uncapped" favor pool that just poops out favor all day or does it just wear off after the 30 seconds
  5. or your enemy can decide who becomes your king, by just feeding whoever's account rank xdd
  6. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but a raid ban is put into effect right away, ecks dee
  7. This is just how the game goes, someone exploits, doesn't get punished for it, and then everyone else gets whacked for it, but the exploiter gets to keep his skill/items. One day, they'll learn, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. have fun : ) also, why is Puppeteering not up there?
  9. "We're sorry, we were wrong to say that we wouldn't add/change this in the past."
  10. thought it was said there wouldn't be a map before release, and only available ingame? i see we're keeping with the theme..
  11. I've heard a lot of things in my years of playing this game, they usually always end up changing. Can't rely on anything.
  12. Will the same staff be in charge of this Wurm Online edition as well?
  13. i need a chad greek god for Magranon, please
  14. Dang, I think a lot of larger cities need these right now..
  15. monkaS Ur doin it And I'm not against RMT being taken out, just the way it's being enforced/worded? Should have been like that in just Steam Version. How do you punish the seller, if he no longer has ties to the game? And whats a phenomenal amount to you? 1 Gold is pretty big, in game at least.
  16. Wanna hear a joke? Wurm Online "Police" But yeah, this won't change anything and people will still buy and sell. Its done in plenty of other games, AAA names, at that. If someones willing to sell and leave the game, what's it matter to them if the account gets banned, lmao. Money still in PayPal.
  17. Only took a couple of years
  18. A lot is wrong and its too late to save it. Not even the players know what they want, its been tried already. (or what will work)
  19. You man children are too serious and uptight over nothing Sad to see