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  1. You man children are too serious and uptight over nothing Sad to see
  2. Lmao dude yoinked your yoink Hahahaha
  3. Dont let him troll u But hello
  4. Switched my Shares

    So who's the new Dad?
  5. I remember a time where we didn't have rifts, we had less servers, no glimmer or ada, no valrei, no hota, no respawning uniques, no playwr gods.. and the game was way more populous. Weird.
  6. jesus, who made that character? im going to have nightmares
  7. I've had 70 faith for 3 years, please don't reset...
  8. Sold

    The marriage doing well now?
  9. Its not like I've been saying these things since 2013 or 14 xd
  10. Oh I've missed the forums
  11. "more unique" should just get rid of them all since they've been killed 10 times over
  12. Don't let me catch you on Grove Street when I got my glock..
  13. Remember when uniques didnt respawn? Ahhhh those were the days
  14. Dude can we got glocks also???????
  15. you realize theres like.. 10 people on Release?
  16. New elevation map

    Hope we'll have a week or so heads up on the reset. So we don't just wake up and it's been live for 7 hours already.