To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Maybe 10 usd if I didn't have anything better to do
  2. We can now officially change the tagline to "At least we don't have KellyT!" :
  3. you have access to irc if you want to make custom channels, yes i'm aware it doesnt work for everyone, but to go back to my library analogy, what you are basically saying is "i want to borrow books and use the research facilities, but i dont want to follow your rules... do me a favor and make another library where the rules aren't enforced" If the irc doesn't work, why try to have that cheap work-around when you can easily add channels ingame? And if you don't try to bypass the swear filter, how does it hurt
  4. Most people pay premium for several accounts every couple of months and have been doing for years, so they have more than a right to express their dislikes with the game content. Its the same with any game really. Sure it 'belongs to Rolf and his team' but for example, just because a guy owns a resteraunt, it doesnt give him the right to tell his paying customers what they are having. If no one piped up about poor content then it would get left would reflect badly on the game.
  5. Humanity thrives on conflict. Life would be dull if it were a utopia. Yep. Even in JAIL keeping you away from other criminals is a 'punishment'.
  6. Discussion of age of consent, not 'sex', just the laws. move along nothing to see here Discussion on ghosts and such and real or not... move alone nothing to see here. Discussion on religion, where some of us live and the pledge of allegiance... move along nothing to see here. Move along nothing to see here?... move along nothing to see here
  7. Not half bad. I mean, has anyone tested out halberds to see if they help with the horse situation or is it still zoom zoom
  8. Fernando or you could give me prem and I'd pay you back in referrals But a medal is nice too... I don't see how that would be too big of an issue.