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  1. I'll take 6 tickets Celeia 2 for Lady, 2 for Black and 2 for Jade Superb idea,Thank you Celeia
  2. I am totally with you Yargar. Wait timers for the wrong answer should be adjusted down and get shorter the higher you get on the path as it is hard enough to gain the skill levels already. However, the wait timer for the first try at higher levels could be moved up to compensate for a reduced "try again" wait time.
  3. Lady for certain and Black (if he is not in the pub at that time)
  4. Lady will be there, and maybe Black as well
  5. I hope there is still a spot, heard about it late LadyGodiva - 70FS, Huge Axe Thanks
  6. We would like to have a shot at this one LadyGodiva 70FS Huge Axe Blackdust 70FS Huge Axe